Adding users to the Deskera eLeave system is very simple. If you have new employees joining the company, and you wish to give them access to the leave system for them to apply to leave in an organized manner, you may so do.

You will be an Admin by default if you are the first user of the system, and your name will appear in the user list.

To add more users to the system, refer to the steps stated below:

1. Go to the 'Settings' tab >> Click on the 'User Management' tab.

2. Click on the '+ Add User' button.

3. Next, fill in the fields as shown:

  • Name*: Add your team member name ( First and Last name). Click on the browse link to upload the profile picture.
  • Contact No. : Add contact number
  • Email ID*: Add email ID (Cannot be duplicated)
  • Address: Add permanent address
  • Gender: Select gender from the drop-down; Male or Female
  • Residential Status: Select Residential Status from the drop-down; Permanent Resident or Foreigner.
  • Nationality: Select Nationality from the drop-down.
  • Date of Joining*: Add Date of Joining
  • Department: Add Department name
  • Marital Status: Select the Marital status from Drop-down: Single or Married.
  • Date of confirmation: Add confirmation date (As per probation applicability)
  • Years of service: YOS is Auto calculated by the system based on the date of joining.
  • User Role: Select the user role from the drop-down arrow; Admin, user, or manager.

4. To add more users to the system, click on the 'Add Another User' button.  Repeat the steps mentioned above.

5. Click on the 'Save' button after making sure all the details are accurate.

Once you have click on the Save button, the list of users will reflect on the User Management List.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a new user to the system.