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How to log in to Deskera eLeave?

Just like any other accounts you have subscribed online, on Deskera eLeave software, all of our users are required to provide their email and password before they process to login to their accounts. Follow the steps as mentioned below to log in to our eLeave system: Log in to eLeaveFill

How to reset the login password for Deskera eLeave?

You can reset your password in the scenario where you have forgotten them, or you need to change the password for security reasons. Follow the below steps mentioned to reset the password: 1. Enter your email ID or contact number, which is associated with this account. 2. Click on the

Introduction to Deskera E-leave Dashboard

The Deskera eLeave system is smart and intuitive. It helps you to manage, maintain, and track all leave-related things With our Leave Management System, you can enjoy the convenience of viewing the leave information and submitting the leave application in all electronic devices such as laptop, desktop, and even on

How can the admin approves or rejects the leaves using Deskera eLeave?

Whenever the users of the Deskera eLeave system apply leaves, the leaves request will receive to the admin of the system. The admin will have to take the next step to approve or reject the leave application of the users in eLeave. Follow the steps mentioned below to approve or

How can users apply leaves in Deskera eLeave?

Deskera eLeave system has the functionality that enables our users to apply their leaves by just clicking a few steps. Users can also apply different types of leaves, such as annual leave, medical leave, emergency leave, or other kinds of leaves that are applicable to their organizations. Using the Deskera

How do I create, edit and delete a new leave type in Deskera eLeave?

As the admin of the system, you will need to create different types of leaves to classify the reasons why the employee uses their leaves into groups. This type of leave needs to be created before the onboarding process of your staff so that they are aware of what they

How do I indicate the type of leave applies to a specific group only in Deskera eLeave?

Admin can use this functionality in Deskera eLeave to control whether the leave type they’ve created applies to specific teams or all the users in the organization. When creating the leave type under Settings >> Leave Management tab, you’ll come across the leave applicability section. By enabling

How do I create a new user in Deskera eLeave?

Adding users to the Deskera eLeave system is very simple. If you have new employees joining the company, and you wish to give them access to the leave system for them to apply to leave in an organized manner, you may so do. You will be an Admin by default

How to edit, change or delete a user in Deskera eLeave?

Deskera eLeave user can make changes to the details saved in the system. In case you’ll need to change the details of your user's phone number, email address, and worst-case scenario to remove the users from the system, you may do so. Follow the steps mentioned below: 1. Go

How can I create a new team in Deskera eLeave?

As your business grows and you're hiring more employees, you will need to segregate them into a few different teams to check and view the leave application of each team more efficiently. You can organize your users into different groups to get a better insight on the leave application of

How to change, edit, delete teams created in Deskera eLeave?

You can always make changes to the teams you've created. If you would like to add more users to the team ore remove them, you can do so by reading the steps mentioned below. To edit, change, or delete the teams, check out on the steps guided below: 1. Go

How can I make an adjustment to the user's leaves using Deskera eLeave?

Leave adjustment is a reward for your employees who work overtime. For example, if your employee is only required to work 8 hours a day and they stay back for an additional hour to finish up their work, you can reward them with leave based on the extra hours they

How can I create a new holiday on Deskera eLeave system?

As an admin member, you can add a new holiday for your team members on a particular day. For example, if there is any declaration of state holiday due to the upcoming election in that specific year, you can add a new holiday in the system. Follow the steps stated

How to Implement Leave Entitlement for employees while creating a new Leave in Deskera People?

An employee is entitled to a range of leave benefits, whether he/she is permanent or casual employee. Below mentioned are few leave type an employee is entitled to, - Annual Leave - Sick Leave - Earned Leave - Medical Leave - Maternity Leave - Casual Leave, etc. Deskera People

How to Integrate Work Week and Hours using Deskera eLeave?

A work week is a fixed, regularly-recurring period of 168 hours. In other words, a workweek is seven consecutive 24-hour periods. Once a workweek ends, a new workweek begins. Let’s say your employees come to office from Monday to Friday, and they don’t work at all on Saturday

How do clock-in/clock-out work and view employee attendance reports in Deskera E-Leave?

To clock in is to record your time of arrival at work, usually by punching a time clock; to begin work. To clock out is to record your time of departure from work; to end work. Deskera People has recently released a feature, where employees can clock in / clock out

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