The stock ageing report, also known as the aged inventory report, is a report that provides the information related to the status of your inventory, typically the duration of each stock that sits idle in your warehouse before being sold or utilized.

In Deskera Books+, the stock ageing report is auto-populated based on the First-In, First-Out (FIFO) inventory valuation method. The oldest product that sits in your warehouse will be sold out first when using a FIFO inventory valuation.

To view the stock ageing report in Deskera Books+, check out the steps stated below:

  1. Click on Reports on the sidebar menu.
  2. Select the Stock Ageing Report under the inventory section.
  3. In this report, you can view your stocks' remaining quantity and value in a different warehouse based on the day range.
Stock Ageing Report in Deskera Books
Stock Ageing Report in Deskera Books

4.  The report lists out all the products along with the qty and value pertaining to a particular Ageing bracket

Expand the stock ageing entry to view the transaction involved

5.  If your stocks are not converting from 0-30 day range, the quantity and the value of the stock will move to the subsequent day range, 31-60 days.

View the stock ageing report based on warehouse level
View the stock ageing report based on warehouse level

If you need to filter the stock ageing report based on the warehouse level, you can utilize the search button available, as shown above.

With Deskera Books' stock ageing report, you can monitor your stock, identify slow-moving inventory, and take necessary action on stocks that are not converting.