10 Tips for Providing Worldclass Online Customer Support

10 Tips for Providing Worldclass Online Customer Support

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Table of Contents

If you are here, you already know the basics of running a successful business includes having good customer support. But is it enough?

Usually, when we recall our experiences with customer support of other establishments, it's the bad ones or the exceptional ones that stay with us. So, the answer is- being average is never enough when the market today is advancing and competing with you at every step.

You need to leave behind a marvelous experience for your customer. Giving discounts, quick replies and saying yes to all their requests will not make your customer support stand out in the markets.

Customer Support

Amazon records 90% overall customer satisfaction. The giant retailer provides its customers with a combination of value, efficacy and satisfaction. If you look up to these successful brands and implement better customer service, we got you covered.

This article will introduce excellent customer service, its qualities, characteristics, and tips for keeping customers happy. Plus, an in-depth explanation about tips required for first-class online customer support, some examples and golden rules of customer service.

What is Excellent Customer Service?

Online customer support entails serving clients with a pleasant demeanor. However, providing excellent customer service entails going above and beyond the call of duty. It necessitates a deep understanding of the store's inventory to assist consumers in making the best selection possible.

Promptly answering customer's queries and following up on all requests leads to a smooth customer experience. It makes the customer happy and helps the businesses' metrics like a lower churn rate and increased customer retention.

Customer service's three most crucial characteristics revolve around the three "p" s: professionalism, patience, and a "people-first" mentality. A different approach in customer service is required for each customer. However, making it a point to follow the three can enhance customer service immensely.

Top customer support

What is Online Customer Support?

Online customer support is assistance provided by a business to resolves difficulties through the internet.

With the appropriate tools and methods, excellent online customer support programmes should swiftly address client issues and surpass their expectations.

Depending on the industry, there are several distinct forms of online customer support. Messages are primarily conveyed in real-time through live chat, phone calls, email, and social media.

Customer testimonials are an essential component of your online customer support.

They are here to assist you in informing potential consumers about the features and benefits of the product you sell. This is frequently the deciding factor for many businesses.

How can I have Good Customer Service Online?

Said customer service is synchronizing your actions with what your consumers anticipate. However, as consumer expectations rise, companies must be able to meet acceptable service standards. Here's how you can provide good online customer support:

Customer Service Online
  • Go above and beyond to help your customers.
  • Be an active listener.
  • Make personalization the primary element of customer service.
  • Be prompt and know your business well.
  • Eliminate hassle by self-service for common queries

Businesses that use such a strategy engage consumers and establish close connections while also enjoying the following vital rewards: increased customer loyalty.

How do you Provide the Best Customer Service?

Exceptional customer service is the primary focus of business; if you have it, it appears to have the power to unveil all the success secrets.

Online customer support like that of Flipkart helps you resolve most issues through their application or website. Prompt attitude, effective listening, and positive words and phrases are vital factors that make their customer support stand out for their customers.

Providing The Best Customer Service

In return, it benefits the business in multiple aspects:

Increase customer contentment: When your business's primary objective is to provide actual value to your consumers, customer happiness skyrockets. And, satisfied customers are potential loyal customers.

The credibility of the brand: Customers who are pleased with their experience help improve its reputation. 69% of customers would suggest the firm to friends after a favourable experience. Happy consumers will tell their friends about your goods or service if you provide excellent online customer support.

Increased CLTV: Customer lifetime value (CLTV) is closely related to income. High-quality service engages consumers in a more meaningful way and motivates them to buy more from your organization.

The path to excellent customer service is considerably more intricate, and it all begins with the people you recruit. Customer service talents and competencies are as elusive as the fabled grail that inspired the Crusades.

What Tips could you Give to Help with Customer Relations?

Strong customer relationships are what helps a business sustain itself. For nourishing these relationships, a company must have these points as part of its communication strategy:

Customer relations
  • Ask, empathize and understand.
  • Practice crisp and clear communication
  • Exercise accountability
  • Do not be sensitive
  • Be honest. Add a human touch.
  • Stay informed
  • Remember to follow up

How do you Deliver World-Class Service to Customers?

Customer service is a reflection of your company's goal, identity, and beliefs. Customers that interact with companies on social media spend 30-40% more than other customers.


Other consumers' opinions influence more than 60% of consumers.

If the problem is connected to service, customers are 5 times more likely to deflect than if the problem is due to pricing or goods. Hence, make sure you:

  • Take a one-on-one approach to each issue, no matter how big or how urgent it is.
  • Regardless of how you're treated, be relaxed, professional, and compassionate.
  • Inquiries should be responded to as soon as feasible.
  • Address any additional concerns your consumers may have ahead of time.
  • Seek feedback and take action based on it.

What are the Essential Qualities of Customer Service?

People will complain about bad customer service, and you will lose consumers, regardless of how good your product is.

The ability to accept the shortcomings is the only way of turning around things. However, transforming your customer service from ordinary to excellent will take time. It necessitates a genuine commitment to significant transformation, a staff of stellar support workers, and collaboration across the board.

