A journal entry is essential to all businesses as a means to record business transactions according to the accounting standards. Journal entries are used to record business transactions that always include at least one debit and credit entry into the system.

To view all the accounts you have created in the Deskera Mobile App, go to the main dashboard. Tap on the Journal Entries icon.

In the Journal Entry, you will see all the entries you have created in the system recorded in debit and credit column with the total amount for each account. Deskera Mobile App users are able to sort by date and by using the filter to view the latest or oldest entry. Aside from that, they can choose the date range they prefer to view the journal entry accounts.

View the journal entries populated from the system
Create manual journal entry 
Edit the manual journal entry

In any scenario where you realize that you forgot to enter an entry, you can create a new entry in the debit and credit column by tapping on the ‘+’ icon at the top right of the page.

Once done, tap on the ‘Tick’ button. Any adjustments such as editing the debit and credit account and amount or removing the entries can be made only to the entries that you have created manually on this screen.