Create an Expense Bill in the scenario where you will have to pay utility bills, any repairs, and maintenance, office expenses, cleaning expenses, anything related to the expense account.

With Deskera Books you can create your own expense bills with following steps,

  1. Click on  the Buy module>> a screen will appear>>click on create new>> select the New Expense Bill option.
Select new expense bill

2. You will be directed to the below create new expense bill screen and you are required to fill in the required fields of the contacts.

3.  After that, select the right Account Name, depending on the type of expense account that is relevant. Input the amount to be paid.

4.  You are allowed to input negative amount in the line item of the expense bill document without restriction from the system.

5.  Once these all the details are entered click on the save button.

How can I view, edit, copy, and delete the Expense Bills?

Once you have created a new expense Bills, you can view, edit, and copy them.

Click on the expense bill's three dots to perform the necessary actions

Click on the expense bill's three dots to:

  • View Expense Bill - After you have created an expense bills you can view them under the buy module dashboard.
  • Edit Expense Bill - Before making the final payment if you want to make any changes, you can do it with the edit option available.
  • Copy Expense Bill -You can also make a duplicate expense bill with the copy function available.
  • Design - Design the expense bill template and print it out
  • Print Expense Bill- Once the expense bill payment is made, you can print the same
  • Delete Function - If you want to remove the created expense bill from the system, you can always use the delete function.