When 86% of consumers stop doing business with a firm because of a negative experience, it indicates that every customer service encounter should be viewed as a chance to acquire, retain, or up-sell.

Let's look at some essential qualities of customer service that prevents customers from churning:

  • Stay accessible
  • Offer equal attention to all customers
  • Employ an easy system of customer feedback collection
  • Employ a help desk ticketing systems
  • Use positive language
  • Maintain a tone of the conversation

10 Tips for Providing World-class Online Customer Support

Online customer support is the essential assistance a customer looks for whenever they have a query. Comfort, accountability, promptness is imperative to outstanding customer support from a purchasers point of view.

Here's a list of pointers that can help you enhance your customer support system:

#1 Serve the customers as if you were in their shoes

Online customer support with a humanized touch can be delivered with the help of solid communication skills. Developing a good customer service communication plan should be a core value of your company.

Online customer support representatives must know how to use efficient communication management to build great relationships with customers. This can be done by assisting them with their wants and concerns.

Idealism does not exist but always intend to go above and beyond to suffice your customer's needs. Value their time and opinions.

Keep it as smooth as possible for them, try and understand their perspective and make sure to say 'yes' to them more often. If it is reasonable, make it doable.

Quality Customer Service

#2 Leverage social media platforms for online customer support

Businesses with unattended messages or requests from customers on social media platforms infer a churn rate higher than 15%. Quick replies on social media are the primary ingredient of good online customer support.

Abandoned messages from customers for more than 24-48 hours can cost you money. Here's what you can do to avoid that and build a robust online customer support system:

  • 42% of customers expect a response within 1 hour or so. It is not humanly possible to reply to everyone that quick. Hence, us of default replies to issues, requests and complaints can save energy and decrease the churn rate.
  • Mark the tone and language of the messages. Textual conversation can often be misleading for the other person. Be formal, yet add a pinch of friendliness not to appear to be a bot.

#3 Make Customer Experience a priority

Customer experience is the customer's perception of your brand. It remarkably defines your brand's values, vision and identity.

Some use the terms "customer service" and "customer experience" interchangeably. However, one is a single point of contact with a business, and the other affects moods and emotions throughout the consumer journey.

Customer experience affects the business majorly. More than half of the customer's buying experiences are based on the treatment received from the brand. It's 5 times more likely for customers to churn if the issues related to service remain unattended.

In the coming years, customer experience will be a crucial concern for businesses, the reason being- a focus on customer experience minimizes churning and boosts sales, resulting in better profits.

#4 Recognize your customers' potential needs

Affluent businesses make sure they analyze what their customers are saying. Next, they decode why a customer makes certain decisions by employing the Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics program.

Just focusing on revenue and churn rate will not help you form a sustainable strategy. In today's fast-paced world, where technology is advancing every moment and customers are educated, businesses need to step ahead.

This can be building a Voice of Customer program, which helps you understand customers' needs and expectations and recognize improvement areas. It will keep you a step ahead and enhance customer engagement, which accounts for a good customer experience.

Word of mouth and increased brand awareness are direct outcomes of keeping your customers happy by offering them what they want even before they requested it.

#5 Keep track of feedbacks

Sales and marketing do not drive profits as much as repeat customers do, and feedback is the roadmap to amplify repeat business. Asking for feedback is the only method to analyze the factors that lead to customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Assumptions and guesswork will not point to the same factors that drive customer loyalty. Keeping track of feedback is a step by step process which involves asking, categorizing, acting on and following up on the input.

Figuring out the strong points of a business is easier when feedback analysis is done. In addition, you also tend to connect with your customer base and humanize the brand at teh same time.

However, feedback is not always positive. So, do not refrain from addressing negative feedback. Instead, follow these:

  • Consider it to be constructive criticism
  • Dig deep into the why and how of the matter
  • Go above and beyond to help the customer
  • Assess the loopholes and try to improve

#6 Know your limits

In the bargain of being the best, if you set unrealistic bars for your business, it will hurt your metrics sooner or later. Building up expectations and then discarding your customers' requests as unreasonable demands is nothing but self-absorption.

Such ignorance or rejection can kill your business. Often, small businesses that only function online presume that customers can be easily duped. However, that is not the case. Taking customers for granted or leaving their queries or issues unattended can cost you heavily.

Online customer support allows you to either use one click to help your customers or use the same click to get away with conflicts quickly. But how far will that take you?

One bad experience or unresponsive online customer support can lead to negative publicity- one comment or bad review can amplify your negative side and increase the churn rate.

Especially, those online customer support services running through social media platforms must pay special attention to such reviews. Not responding to negative feedback is in itself negative feedback, so make sure not to ghost your haters; instead, address the issue, apologize if needed and make amends.

#7 Offer a self-help system

When a business starts growing, it is vital to implement a system handled by technology more than human resources. It is humanly impossible to resolve all customer queries within 24-48 hours.

Hence, a smooth, customer-friendly website that involves a help centre and FAQs section can create a flow.

