In India, businesses must generate a document known as the E-Way Bill before commencing any goods.

Of course, one main criterion to generate the E-Way Bill is that businesses distributing goods greater than INR 50,000 for a single invoice or multiple invoices using a single vehicle must register for the E-Way Bill.

Follow the steps below to create an E-way Bill on Deskera Books Plus:

  1. Login to your Deskera Books Plus account.
  2. Go to E-Way Bill via the sidebar menu.
  3. Next, click on the "Add E-way Bill" button.
  4. A pop-up menu will appear.
  5. Fill in the fields in the pop-up menu;
  • document type
  • transaction-type
  • transaction sub-type
  • customer name
  • invoice
  • ship-by-date

6.  After you have indicated the customer name and invoice number, the system will auto-populate the customer's address details.

7.  Under the product details, check and verify the line items in the invoice.

8.  Click on the 'Manage Transporter' button to add a new transporter:

  • Click on the '+ Manager Transporter' button to add transporter name and transporter ID
  • Enter the total distance in km

9.  Select the mode of transportation to deliver the products:

  • Road: Choose whether it's a vehicle or over dimensional cargo. Fill in the vehicle number, transporter document number, and transporter document date.
  • Rail: Fill in the bill of lading number and bill of lading date
  • Air: Fill in the airway number and airway bill date
  • Ship: Bill of Lading number and bill of lading date

10. Click on the Save button to save the e-way bill.

11. At the top right of the e-way bill page, select the e-way transaction type and bill status to export the e-way bill data.