Every company has its picking, packing, and shipping strategy that suit their business model.

This article will guide you on how to use the pick, pack ship feature on Deskera Mobile App.

Once you click on the fulfillment button in the quote and invoice document, you can choose from three types of fulfillment method. Choose the Pick, Pack, Ship option.

Tap on the Pick Module
  1. Click on the Pick module.
View all the document in Pick,Pack, Ship Module

2. Under the Pending list, you can view all the quotes/invoices which you are you’ve pushed from the quotation/Invoice modules.

3. Users can select an order and click to Generate Picklist.

  • Please note that if your stocks are insufficient, you won't be able to generate a picklist.
  • You won't be able to generate multiple picklists as well. The generation of picklists only applies to a single document at a time.

4. A pop-up will appear, and you'll see the details of the orders such as picklist order number, the warehouse selection, and Picklist items.

Indicate the quantity to pick
Generate Picklist

5. Click on the 'Save' button, and the order will move to the Pick List tab.

6. In the picklist tab, click on the 'Pick' button, and a pop-up will appear.

7. Fill in the quantity of the picked products:

  • If all the products are picked, the picked column will automatically show a tick sign. The status in the Picking List will show as Picked as well.

Then click on the done button and status on the screen will be updated as picked, and the order will be reflected in the next stage- Pack.

9. Click on the Pack List tab and click Pack on the order you wish to pack. Fill in the fields in the pop-up:

Pack List
  • Assign the number of products to be filled to the first carton
  • Click Packed to "close" that carton and prevent more products from being allocated to that carton
  • Add New Carton to create a new carton to pack more products
  • Click on the Tick button once you are done packing your order

10. To push the order to the Ship stage, open the contextual menu (three vertical dots at the right end) of the order and select Ready To Ship. The order will be shifted from the Pack stage to the Ship stage.

11. Within the Shipping List, click on the Ship button for your order.

Tap on the Ship button

12. Fill in the below information:

Fill in the shipping details

  • Select the carton from the drop-down list
  • Delivery: Select the delivery type from the dropdown menu
  • Carrier list will be available only when you select the Delivery type as courier
  • Select the box type to (S, M, L) as per the quantity and product size
  • The tracking number will be applicable when you select the delivery type to courier and select the relevant carrier name.
  • Mentioned the length, width, height and weight of the box
  • You can also mark the selected carton as Fragile or mark it as Shipped if the carton has already left the warehouse.

13. Click on the Tick button to save the order and will be ready to ship.

14. By selecting the Void button in the contextual menu users can also choose to roll back orders to their previous stage within Pick, Pack, and Ship.

15. Also with the filter option, users can filter the orders based on the order created date, ship by date, warehouse, and status of the document.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned How do I use Pick, Pack and Ship in Deskera Mobile App