Once you have successfully created your Deskera account, you can view the Deskera All-in-One Dashboard.

View the products available in Deskera
View the products available in Deskera

You can choose to activate a 15-day trial for each of the products available; Deskera Books, Deskera Sales, and Deskera People.

Once you have activated the free trial,  the system will direct you to the respective product's main dashboard.

How can I view my billing details?

  1. Click on My Account via the sidebar menu >> Select Billing.
  2. On this page, you can view your subscription plan. You can also choose to buy any of the plans available by clicking on the Buy Now button.
  3. Your billing details, such as your card number, will be visible here as well.
  4. Click on the button "Do you have a prepaid code" to enter any prepaid codes you have so you can have access to your account.
  5. After saving the prepaid code, you can view it under Code History.

6.  Under the account information, you can view the total number of power users in your account and also the features made available as per your subscription plan.

How can I view my company's details?

  1. Go to My Account on the sidebar menu >> click Setting.
  2. On this page, you can:
  • Company Name - Edit your company name and click on the tick icon to save it.
  • Custom domain setup (website) - Map your custom domain for your website.
  • Custom domain setup (help center) - Map your custom domain for the help center.
  • Delete company - Remove the organization from your account.
  • Delete account - Deactivate your account entirely from our system.
  • Reset company - You can use this to reset your current company to start from scratch again. Please note that all your data in Books, Sales, and People will be removed as well.

Please note that deleting your company and account is irreversible. Once you have deleted the account or company, you cannot recover back the data.