Deskera Releases

Learn what is new and improved in the latest updates on Deskera Books.

Date of Release: August 21, 2020

New feature released:

Stated below are the latest release on Deskera Books:

1. Changes in the onboarding flow for new customers. To read more about the new onboarding process flow, you can check out the articles below:

  • Onboarding Process on Deskera Books: In this article, we will cover the steps you need to take to set-up your new organization details and also creating a new demo organization in your account. In addition to that, new users can follow the steps based on the checklist provided to be a power user on Deskera Books.
  • User's Role and Access on Deskera Books: Follow the guide here to invite users to your organization and check on the features that they can access based on their roles.
  • How to add multi-company on Deskera Books: One of the subsection in this article will guide you on how to update your company's details by accessing the company module.

2. We have implemented delete button for the features stated below:

3. Other enhancements:

  • Users can now search for the company's name using the search button and import clients into their Bookkeeping Account.
  • Custom filter support is made available in the Sell, Buy, Contact, and Product Module.
  • Data migration from Quickbooks and Xero.
  • Import Bill of Materials

Date of Release: July 20, 2020

New feature released:

Two new features are released on production:

1. Delete Payments in the Buy and Sell Module

  • Deskera Books users can now delete the payments that are made in the sales and bills documents. This action will also concurrently erase the Journal Entry record.

2. Sign-in using your Apple account in the web

  • It would be great if you have Apple ID as you can skip the sign-up process and continue to log in to Deskera using your Apple ID.

In addition to that, we have also made some enhancements to some of the Modules on Deskera Books:

  • Accounting Module - enhancement on the export to Excel feature for both Expense and Deposit Modules.
  • Custom field filter in the Cash Flow Statement and Trial Balance
  • Exporting General Ledger in PDF format
  • Improvement made to the Deskera Books' user interface. Updated graphs in the Dashboard related to Bank, Aged Receivable, Bills, Bank Account, Net Cashflow, and Profit and Loss.

Date of Release: July 3, 2020

New feature released:

1.  Our latest updates on GO Deskera:

  • New sub-engine for Billing and Invoicing.
  • New subscription plans and UI updates. As of today, we have updated the latest pricing for three subscription plans. Deskera Books' users can choose to subscribe to either subscribe to "All in One" products or the individual product in their respective accounts.
  • Unlimited guest users supported in all products.
  • Cancel subscription and UI updates.

2. We have also updated some of the features on Deskera Books:

  • The shipping address, city, and state are now made non-mandatory in the Contact Module.
  • Fax and website fields are not needed anymore.
  • The new UI for the journal entry.
  • For any Bookkeeper account, you can choose either Bookkeeper or the Client to make the payment.
  • Cancellation of your bookkeeper subscription account.
  • Deskera Books' users can export the list of Credit Note and Debit Note in XLS format.

Date of Release: June 23, 2020

New feature released:

1. In today release, we focus primarily on implementing the export features in the Report Module. This is to ensure that Deskera Books users can upload these financial and tax compliance reports to your desktop/laptop.

Here are the list of countries and the type of reports that we have implemented the export feature:

a) Malaysia: You can export your SST-02 Report in PDF format.

b) Philippines: We have implemented the export feature for both the WHT Reports (in Excel format) and VAT Report (in PDF format).

c) Indonesia: Deskera Books users can now export the WHT Reports for Sales Transaction Summary and Purchase Transaction Summary in Excel format.

d) UAE: We have also implemented the export feature in both Excel and PDF format for VAT Return 201 Report for organization in UAE.

Also, this export feature is available for the financial Cash Flow of Statement Report. You can export both the direct and indirect method of the Cash Flow of Statement Report in PDF format.

2. Remember Me feature: On Deskera Books sign-up page, you can view the "Remember Me" feature. This  feature is to capture your credentials so that you don't have to enter your credentials over and over again whenever you want to sign-in to your account.

Date of Release: June 6, 2020

New feature released:

1. Bills of Material (BOM): With this feature users to create the Bill of Materials (B.O.M) products as well. This is a feature especially for those in the manufacturing industry.

Please check below supporting articles to know more about BOM,
What is Bill of Materials?
How to create a Bill of Materials on Deskera Books?

2. Delete Organization: With this feature users can now Delete the Organization created.

Please find below supporting article to delete Organisation from Deskera Books,
Where can I update my company's information?

