As you have read in the previous article on how to create a new tax rate, you can now apply the new tax-rate that you have created and apply it to the different Modules in the system.

Imagine in a scenario where your country announced an increment of 2% of collectible sales tax, you are required to comply with the new regulations. Instead of using the default tax-rate that is shown on Deskera Books, users have the flexibility to create a new tax-rate under any circumstances.

Buy and Sell section in the Product Module.

Users can select the newly created tax-rate in the Product Module. In the Product Module, you can select the new tax rate that you have created by clicking on the drop-down arrow in the Purchase Tax and Sales Tax section. Once you hit on the 'Save' button, it will be auto-populated when you are creating documents such as Quote, Invoices, Orders and even Bills.

Change the tax-rate accordingly in the Tax column.

When you are creating Quote/Invoice/Orders/Bills, the tax section will be auto-populated based on the tax-rate that you have indicated during the product's creation. However, users are given the option to change the tax-rate by clicking on the tax box as shown above. Once the changes are made, they can select the save button.