Do you want to increase your revenue exponentially? Or, do you want to track how many deals closed on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis?

Well, let us introduce you to Deskera CRM system, where you can plan out your pipelines to track the number of leads received and the number of deals closed.

A pipeline represents the different stages of the journey that a prospect will go through, to convert from a deal to a new customer. Once the prospect completes each stage, they will progress to the next stage.

As different companies sell different products, the structure of the pipeline would also differ for each company. So, it's perfectly fine to have a distinct pipeline as compared to others.

Every pipeline is unique, depending on the products or services you are selling. For example, you can create pipelines for automation, business development, deal, etc.

Below is an example of the stages for the sales pipeline:

1. Prospect: Get your lead generation from different sources such as agents, social media, company webpage, friends recommendation, or from the salesperson of the company

2. Qualification: Check and analyze the leads to see if they fit into your requirements.

3. Meeting: Arrange a call or meet-up with the clients in person with the prospect to talk to them and persuade them to buy or use the products or services.

4. Proposal: The sales reps send the quotation to the prospect depending on the negotiation they have.

5. Closing: Prospect agreed with the terms and conditions and agreed to sign the contract. The deal is closed, and the prospect has successfully turned into a customer.

You have to agree that you won't be able to convert all of the deals to customers. Some of the deals will be lost at a particular stage as you progress along the pipelines.

Using Deskera CRM system, users can input the probability, the chances of winning the deal by the expected date, and even the rotting days, deals that are idle for days. Thus, it enables the salesperson to focus on the most important deals.

Sales leads or sales representatives will also need to make sure that they provide a smooth and positive customer experience throughout the deal's entire journey.