Deskera Releases

Learn what is new and improved in the latest updates on Deskera Mobile App (iOS & Android).

Date of Release: August 12, 2020

New features released on production:

1. CRM feature: Start managing and tracking your customers on Deskera Sales mobile app. You can refer to the supporting articles below:

2. Subscription: Check out on the pricing for three different subscription plans after your trial is over.

3. Warehouse feature: You can create new warehouse now. Read more below:

Date of Release: July 27, 2020

New feature released:

1. Sign out- A Sign-out option is made available on Deskera Mobile App

Please find below the supporting article,

a). How do I manage my Deskera Mobile App profile?

2. Delete Og: -With this feature users can now Delete the Organization created.

Please find below supporting article,

a). How do I add my organization to Deskera Mobile App? How can I switch organizations?

3. Leaves: With this E-leave feature it enables the users to apply their leaves by just clicking a few steps. Users can also apply different types of leaves, such as annual leave, medical leave, emergency leave, or other kinds of leaves that are applicable to their organizations.

Please find below the supporting E-leave articles:

a). How to apply-e-leaves using the Deskera Mobile app?
b). View, Edit and Delete e-leaves using Deskera Mobile App

3. Payroll: With this feature, under Admin sections you can view the payroll dashboard with payroll details like First Pay date, Payroll cost, Total Earning, and Total Deductions. Under Employee Section you can view the employee details and under my payslips section, you can view your month-wise payslips.