As you have understood the functionality of the document designers on Deskera Books, let us now explain the breakdown of each system field and its meaning.

Placeholders for cheque payment template

Placeholders for payment receipt template

Placeholders for Invoice, Bill, Quote, and Order templates


Your contact’s email address


The product sequence of each line item


Unit of measurement of the selected product


Your contact’s code in the system


The payment term as saved in the Contact Module

  1. Deskera Books' users can customize their document templates based on the system field that is stated here.
  2. You can choose to customize the template based on your preferences, as long as the placeholders are used, the data will mapped accordingly.
  3. Do note that if you create your own system fields, our system won't be able to recognize the placeholders as we do not have field at the backend system.
  4. If you couldn't find any system fields that suits you, you can always configure the system field using custom field option.

You can read more here on how to configure the system field by creating custom field in document designer.