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What is CRM?

CRM is a hot and popular term amongst businesses today as more businesses are incorporating the CRM system into their daily business operations. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a technology that helps to manage your company's relationship and interaction with existing customers and even prospects. The philosophy of CRM

The importance of CRM for your business

We cannot deny the fact that for your business to last, you will need to have a well-planned strategy for the future. Just like playing chess, you will need to know the rules and plan your moves carefully to win the game. How can you gain up-to-date data from sales,

How do I create a Contact in Deskera Sales?

The functionality of the contacts on Deskera Sales system is almost similar to the phone directory. It's a record of information about your prospects, deals, customers, and also vendor. You can add your customers, vendors, or even prospects using Deskera Sales system to oversee them at one glance. Recording your

How do I bulk import Contacts in Deskera Sales?

Follow the steps stated below to import contacts in bulk: Go to the Contacts tab at the sidebar and then click on the Import Contacts.Next, select either Person or Organization accordingly and then click on the Next button.Download the sample import file and fill in the details.Snapshot

How do I edit, change, and delete Contacts in Deskera Sales?

Now that you have covered how to create Contacts manually and also in bulk, the next step you’ll need to know is how to edit, change, and delete contacts. Follow the steps, as stated below: 1. For horizontal layout, hover your mouse next to the three vertical dots. You’

What is in a Contact page in Deskera Sales?

To know more information about the Contact, click on the respective Contact to view their profile. As you have seen in how to edit, change, and delete Contacts in the previous article, you may also make changes to the Contacts details by updating the fields on the left-hand side of

How do I add new users using Deskera Sales?

Adding users to the Deskera Sales system is very simple. If you have new employees joining the company, and you wish to give them access to your Sales system, you can add them to the system. You will be an Admin by default if you are the first user of

How do I create a Team in Deskera Sales?

As your business grows and you're hiring more employees, you will need to segregate them into different teams to manage and track their performance more efficiently. You can organize your users into different groups to get a better insight into how well each team is doing. To create a team,

How do I edit, change, or delete users in Deskera Sales?

By default, the first user is the admin of the system. Admins have the authority to edit, amend, and remove other users. There are two layouts you can select to view the lists of users you've created. First and foremost, you can choose the horizontal design (the list icon on

How do I edit, change, and delete Teams in Deskera Sales?

The next step you will need to know after creating a Team is how to edit, change, and delete teams. There are two layouts that you can choose to view a team - horizontal design, and the card view layout. For the horizontal layout You can refer to the steps

How do I assign members to a Team in Deskera Sales?

After knowing how to create a team, you can now learn how to assign members to different groups. Follow the steps below on how to assign users into the team: Click Settings at the sidebar menu and select the 'Quick Team Assignment' tab on either User or Team settings.In

What is a Pipeline?

Do you want to increase your revenue exponentially? Or, do you want to track how many deals closed on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis? Well, let us introduce you to Deskera Sales system, where you can plan out your pipelines to track the number of leads received and

The benefits of a sales pipeline

The reason why we need a sales pipeline is pretty obvious. Sales pipelines enable business owners, sales leads, and sales representatives to oversee the entire customer journey from the start to the end. You can create multiple pipelines depending on your business strategy. One of the benefits of sales pipelines

Difference between contact and deal

Previously you have gone through the articles on ‘How to create contacts?’ and ‘How to create a deal?’ and if you are still unsure or confused with regards to the meaning of contacts and deals, we are here to help. Fret not, as we will explain to you the differences

Difference between deals and pipelines

We create deals only when the contacts show interest in buying the products and services. Deals are also known as a sales opportunity. If you’re still not clear on the definition of deals, let us give you an example. Imagine you are tasked to make ten phone calls a

How do I create a Pipeline in Deskera Sales?

Having covered what a Sales Pipeline is in the previous article, you can now proceed to how to create a Pipeline using Deskera’s CRM system. Click Deals on the sidebar menu. By default, you will view the Default Pipeline in the system. You can navigate between the different types

How do I create a Deal in Deskera Sales?

A deal can also be known as a leads or sales opportunity to sell your products and services. You'll need to assign your deals to the right pipelines you have created. Pipelines help you to track the progress for every prospect until they have been successfully converted into customers. You

How to convert a contact into a deal in Deskera Sales?

Follow the steps as stated below to convert a contact to a deal: 1. Click on the Contact on the sidebar menu. 2. You’ll see the contact list and click on the individual Contact. 3. Next, you’ll be directed to their profile page. 3. Click on the ‘Create

Edit, change and delete deal in Deskera Sales

Follow the instructions stated below to make changes to the deal: 1. Select the 'Pipeline' tab on the sidebar menu. 2. You'll see multiple deals you have created in different stages of pipelines. 3. Click on the arrow sign at the right end of the individual deal card. 4. You

Edit, change and delete pipeline in Deskera Sales

Pipelines are the sales process stages that a prospect will go through until they become your customers. You may add multiple pipelines as per your preference. Follow the steps as instructed below to amend the existing pipelines: 1. Click on the drop-down arrow and click on the 'Edit' icon next

How to manage your contacts in Deskera Sales?

Previously you have learned on the definition of contacts; let us guide you through on how to manage the contacts in the system. Since you get your contacts from various resources, it will be great if you keep track of every contact effectively. You can create different labels using Deskera’

What are the different types of visibility in Deskera Sales?

