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Steps to Sign in for Deskera People

Now let us see the first and foremost first steps to sign in for the Deskera People during the onboarding process. As an Admin you need to first Sign in with the organization details for creating payroll for your organization. Just like any other accounts you’ve subscribed online, on

What are the Onboarding details to be filled in after signing in to Deskera People?

As an Admin user, once you have signed in to the Deskera People, you need to fill in the below Onboarding Information related to your organization. Company DetailsSchedule PayAdd EmployeesLet us further see the above-mentioned components in detail 1. Under the Company details, on the left-hand side of the screen

Introduction to Deskera People Dashboard

Deskera People is smart and intuitive. It helps you to manage, maintain, and track all payroll related activities in a smooth and efficient way. Deskera People offers lots of different advantages for the user, the employees, and the company (of all sizes). This article looks at some of the most

How to add a component using Deskera People?

Before you can begin to run the payroll, you need to collect some vital information from your employees, and if you feel any information is missing while processing the payroll you can add it to the system. Hence using the Deskera Payroll system, you can add the missing payroll component

View, edit, delete the component by using the Deskera People

In the previous article, you have learned how to add a new component using Deskera People. Now let us see how can you view, edit, delete these created components. How to view the components? 1.  To view the Payroll components on Deskera People click on the Components option on the

How to add a Pay Schedule using Deskera People

Pay Schedules are used to set up pay runs. The pay schedule's settings are used for each pay run to calculate what to pay employees. There is no limit to the number of pay schedules. You can create and configure for any combination of pay frequencies. You can have multiple

View, Edit, delete a Pay Schedule using Deskera People

Once you have created a new pay schedule you have an option to view them in 2 different views, and can also edit and delete them. How to view Pay Schedules? 1. Click on the Pay Schedules located on the left-hand side of the main dashboard, where you can view

How does the Payrun dashboard look like in Deskera People?

Once you have signed up, you need to set up the payroll, add the employees, and add the pay schedules for processing the payroll. Let us see below, how the Payrun dashboard looks like? 1. Click on the below Payrun option on the left side of the main dashboard, Below

What are the different stages for processing the Payroll using Deskera People?

After all the payroll details are added in Deskera People and when you click on Process Payroll button you need to go through the different payrun stages before processing the final payrun Below listed are the payrun stages, 1. Select Employee 2. Ready for processing 3. Payroll processed Let us

View, edit, delete employee details while processing the payroll using Deskera People

Once the payrun of the employees is ready and added in the system, you can view the list of users added, and also if you wish to make the changes or delete the employee from it, you can do so with edit and delete option available on Deskera People. Let’

How to add a new payrun using Deskera People?

Using Deskera People, while processing the pay run, if you have missed adding Payrun for the employees there is an option to add a pay run. Below are the steps, 1. Click on the Payrun icon on the left side of the main dashboard where you can view the payrun

How to add a new ad-hoc payroll using Deskera People.

What is Ad hoc payroll? Ad-hoc Payroll is used to run the payroll for situations whereby there is a need to run a separate payroll due to certain circumstances. For instance: a resignation/dismissal of an employee or a missing payout for the employee(s). Using Deskera People you have

How to add the employee details using Deskera People?

The employee details are filled partially during the initial onboarding process. The additional details can be configured by the employee or the admin later. Using Deskera People, you can add employee’s information for creating their profile required to run the payroll. Following are the below steps to add employees

View, edit, delete, terminate employees from Deskera People

In the previous article, you have learned how to add employee details manually in the system using Deskera People. Now let us see how can you view, edit, delete and terminate the created employees. How to View employees?Using the Deskera People, you can view the employees by clicking on

Where can I update my company's information, Work Week, and CPF details in Deskera People?

In every organization, there comes a time when the organization decides to make changes to the company's details like the company address as some companies shift to a new business location due to the end of office leasing or for some other reasons. Using Deskera People, the admin of the

Where can I update/add my company's information and Tax details for the US on Deskera People?

In case you need to make any changes in company details, like the company address as shifting the company to the new business location you can do so by using Deskera People As an admin of the system can amend or change the company's details by following the below steps.

How to add the employee/contractor details for US using Deskera People?

The employee details are filled partially during the initial onboarding process the employee and admin can add the details later. Using Deskera People, you can add employee’s information and Contractor information for creating their profile required during the pay run. Following are the below steps to add employees in

How to Download employee withholding forms W-4 and W-9 using Deskera People?

What is the W-4 form for employees?When you get a new job, your employer will ask you to complete is IRS Form W-4: Employee's Withholding Certificate. The way you fill out this form determines how much tax your employer will withhold from your paycheck. Your employer sends the money

How to Generate IRAS E-submission file using Deskera People?

If you are resident in Singapore, you can e-File your completed tax form from 1 Mar to 18 Apr every year. If you paper file, please submit your completed tax form by 15 Apr of each year. You can e-File via myTax Portal with your SingPass or IRAS Unique Account

How to download IR8A Form using Deskera People?

What is IR8A?Form IR8A in Singapore is a mandatory document that contains information on employees’ earnings. Depending on various working conditions of your employees you might need to prepare Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B, and Form IR8S as well. They are issued by the employer and relate to employees’ income

How to generate IRAS Summary report using Deskera People?

As an admin after you file the tax returns to IRAS for your employees for that particular year, using Deskera People you can so so by generating the detailed IRAS report. Following are the below steps to generate the IRAS report 1. Go to the Report tab on the sidebar

Overview of expense claim dashboard

Using Deskera's People software, users can now have a general overview of the submission of expense claims by their employees. Once you have logged in to Deskera's People software, go to the Expense tab on the sidebar menu. After that, the Expense Claim Dashboard will appear. You will see the

How to create a New Expense Claim using Expense Module?

