Generally, a deposit is a sum of money paid into a bank for the reason of safekeeping or as a pledge. Using the Deskera Books system, the deposit term means the inflow of money to the organization.

Direct payment is a form of electronic bill payment that enables your customers to pay their bills for consuming goods and services. Direct payment is made in the secure web transaction which allows transactions to be made in real-time.

Direct payment can be created in the system by following the steps as mentioned:

  1. Go to the Accounting tab on the sidebar menu.
  2. Click on the Deposit Tab.
  3. Click on the 'Create' button on the dropdown arrow next to th on the top right of the page and select Direct Payment
Select the 'Direct Payment
Fill in the fields on the Direct Payment page.

4. Next, fill in the contact, choose the account to pay to, and the payment date. If you select a cheque or bank, you will need to fill in the reference number and reference date.

5. Select the accounts related to the direct payment, the amount, and tax, if applied.

6. Fill in a short description in the memo box at the bottom of the page.

7. Finally, click on the ‘Save’ button.

Do note that you can edit the direct payment you have created manually!

Export the Deposit List

Export the Deposit List in Excel format

To export the list of deposit in the Deposit Module, click on the arrow at the top right and select the Export Excel button. The excel sheet will be downloaded successfully to your laptop/desktop.

Congratulations! You have finally created a direct payment on the Deskera Books system.