On Deskera Books, there are 3 different stages of Invoices. They are as follows:

  1. Draft: Invoices can be saved as a Draft when you are not sure of the contents, or you would like to keep it for later.
  • You can click into the Invoices under Draft and save them. The status will then update to Unpaid.
  1. Unpaid: Invoices under this stage are published, but you have not received payment for them yet.
  • If there is no partial payment linked to this Invoice, you are still able to edit its contents such as the products ordered, its quantity.
  • When you receive payment for Unpaid Invoices, you can click into them and click the Payment button.

  • You will be led to Receive Payment page, where you can mark the Invoices that you have received payment for, and the amount you have received.
  1. Paid: All Invoices that have been paid in full will appear here. You will be able to view the Invoice details.
  • Do note that you are unable to edit it, as payment has already been made.