Based on the previous article, we have guided you on downloading, uploading, and previewing the document template in Deskera Books.

This article will dive deeper on how to use Document Template to customize your documents.

Let's jump in.

Once you have downloaded the default invoice template from Deskera Books, the default template will look like the image below.

Default invoice template

Next, you can start editing from the default invoice template.

There are a few things that you'll have to bear in mind when customizing the document template, such as:

1. Mandatory system fields

On the document designer document, you can see various system fields. Take note only to use the default placeholders available on the template.

The placeholders are the text with the left (<<) and right shift (>>). For example, <<$ShipToAddr>> is the system field of your customer's shipping address.

Here is the list of system fields available.

System Fields on Document Templates and Its Meaning in Deskera Books
As you have understood the functionality of the document designers[/care/document-designer-deskera-books/] on Deskera Books, let us now explainthe breakdown of each system field and its meaning. Placeholders for cheque payment template Placeholders for payment receipt template Placeholders …

If the system field requests data that does not exist or is not applicable, the system will not populate the respective field data.

For example, the Payment field will be reflected only when you have marked your invoice as paid, and the Credit fields are only visible if you apply Credit Notes for your customers.

Also, you can choose to remove the system fields that you find non-applicable for your business.

It would be best to avoid creating your fields in this document as the system might not recognize the newly created fields, as it does not adhere to the system requirements.

The default template is showing Deskera company logo.

To edit it,  you can remove the default company logo to your company's logo. You can also adjust the size and position of the company logo in the document.

3.  Editable font and layout

You can make changes to the font, font size, and font color by using the tools available in the Document.

In the scenario where you wish to coordinate the design of the invoice to your company's theme color, you may do so.

You can also choose to edit the sizes of each box in the document. Tap on the box, drag outwards to expand the box and drag inwards to minimize the box. The sequence of the columns can also be rearranged by dragging them accordingly.

Lastly, you can also add text notes in the invoice, such as a thank you note to the recipient.

The images shown above are examples of customized invoice templates. Save the invoice document and upload it to the Invoice Document Template Module.

The changes made will be reflected when you're printing the invoice and when you send e-invoices to your customers.