If Peppol ID sounds foreign to you, you can read up on this article to have a better understanding of what Peppol ID is.

When you receive a message from a contact saved on your phone, you can immediately recognize who the person is. Similar rules apply when people on the Peppol network receive e-invoices; they can identify who the person or company is without any hassle. Hence, you need to register for a PEPPOL ID to connect to the network.

The PEPPOL Access Points connects all the people registered under the Peppol network to allow them to exchange electronic documents such as invoices based on the PEPPOL guidelines. Buyers and suppliers can choose to engage with their Access Point provider to connect with all the existing PEPPOL participants.

How do I indicate my organization's Peppol ID?

Indicate your PEPPOL ID in the company page
Indicate your PEPPOL ID in the company page

Deskera Books users are required to fill in their organization details before they can proceed to save the information. Once you have successfully created an organization, go to the Company page via the sidebar menu. Under the compliance settings, enable the option for e-invoicing feature.

Do note that your organization has to be based in Singapore and you must have a Unique Entity Number (UEN) in order to use this functionality.

Tick the 'Opt-in for e-invoicing' checkbox if you are interested in sign-up for the e-invoices services during the new company creation. Next, you will need to fill in your Peppol ID. The format of Peppol ID is as follows; 0195:SGUEN12345678.