A work week is a fixed, regularly-recurring period of 168 hours. In other words, a workweek is seven consecutive 24-hour periods. Once a workweek ends, a new workweek begins.

Let’s say your employees come to office from Monday to Friday, and they don’t work at all on Saturday and Sunday. so here, Monday through Friday is their workweek.

With Deskera eLeave, you can now customize both the workweek start day and time for all your employees as per your business requirements.

How to create work week and hours using Deskera eLeave?

  1. Go to company settings>> under work week, you can select the working days to be set for your company.
Default Work Week

By default the work week selected is from Monday-Friday. But if you wish to change the work week, you can do so by just clicking on the work days.

2. As per the work days selected, below information will be displayed,

  • Days : Selected work days will be reflected under the days column
  • Start Time : Start time is the each work day's starting time
  • End Time : End time is the each work day's ending time
  • Total Hours: Total hours is the start time + End time for that particular work days.

How can I edit, copy time of Work days using Deskera eleave?

Edit Work time

If you wish to make any changes in the work start and end date you can do so by just clicking on the Clock icon next to start time and end time box.

Copy Work Time

If you have made the changes in the say start time or end time for Monday, and wish to apply it for remaining days, you can copy the time by simply clicking on the Copy time to all which will auto update the time for rest of the days.