As an admin after you file the tax returns to IRAS for your employees for that particular year, using Deskera People you can so so by generating the detailed IRAS report.

Following are the below steps to generate the IRAS report

1. Go to the Report tab on the sidebar menu>>A window will appear>>under IRAS>>click on the IRAS Summary Report>>below screen will appear

2. Basis year will be set as default for generating the IRAS report.

3. Status: To generate IRASreport you can either select the status as submitted or Not submitted and accordingly as per selection report will be generated

4. Once you click on the Generate button, a list will pop up with the details of the employees for whom the tax has been filed.

5. Click on the Download Report for downloading the IRAS summary report in EXCEL or PDF format.

This downloaded file is useful for various audit purposes.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to generate the IRAS Summary report using Deskera People