Deskera Releases

Learn what is new and improved in the latest updates on Deskera Sales

Date of Release: August 17, 2020

Here's the list of enhancements and features released today:

1. UI improvements and enhancements for Modules like Segments, Deals, and Import Contact.

2. We have released the Help Guide feature on Deskera Sales. Check out the supporting articles below to guide you on how to set-up your Help Center:

3. The updated flow of campaign creation on Deskera Sales. You can check it out here.

Date of Release: July 3, 2020

New feature released:

1. In this release, we have updated the improved version of Deskera Sales. You should be able to view the changes made to the following features as mentioned below:

  • Changes on Deskera Sales' UI and themes.
  • We have changed the subscription plan. You can refer to the subscription plan for Deskera Sales here.
  • Improved on the Deal functionality. The toggle button in the Deal Module enables the user to mark the deal as won or lost, and vice versa, so you can change the status when necessary.
  • The previous user setting module on Deskera Sales is now linked directly to the User Setting on Go Deskera page.
  • Email integration functionality in both the Deal and Contact Modules. Users have the option to connect to their Gmail account and turn off the email syncrhonization if they choose to disconnect their gmail account from Deskera Sales.
  • Previously we have the Form section under the Asset Module. We have now removed the Form functionality from Deskera Sales.
  • An updated version of the Audit Trail Module.

Date of Release: September 03, 2020

In this release we have update ticketing system oversee the entire customer's journey.We have update below features,