1. Under Deskera People go to the expense tab.

2. Then click on the Admin Settings available on the main expense dashboard.

3. Below window of Expense claims Settings will appear

4. Under Expense Groups tab, click on the +Add new group,

5. Then, fill in the below information required for creating a new group,

Move and Delete members and groups from the expense groups

Move Members

If you wish to move the members from one group to another, by clicking on the Move user icon you can do so and select the group from the list populated on the right side of the screen and click on the Save button and changes will be reflected accordingly.

Delete Members

In case you want to remove the members from any particular group, you can do so by clicking on the Delete icon and that member will be deleted from the system.

Delete expense groups:

Also, if you want to remove the expense groups created, click in the Bin icon and the expense group created will be deleted from the system completely.