Setting a recurring invoice and bill document is not uncommon when running a business.

Some of your customers continuously purchase from you as they're interested in your products, whereas you continue purchasing from your vendors as your inventory runs low.

Hence, setting a recurring invoice and bill document on a predefined schedule in Books+ helps you reduce your manual tasks indefinitely.

To set-up recurring invoice and bill document, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Books+ account.
  2. Click on Invoices or Bills Module via the sidebar menu.
Setup recurring bills
Setup recurring invoices

3.  Click on the three dots to open the action menu.

4.  Select Set Recurring button.

5.  A pop-up menu will appear:

  • Enable the recurring toggle
  • Enter the first document date. This has to be greater than today’s date
  • Enter the ending date to stop the recurring invoice
  • Enable the "never ends" checkbox , if you intend to set the recurring invoices continuously

6.  Next, click on the auto-send button. In the auto-send page, enter the following details:

  • Sender name: This is your company name. You can change the sender name
  • To: Enter the recipient email
  • Reply to:  Enter the reply-to email
  • Subject: Enter the email's subject
  • Placeholder: Add placeholders in the email’s body in order for the system to auto-compute the data
  • Email body: You can edit the content in the email's body
  • Enable the checkbox if you wish to send a copy of the email to yourself (owner’s email ID)

7.  On the right hand side view, you can see that invoice/bill template attached in your email as well.

8.  Click on the save button.

Recurring icon reflected on the bill document
Recurring icon reflected on the invoice document

9.  After saving the information, you can view the recurring icon for that respective invoice/bill in your Invoice Summary List/Bill Summary List.

How can I disable the recurring invoice and bill document?

  1. Click on the three dots of the respective document with the recurring invoice/bill activated.
  2. Select Set Recurring option
  3. A pop-up menu will appear.

4.  Disable the set recurring toggle in the pop-up box.

5.  Click on the save button.

6.  The system will disable the recurring invoice/nill of the respective invoice/bill number.