Desk Application:

The Desk Application is everything you need to take care of business on the move. With purchase, sales, accounting, and attendance all integrated into one app; it has never been easier or simpler to make complicated transactions from the palm of your hand.

Salient Features:

  • From quotation to sales, the app handles all your business processes; end to end.
  • Create professional invoices and purchase orders that you can send in minutes and track in real-time.
  • You can add your colleagues to your organization so they can log time, view reports, or manage your accounts.
  • Stay on top of what you owe & what is overdue with easy to read reports and automated notifications.
  • Get clarity on your employees' absences in real-time and plan the day ahead. Enable your mobile workforce to mark attendance from anywhere with Wifi and Geo-restrictions.

With Deskera Mobile App, you can:

  1. Setup and create your org and add people
  2. Accounting: Creating a Chart of Accounts
  3. Products: Create and Manage Products
  4. Sales: Managing Sales Order, Managing Sales Invoice, Receiving Payment against invoices
  5. Purchase: Managing Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Receiving Payment against Invoices.
  6. Attendance:
  7. Manage Deposits & Expenses:
  8. Manage Journal Entries:
  9. View Financial Reports like Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance