The Reconciliation Logs displays a history of all changes made to your reconciliation accounts, along with user information for each change.

With Deskera Books you can view the history for all changes to your transactions, from most recent to oldest, along with the user information for each change.

To view these reconciliation logs follow the below steps,

  1. Go to the Reports section >>Select Reconciliation Log Report under Financial Reports.
  • View details like, Reconciliation Date, Bank Name, User Name, Statement Balance, Uncleared Balance, Book Balance (Deskera), Difference, Attached Document
  • Bank Account - Select the bank accounts from the drop down menu, to view the Reconciliation Log
  • Statement of Month - Choose date range to view the statement for that particular period
  • With the search box, you can search a specific Reconciliation Log
  • Export Reconciliation Log - You can also export your Reconciliation log Report in PDF, CSV, XLS format by clicking on the Export Button.