What is the Aged Payable Summary report?

This report helps to consolidate all payable accounts on the same page and enables you to oversee the accounts payable at one glance.

Accounts payable are debt that the company owes to its suppliers or vendors for goods and services the company received on credits.

This report is to give users an overview of which Bills are overdue for payment and assist in prioritizing debt payment based on the overdue bills.

How do I view the Aged Payable Summary Report?

  1. Under the Reports tab, click on Aged Payable Report under the Purchase section.2.
  2. You can input a single date to generate the report for that particular date.

3. Run through the Contacts' Names, the document number, the document due date, etc. on the page.

4. Hover your cursor at the top of the column and click on the drop-down arrow:

  • Select View: To have an overview of the past and current bills related to the respective contacts.
  • Select Share: To send out the details of the documents via the link, embed link or snapshots.
  • Select More: To export the file as CSV or copy the panel JSON to clipboard.