Ledger accounts are used by businesses to record all its business transactions. It records transactions on the basis of its basic nature; assets, liability, expense, income or equity.

Deskera Mobile App allows you to create ledger accounts to meet all requirements of your business and automatically generates entries for the same from the transactions you carry out on the Deskera Mobile App.

You can create a ledger account on the system by following these simple steps:

Click on Chart of Account on the dashboard to view all the existing accounts on the system. A few default accounts are already loaded on your application so that you can start business operations right away.

Tap on the accounting icon

Under the actions tab, click on Create a New Account to open the New Account page. Proceed to fill in the required details for the account, such as name, account group, opening balance, account nature, and account code, and click on create to save the account.

Tap on the Add button to create new account
Tap on the tick button to save

Fill in the required fields such as:

  • The account name
  • Add the account descriptions
  • Select the group account
  • Indicate the opening balance
  • Choose either it's debit or credit account
  • Enter the account unique code

Once you are done filling in the fields, tap on the "Tick" icon at the top right of the screen to save the Chart of Account.

Congratulations!! You have successfully created a new account which can now be used to record your business transactions. You can find the new account details in the Chart of Accounts.