A deal, also known as a lead or sales opportunity, to sell your products and services. You'll need to assign your deals to the right pipelines. Pipelines help you to track the progress for every prospect until they have successfully converted into customers.

You can also forecast the sales revenue based on the deals you are working on at the point of time. For each pipeline, you'll see the values and number of deals at a glance.

On Deskera Mobile App under "Deals" click on the "+(Add)" button for the creation of a new deal.

Creating a New Deal

A new screen will appear and you'll need to fill in the fields as below:

Create a new deal
  • Deal name
  • Contact name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Organization name
  • Currency & Deal Value
  • Select Pipeline
  • Pipeline Stage
  • Visibility
  • Deal Value
  • Closing Date
  • Custom Fields

Alternatively, you can add deals by clicking the Add symbol in each of the created pipelines.

Take note that you cannot create a new pipeline here. You can only create a new pipeline on your web account. Our system will automatically sync the data to your mobile account.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to create a deal using the Deskera Mobile App