GSTR-1 is a report about the monthly return of outward supplies that shows all the sales transactions of a business.

Who should file for the GSTR-1 Report?

Any normal and registered taxpayer in India is required to file the GSTR-1 Report by every 11th of the following month without fail. It’s mandatory to file a GSTR-1 Report even though there is zero business transaction during the given tax period. You can file the amount as NIL.

Who are not required to file for the GSTR-1 Report?

  • Taxpayers who registered for the Composition Scheme
  • Non-resident taxable person
  • Input Service Distributor
  • Tax-Deductible at Source (TDS)
  • Tax Collector at Source (TCS)
  • Taxpayer Covered under Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval (OIDAR)

Pre-requisites of filing Form GSTR-1

  • The receiver taxpayer has to be a registered Normal Dealers and active GSTIN
  • The supplier should have valid login credentials such as the User ID and password.
  • The supplier should have a valid and non-expired/unrevoked digital signature certificate.
  • A valid Aadhar card is required

Where can Deskera Users retrieve the GSTR-1 Report

Using Deskera Books, users can now retrieve the GSTR-1 Report summary that is mapped according to the transactions on the Sell tab.

Click on the Reports on the sidebar menu
Select the GSTR-1 Report

To view the details in the report, users have to click on the Report tab on the sidebar menu. Next, they will have to select the GSTR-1 Report under the Tax category.

The GSTR-1 Report will reflect the details of the following fields with the tax amount being segregated in IGST, SGST, CGST and cess and the amount is auto-populated based on the transactions in Buy and Sell Module.

  • B2B Invoices
  • B2C Invoices (Small)
  • B2C Invoices (Large)
  • Credit and Debit Notes (Registered-9B)
  • Credit and Debit Notes (Unregistered-9B)
  • Export Invoice (6A)
  • Tax Liability (Advance Payment)
  • Adjustment of Advances
  • Nil Rated Invoices - 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D
  • HSN Invoices


Deskera users can file their GST return via India's GST Portal using the report generated from our system.

You can export the data in either Excel or E Filing excel

You can also generate the report based on the date range you prefer by using the date filter at the top right of the screen.