Deskera Books' users can keep track of the payments that they have received from their customers in the Receipt List Report. In this report, you can view all the payments that you have marked as received on the Invoice page.

  1. Firstly, to generate the receipt list report in Deskera Books, go to the ‘Reports’ tab on the sidebar menu.
  2. Next, click on the ‘Receipt List’ under the Sales section.

3.  Deskera users can choose to filter the report based on the date range.

4.  Indicate the start date and end date and click on the Generate button.

5.  Aside from that, users are allowed to filter based on the contact code as well.  Once you have clicked on the Generate button, the Receipt List report will be generated based on your selection.

6.  In this report, you can view the date the receipt is issued, the receipt number, the customer’s name, the document number, currency, amount paid, the type of payment method and the information of the receipt.

7.  Users can choose to export the Receipt List Report to your desktop/laptop by clicking on the arrow symbol at the top right of the page.

8.  Choose to either export the report in excel or pdf format.