How do I reserve my stocks using Deskera Books+ ?

The Stock Reserve feature in Deskera Books+ allows you to fulfill goods immediately so your customers can receive the items within the agreed timeline.

For example, suppose you have limited stocks available in your warehouse, and several customers ordered similar items from you - how do you ensure that you manage to deliver the goods within the timeline as promised?

To do so, you can use the stock reserve feature to allocate the particular stock to your customers that demand the goods instantly. By doing so, the reserved stocks remain untouched. Hence, you can always fulfill this item whenever you want.

Follow the steps below to activate the stock reserve:

  1. Login to your Deskera Books+ account
  2. Go to the Product Module and start creating a product.

The stock reserves functionality only applies for normal products and serial /batch goods. This is not applicable for Bill of Material and service-related goods.

You can refer to the guide here to create a product in Deskera Book+

Create a new product in Deskera Books+. Indicate the opening quantity and opening valuation for this product

3.  Once you have created the product, next you can add the product to your sales invoice or quote.

4. Go to the Sales tab on the sidebar menu.You can choose to create a quote or an invoice.

5.  When creating a quote or an invoice, you can choose your customer name under the contact section.

Next, indicate the respective products your customers are purchasing from you.

6.  Next, click on the More button. Click on the activate reserve stock button to activate the stock reserve functionality.

7.   After activating the stock reserve feature, you should be able to view the reserve stock icon in each line item. Click on this icon, and a pop-up will appear.

8.   In the pop-up, you can view the stock's warehouse and the available quantity in this warehouse.Enter the reserve quantity for this respective product.

9. Click on the Reserve button.

10. The reserve stock icon is activated (the icon will reflect in green color).

11. Save the quote/invoice.

12. Once you have reserved a specified quantity for this product, you cannot fulfill another sales invoice with the same product that has been reserved in another sales invoice.

The system will prompt a message saying insufficient stock

For example, if the opening balance for Product A is 100, and you reserved 5 quantities in Sales Invoice A, then you will be restricted from fulfilling Product A with 100 quantities in Sales Invoice B. The system will prompt you with a message as per the screenshot above.