What is the Aged Receivable Summary report?

This report helps to consolidate all receivable accounts on the same page and enables you to oversee the accounts receivable at one glance.

Accounts receivable are debts owed to the company by customers for goods and services the company has sold to them on credit terms.

This report is to give users an overview of which Invoices are overdue for payment and assist in prioritizing debt collection based on the overdue Invoices.

How do I view the Aged Receivable Summary Report?

  1. Under the Reports tab, click on Aged Receivable Report under the Sales section.

2. You can input a single date to generate the report for that particular date.

3. Run through the Contacts' names, the document number, document due date and can create your own aged slab and etc on the page.

4. If you go to detailed report gives you the complete details of the overdue payment along with invoice supposed to receive the payment against.

You can use the export option to export the file to excel.