3. Philippines Withholding tax reports: Users can now view below WHT reports.

Please find below supporting articles for these reports,
Philippines Tax: BIR1601E Monthly Return Report
Philippines Tax: BIR1601F Monthly Return Report
Philippines Tax: BIR0619E MAP Report

4. UAE Compliance: Users can now also find the below UAE compliance features Released,

  • Set up and manage VAT on Deskera Books
  • Contacts setup for VAT
  • Product Master Set up
  • Different Tax validation in Purchase(Bills) and Sales(Invoices) Transactions
  • Mapping Excise Tax
  • View VAT Return 201 Report

5. E-invoicing: With this feature, users can convert invoices into eInvoice format for existing invoices and send it via the Peppol network to the contact.

Enhancements in current features:

Please find below new enhancements released in the current features

1. Import Contact:  Support Email and Currency field added
2. Company Settings: Added Book beginning date, financial start date i
3. Optimum Surveillance - Billing issue - Incorrect date is shown; show billing cycle
4. Multi-currency: Changes in Fund transfer with multiple currencies i.e. From an account's currency is Base currency, To account’s currency, is foreign currency, and vice versa.
5. Bookkeeper - Client invites bookkeeper(User Settings), Add/Edit (Client, Teammate), Subscriptions changes, Transfer Ownership for the bookkeeper
6. Products: Users have an option to delete the Products created
7. Documents: Users can now Delete Quotes, Invoices, Orders and Bills created.

New UI Changes:

Please find Below the new UI changes made on Deskera Books,

1. Product Module: (Changes made for US, SG, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India)
2. Contact Module: (Changes made for US, SG, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines)
3. Features: (Import Product, Contact, Charts Of Accounts)
4. COA Module: (Changes made for US, SG, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India)
5. Sell and Buy Module: (Changes made for INDIA Compliance)

Date of Release: May 16, 2020

New feature released:

1. Bookkeeper Phase : With Deskera Bookkeeper Account, users can now inviter their clients and teammates to the respective account for bookkeeping purposes.

Check out the articles here to find out how to add teammates and clients on Deskera Books:

How do I sign-up for a Bookkeeper Account on Deskera Books?

How can clients add bookkeepers using Deskera Books?

How to add teams to Deskera Bookkeeper?

2. Multi-currency Phase : Businesses with international trade can enable the multi-currency function on Deskera Books to convert their base currency to foreigner currency they preferred. This is feature is currently available for organization base in Singapore.

Find out more about multi-currency Phase 1 on Deskera Books here:

How to apply multi-currency in the Accounting Module?

How does Multi-currency work using Deskera Books?

3. Import data from Xero account: With this feature, businesses that have existing account with Xero can import the relevant data from respective Modules to Deskera Books with ease. Read the guide below to find out the steps to do so:

How can I import data from QuickBooks/Xero to an existing company on Deskera Books?

Import Data from QuickBooks and Xero

4. Generate Credit Note and Debit Note: This feature enables you to generate the Debit Notes and Credit Notes applied to respective bills document and sales document in Deskera Books. You can also export this report in Excel and PDF format.

How to generate credit note and debit note report?

Date of Release: April 17, 2020

New feature released:

1. Cash Flow Report: With automation, Deskera Books users can prepare their cash flow statement report conveniently without manual task. To find out more about the cash flow statement report, read the link as shared below:

How to view Cash Flow Statement on Deskera Books?

How to mapped the line item on Cash Flow Statement to the right account?

2. Import data from QuickBooks account: With this feature, businesses that have existing account with QuickBooks can import the relevant data from respective Modules to Deskera Books with ease. Read the guide below to find out the steps to migrate your data from QuickBooks to Deskera Books:

How can I import data from QuickBooks/Xero to an existing company on Deskera Books?

Import Data from QuickBooks and Xero

3. Attachment in the Sell Module: Users can download their files and images in the Quote and Sales Invoice document.

Date of Release: September 9 , 2020

New feature released:

  1. Veem Connect: Deskera Books and Veem integration allows you to receive and send online payments for the US Orgs from your customers and view, reconcile payment transactions in Deskera Books and Veem account helps to receive automated payments.

To find out more about the Deskera and Veem integration read the below article,

How to Integrate Veem Connect in Deskera MarketPlace?

Date of Release: September 10, 2020

PayPal Connect: Deskera Books and Paypal integration enable you to accept online payments from your customers and automatically view, reconcile transactions in Deskera Books.

To find out more about the Deskera and PayPal integration read the below article,

How to Integrate PayPal in Deskera MarketPlace?