By default, the Cash Flow of the Statement is shown on Deskera BooksPlus using the direct method. However, users are allowed to change the report to the indirect method, if they prefer to.

To view the indirect method, follow the guide mentioned below:

1. Go to the Reports tab on the sidebar menu and Click on the Cash Flow Statement.

Cash Flow Statement Report under the Business Overview section.

2. Once the report is opened, you can see the toggle button at the top of the page, Switch the direct report to the indirect report by disabling the direct button.

Disable to view Indirect Cashflow Statement.

Once you've disabled the direct button, the indirect cash flow statement will be shown. The indirect method usually involves the changes in net income/loss with the adjustment in the balance sheet accounts in order to arrive at the amount of cash generated by operating activities.

  • For the indirect method, the first line of the statement starts with Net Income/Loss.
  • Most of companies would prefer the indirect method as they keep their records on an accrual basis.