A role is a set of permissions assigned to a user so that they can access the documents and information they need at any point in time.

With Deskera Books, you can set up specific roles and assign those roles to your employees who will be using the system.

Listed below are 4 user roles that you can add while Deskera Books:

  1. Admin
  2. Buy and Sell
  3. Accounting
  4. Auditor

Let us understand more of these user roles and permissions access on Deskera Books in more detail.

Admin Role

An admin user has full access to all Deskera Books Modules where you can add, view, edit, delete various business transactions within the system.

Also, the admin of the organization is also in charge of adding users to the system, assigning roles to the users, change the user’s role if needed, and decide which products to allow access to certain users in the organization.

The admin is the only role in the organization that has full access to the demo company information.

Hence, the admin basically has full control over the system. They can perform all the adding, editing, deleting, and viewing actions for all the Modules without any restrictions.

Buy and Sell Role

The users with the buy and sell role on Deskera Books are those who are actively involved in the daily operational tasks in the organization. The users assigned with the business roles have some control over the business operations on Deskera Books.

The users with business roles can perform the actions as stated below:

  • Create sales and purchase transactions
  • Adding new contacts; both vendors and customers
  • Creating new products
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Receive and deposit customer payments
  • View and edit bank transactions
  • Perform app integration
  • Access to Deskera Chat
  • Access to Deskera Sales

The users assigned with the buy and sell role are also allowed to view, make changes, and delete the relevant modules as stated above.

Even though they have access to almost all the Modules in Deskera Books, still, they are not given any access to the Reporting Module and Accounting Module. Therefore, they won't be able to view any information with regard to accounting and reporting.

For the Setting Module, they can only view the information in this module without any modification allowed.

Accounting Role

The users with accounting roles have the responsibility to keep track of the business accounts and bookkeeping. They have the authority to create manual journal entries, create a new Chart of Accounts, and anything related to accounting and taxes.

In addition, this user with an accounting role also has the full access to the Buy, Sell, Pick-pack-ship, Product, Warehouse, and Contact Module, aside from the Accounting and Reporting Module.

The full access of these Modules enables them to create, edit, and delete the information in each of the Module as stated.

The accountant of the organization can perform necessary activities related to their job-scope on Deskera Books such as;

  • View and manage Charts Of Accounts
  • View, create and manage all journal entries
  • Import all opening balances related to Accounts, Inventory, and Contacts
  • Creating debit and credit notes for bills and invoices respectively
  • Creating prepayment and direct expense for contacts
  • Recording direct Deposits and advance payment for contacts
  • View and export all the financial reports

The accountant using Deskera Books can only view the information available in the Bank and Setting Modules. Furthermore, they have no access to Deskera Sales, Deskera Chat, and no authority to perform app integration with third-party organizations.

Auditor Role

The auditor user role on Deskera Books gives the user the ability to view all the information in the system but without the ability to make any modifications.

Auditors are given only read-only access to all the Deskera Books business, accounting, and reporting Modules when they're performing the audit sessions at any time. They have no access to the Deskera Sales and Deskera Chat Modules.

Granular Permissions for User Roles

When assigning roles for your users, you can choose selected modules for the users.

There are seven products listed here:

  • Deskera Console
  • Deskera Books
  • Deskera CRM
  • Deskera People
  • Deskera Workflow Engine
  • Deskera Shop
  • Deskera Report Builder

Once you have enabled the products for the respective user, the user will have access to the respective products. You can assign whether they are paid user or guest user and the roles assigned to them.

** Note: Auditor role will have read-only access in the system

You also have the option to choose whether the user can manage all the modules or they have read-only access. If you choose to hide the modules for the users, then, leave both the checkboxes empty.