Using the Deskera Books system, users are able to generate the statements of accounts to have an overview of the transactions made in the past. The statement of account is a summary of all the sales made to their customers, including any credit being issued.

Statement of Accounts is issued by the sellers to the customers as a recap of the products and services being billed to them. It gives the business owner a clearer picture of the amount of payment that has been collected from their buyers and also the total amount that is overdue.

To retrieve the statement of account for your buyer:

  1. Go to the 'Report' tab.
  2. In the Financial Section, select the Statement of Account.

3. Change the date by selecting the date you preferred to generate the report.

4. Besides, you can also filter the statement of account based on the contact name and contact code.

5. In the Statement of account, you can view the document number, document date, report type, debit and credit amount and total balance that is mapped according to the transaction made in the buy and sell tab.

6. Click on the drop-down arrow on the document number column:

  • Select View: To have an overview of the amount related to the purchases from each vendor.
  • Select Share: To send out the details of the documents via the link, embed link or snapshots.
  • Select More: To export the file as CSV or copy the panel JSON to clipboard.