If you’re the first to sign-in to the system, you’ll be the admin by default. Once you have signed in, the first thing you’ll need to do is to create contacts. Click on the drop-down arrow.Types of visibility. While creating a contact, you’ll come across

How to create an activity in Deskera Sales?

As an employee of an organization, wouldn't it be great to see your work calendars, all filled up with activities before you start work? Log in to your CRM's user account to check the tasks you're assigned to and start working on the specific tasks given until it's complete. Proper

Edit, change, and delete activity in Deskera Sales?

You can manage your activities and plan out your time accordingly using the Deskera Sales system. If you're caught up in an emergency and would like to re-schedule your activity to a different time or date, you may do so in the system. Follow the instructions stated below on how

Different types of dashboards for your business in Deskera Sales

Are you feeling frustrated with your cluttered, complicated, and messy CRM dashboard? Well, if you are, it's time to switch to Deskera Sales software and fully utilize the functionality in it. The brand new dashboard design that we have created is modern, sophisticated, easy to view, and pleasing to the

Introduction to Deskera Sales dashboard

With Deskera Sales dashboard, you can now access all the information you want at your fingertips. There’s no need to search for nitty-gritty details for hours and not knowing where all those information are stored. Have a look at our intuitive CRM dashboard! On this page, users can read,

How to Create a Custom Field in Deskera Sales?

Using Deskera Sales, users can create their own kind of custom fields in addition to the existing fields shown in the system. Once they have created the new custom fields, you can apply the new fields in the Contacts, Deals, and Activities Modules. Click on the " Create Customer Fields" button.

How to Apply Custom Fields on the Modules using Deskera Sales?

After creating the Custom Fields Master, you may now apply the custom fields you have assigned to specific Modules previously. Make sure that you have enabled the visibility of the fields created in the Custom Field Master to apply those fields in each Module stated here. Contact Module When you're

What's an audit trail in Deskera Sales?

The Audit Trail on Deskera Sales is a tool that allows site administrators to view actions performed by users and administrators or by end-users to their own accounts. All actions performed from within the system are captured in this module. To view the audit trail on Deskera Sales, follow the

How to create a new campaign in Deskera Sales?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a campaign can be defined as "a planned series of activities that are intended to achieve a particular aim." Organizations and political bodies around the world organize campaigns now and then. The objective of each campaign is definitely to win their followers' and customers' hearts

How to view and track email campaigns in Deskera Sales?

Right after you have learned how to create a campaign on Deskera Sales, the next thing you will need to view and track your campaigns. Campaign Launched Later You can view the campaigns that you have scheduled for later timing and date under the status column in the Campaign List.

How can I Configure The Email Settings in Deskera Sales?

If you don't feel comfortable to use the default server on Deskera Sales, you can always configure your organization's server to send out the emails. You will need to set up your server in the Email Settings before you proceed to send out the mass emails. Read through the steps

How can I Create Segments for the Contacts in Deskera Sales?

Segmentation is essential when you’re sending mass email marketing to your contacts. You can send different types of email templates to different contacts based on your segmentation. You do not want to send similar email marketing to every contact because it simply shows that you put zero effect to

How to create a new email template in Deskera Sales?

Crafting an email template can be fun. You can unleash your creativity and create a new design of email templates that suits every campaign launch in your organization. It’s advisable that you’ve prepared a pleasant-looking email template and craft relevant and meaningful content for your contacts that you

How to connect email account using Deskera Sales?

With Email Sync in Deskera Sales, you can automatically capture your messages to and from your Contacts to your Account Activities. Once set up, any messages exchanged between your Deskera Sales Users, and Contacts will record to the account timeline. It means you have a full record of all your

Set-up your Help Center in Deskera Sales

Businesses that have sign-up for Deskera Sales account and access to the Guide feature available in our CRM software. So, what is a Guide feature? The Guide feature in Deskera Sales is a Help Center that includes: Support ArticlesPublishing self-service contentFor example, the marketing team can use this platform to

Create, Edit and Delete Articles in Deskera Sales Guide

Once you have created the sections in your Guide, you can park your support articles in the sections available. In this article, we will guide you on how to create, edit, and delete your articles. How to Create an Article? Stated below are the steps that you can follow to

Create, Edit and Delete a Section in Deskera Sales Guide

The section is the collections of the related articles grouped under the same umbrella. Why do you need to create sections? Creating different sections enables the end-users to sort their articles based on a different category. This enables the end-users to manage, track, and oversee the articles more effectively. How

How to connect an email under Deskera Ticket system using Deskera Sales?

Introduction:You likely need the help of desk ticketing system that helps you manage, organize and execute on customer support tickets if you provide with customer support. The most common challenge faced by customer support teams is an inability to respond to support cases promptly, which has a detrimental impact

How to Edit the Ticket View on Deskera Sales?

The administrators on Deskera Sales can always modify and customize the ticket view based on their preferences. To modify the ticket view on Deskera Sales, follow the steps guided below: Go to Settings.Click on Ticket >> Select Ticket Views tab.Click on the Ticket Views3. The list of

How to Create a Ticket in Deskera Sales?

Running a business isn’t always a smooth sailing process. At times, you received compliments from your happy customers praising your products and services. And some other time, your inbox is flooded with emails full of complaints, and feedback, from your customers, venting out their anger and frustration to you.
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