Using Deskera People, as an admin you can download the IR8A forms for your employees which is required to file tax returns.

1. Go to the Report Tab under the sidebar menu>> A window will appear>>Under IRAS>>click on IR8A Form Download>>below screen will appear

2. By default, the CPF account will be set along with the current accounting year for which the IR8A form needs to be submitted for the tax return of employees.

As you need to submit the IR8A form for each employee, from the employee box you can select the employees from the dropdown menu and download the form and edit the details if required.

3. To download the IR8A form, click on the Download Form button and the form will be downloaded in PDF for the selected employees.

4. By clicking on the edit form, an editable window of IR8A form will be displayed where you can make the required changes and save it for further reflection in the system.