Expense ClaimsExpense claims are used by the staff members to claim back the funds they paid upfront on behalf of the company. For example, staff members may claim their food, accommodation, fuel, or food expenses. The claims can be made by multiple receipts and they are subject to approval by

How to add a new expense Group and Category using Expense module?

As an Admin, if you wish to add a new expense group and category under expense claims you can do so with below mentioned simple steps, How to add a new Expense Group? 1. Under Deskera People go to the expense tab. 2. Then click on the Admin Settings available

How do I set up a Bank Account to make payments using GIRO in Deskera People?

What is GIRO?General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO) is a convenient, paperless and cashless payment method which enables you to make hassle-free payments to billing organisations (BO) through your bank account. GIRO is an automated electronic payment service where the amount will be automatically deducted from your DBS/POSB account

How do I process payroll using GIRO in Deskera People?

In the previous article you have read, how to set up a bank account for making payments via, GIRO. Now lets is see how to make payment for your employees with GIRO in Deskera People. After entering all transactions into the system for the pay period, you can now start

How Do I Generate Payroll Summary Report Using Deskera People?

The Payroll Summary Report is a report for reviewing all payroll information for paid employees based on a date range. With Deskera People, you can now generate the payroll summary report easily and get a summary of employee payroll activity with date range, or see pay components for a specific

How to Download employee W-2 withholding form using Deskera People?

What is W-2 form?A W-2 form is a wage and tax statement. It's a form that must be completed by employers on behalf of their employees. So if you employ anyone, this is something you have to do every year, for every employee. Who needs these forms?According to

How to Download employee withholding form 1099-misc using Deskera People?

A 1099-MISC tax form is used for reporting taxable payments from your business to a variety of payees. You must report payments you make to miscellaneous types of payees during the year, and you must give these reports to the payee and send them to the IRS. Who Uses Form

How to download IR8S Form using Deskera People?

If you are an employer who has made excess CPF contributions to your employees’ wages, and/or claimed or will be claiming a full refund on the excess of the contributions you paid, you will be required to complete IR8S form. Downloading IA8S Form using Deskera PeopleFollow the below steps

How to download Appendix 8A and Appendix 8B Forms using Deskera People?

All employers in Singapore are legally needed under S68( 2) of the Income Tax Act to prepare Form IR8A, along with Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B where applicable for all Singapore-based employees. This must be done by 1 March annually and employers will be accountable for submitting these forms to the

Malaysia Payroll - How to fill in company information and tax details using Deskera HRIS?

Company DetailsFrom the settings module, select company Settings, a screen will appear with company information. Add company DetailsIn this screen, you can set up the following information: Company name (To be used in payslip and statutory reports)Company Address - Zip code, City , State (To be used in payslip and

Malaysia Payroll Overview

The Malaysian payroll and tax process can be complex for foreign businesses who are unfamiliar with the country’s laws and submission requirements and deadlines. When operating and employing in Malaysia, there are a number of things to be aware of to make sure your business is compliant with regulations.

Malaysia Payroll: What is EPF?

OverviewThe Employees' Provident Fund (known by its acronym EPF, or KWSP in Malay) is a Malaysian government agency that manages a compulsory savings plan and retirement planning for private and non-pensionable public sector employees. The EPF functions through monthly contributions from employees and their employers towards saving accounts. While in

Malaysia Payroll: How to add, edit, and delete EPF account Using Deskera People?

In the previous article you have read in details what is EPF now let us see how to add, edit and delete an EPF account using Deskera People. Add EPF accountAs an admin, you have an option to add a EPF account for your company by following the simple few

Malaysia Payroll: How to add and assign Payroll Component using Deskera People

This section will guide you to set up the new payroll earnings and, deductions components. Earning Components:Payroll earning component means an additional income from the employees gross pay salary. With Deskera People you can add the payroll earning component for your employees at any time, before processing the payroll.

Malaysia Payroll: What is SOCSO and how is it applicable in Deskera People?

SOCSO (Social Security Organization), also known as PERKESO (Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial), is a Malaysian government agency that was established to provide social security protections to employees under the Employees’ Social Security Act, 1969. Coverage of the Workers Social Security Act 1969Employers are required to pay monthly contributions for each eligible

Malaysia Payroll: What is PCB (MTD)?

MTD stands for Monthly Tax Deduction, also known as Potongan Cukai Bulanan (PCB).  Hence, you may realize that MTD and PCB can be used interchangeably. MTD/PCB is a series of monthly deductions that go towards your tax payment in relation to your employment income. These monthly deductions are retained

Malaysia Payroll: How is MTD/PCB calculated in Deskera People?

If you have just started using Deskera People (Malaysia), you would want to make sure that the Monthly Tax Deduction (or Potongan Cukai Bulanan) for your employees is accurate. Follow the below simple steps: Under Employees Module, select Employee List. A screen will appearThen, under Employee Profile>> go

Malaysia Payroll: What is EIS? How it is applicable in Deskera People?

The Employment Insurance System Act 2017 was introduced and came into force on 1  January 2018. CoverageAll employers in the private sector are required to pay monthly contributions on behalf of each employee. (Government employees, domestic workers and the self-employed are exempt) An employee is defined as a person who

Malaysia Payroll: What is HRDF? How it is applicable in Deskera People?

What is the HRDF Levy?The HRDF levy is a mandatory levy payment collected by the Human Resources Development Fund (PSMB). It is imposed on employers from certain industries. The main purpose of HRDF levy is to enable employee training and skills upgrading of the Malaysian workforce. Who is eligible
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