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How to use Pay Schedule Module in Deskera People Plus?

Pay Schedules are used to set up pay runs. The pay schedule's settings are used for each pay run to calculate what to pay employees. There is no limit to the number of pay schedules. You can create and configure for any combination of pay frequencies. You can have multiple

How to use Component Module in Deskera People Plus?

This section will guide you to set up the new payroll earnings and, deductions components in the system. With Deskera People+, you have pre-defined earning payroll components set and you can also add earning and deduction components of your own. Pre-defined Payroll Components in Deskera People+Login to your Deskera

How to use Company Settings Module in Deskera People Plus?

In every organization, there comes a time when the organization decides to make changes to the company's details and tax details as some companies shift to a new business location due to the end of office leasing or for some other reasons. Using Deskera People +, the admin of the system

What are the different stages for processing the Payroll using Deskera People Plus?

After all the payroll details are added in Deskera People + the next steps is to process the payroll for your employees. In this process you need to go through the different payrun stages before processing the final payrun. Below listed are the payrun stages, 1. Add Payrun 1. Select Employee

How to use Contractor List Module using Deskera People Plus?

In the previous article you have seen how does employees list module works, now let is see how to user contractor module using Deskera People Plus. How to add contractors in Deskera People+? Login to your Deskera People + Account. 2.  After you have logged into your account, you can view

How to use Employee List Module in Deskera People Plus?

The employee details are filled partially during the initial onboarding process. Later the employee and admin can add the details in the system. Using Deskera People+, you can add employee’s information  for creating their profile required during the payrun. How to add employees in Deskera People+? Login to your

What are the different types of Payroll Reports available in Deskera People Plus?

In Deskera People + there are two types of payroll reports available, Payroll Summary ReportPayroll Liability ReportLet us see more about these reports in detail, Payroll Summary ReportThe Payroll Summary Report is a report for reviewing all payroll information for paid employees based on a date range. With Deskera People +, you

How to enable direct deposits for India using Deskera People Plus?

Deskera People Plus has recently launched a feature where you can make direct deposits to your employees using Cashfree Payments. Let's get started.. How to connect your Cashfree Account with Deskera People Plus to make direct payment? Login to your Deskera People + Account. 2.  After you have logged into your

How to add Component Templates using Deskera People Plus?

With Deskera People plus now you can create groups of components and benefits, where admin can assign then component groups to Employees. Lets us see further how to add a component template following the below easy steps. How to add component templates using Deskera People Plus? Login to your Deskera

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