If budget permits, you can also hire a developer to get you an application that does all the above but more accessible and organized. Most common self-help sections include knowledge forums like blogs, how-to videos, discussion groups, among others.

Online customer support like that of Myntra or Amazon solely run through their application. The seamless customer support provided by these market leaders are examples of how technology can be utilized to grow as a business.

#8 Personalize your online customer support system

Suppose you encounter more than one customer facing the same problem. It's best to personalize the approach for each of them. Robotic assistance will not give your customer a satisfying experience.

Build an online customer support system that doe not exchange identical support with every customer. Mechanized or robotic manner of conveying messages can make your customers' feelings invalidated or taken for granted.

The problems may have the same pathway for a solution but personalizing the experience of it is the game-changer. Speak your customer's language--pay attention to the words they use, mark the tone of talking. Guide them through a set of highlighted FAQs, self-explanatory imagery or videos that helps them understand.

In the end, make sure to have the common issues or doubts wrapped up in a crisp and informative manner so that your online customer support maintains an excellent average handling time (AHT) which further enhances the conversion rate.

#9 Provide real-time customer care

Live chat has surpassed email as the most popular digital communication tool for online customer support, with 46 per cent of consumers preferring it versus only 29 per cent preferring email and 16 per cent preferring social media.

Here's how real-time support leads to better customer satisfaction:

  • Faster resolutions through active listening make your customer's points validated
  • Instant resolutions reduce request tickets, making online customer support more efficient, plus reducing general workload.
  • Initiating a live chat when a customer is stuck on one page can help them make quick decisions—further empowering agents to drive more sales and faster conversions.

#10 Accept and apologize

An apology might help you build a stronger connection or keep one you already have. When a consumer is dissatisfied, it is comforting to hear someone admit the issue and apologize. Moving ahead with a solution is easier with an apology.

Here are a few tips for dealing with mishaps that come your way:

  • Be an active listener. Following scripts can hinder the process of listening.
  • Empathize with the customer first, apologize next and offer support in every way possible.
  • Do not employ defence mechanisms to deal with such situations. Be 100% confirmed before denying your customer's feelings or requests.
  • Finally, take responsibility and accept that it's human to make mistakes. Make amends and assure them that it will not happen again.

What is the Golden Rule of Customer Service?

It is not possible to point out one single golden rule of excellent customer support. The golden rule includes a combination of few aspects.

For example, an e-commerce business that runs on online customer support requires promptness but does that mean it is the only requirement?

No, one golden rule for a business that owns a customer service or online customer support must understand that it is a continuous learning process. There is no perfect. Improving and acting upon the feedback must be a part of the golden rule of customer support.

What are the Characteristics of Quality Customer Service?

Finding the ideal candidate for a support staff may be difficult. There is no one-size-fits-all list of career experiences and college degrees that equals the perfect applicant. Instead, you're seeking intangible traits that can't be taught.

Here are the 5 customer support abilities that every support professional should strive to master and that every leader should seek out when hiring new team members:

Being vigilant

For various reasons, the ability to listen to clients is essential to giving excellent service. You must be observant to pick up on what consumers are saying to you without expressing it explicitly. Customers can remark things such as, "I can't seem to find the search option."

Before denying the customer's point, check if your dashboard needs reorganization to make the said feature readily visible.

Intelligence in the emotional sphere

A competent customer support representative can relate to everyone, but they're especially adept with irritated customers.

It can assist in soothing and appeasing an unhappy customer when a support person can exhibit genuine empathy for them, even if it's only by repeating the situation at hand.

Ability to employ positive language

Persuasion requires excellent customer support, and people (particularly customers) form opinions about you and your organization based on the language you use. You may generate satisfied consumers by making modest modifications to your conversational habits. Let's assume a consumer approaches your team interested in a particular product, but that product is back-ordered until the following month.

Time management

You have a restriction on how much time you can devote to each consumer. The finest customer support representatives are quick to realize when they cannot assist a client and swiftly refer that consumer to someone who can.

Ability to persuade

Frequently, support teams receive messages from customers who aren't searching for help but are thinking about buying your company's product.

It helps to have a team of individuals who are skilled at persuasion in these circumstances to persuade interested prospects that your product is appropriate for them.

It's not about conducting a sales pitch in an email; it's about avoiding losing out on potential customers because you couldn't come up with a compelling message to convince them that your company's product is worth buying!

How do you Handle Customers Online?

Online customer support is thriving in the market of e-commerce at present.

Here's what we suggest you do to have efficient online customer support----Answer all customer questions or concerns at once. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers.

Often, online customer support is bot accounts giving mechanized answers. This could irritate the customer or invalidate their concerns. Make sure to provide pre-defined solutions and not have scripts as responses to all the queries.

It can be a tedious task to reply to each query within a limited time. When it comes to online customer support, consumers anticipate customer care professionals with a real fondness for people and boundless patience.

Determine if you possess these traits if you are in charge of customer service for your small business. If you don't know, outsourcing online customer support could be a blessing to your company in this case.

How do you Support a Customer?

A simple way to provide excellent customer support is by anticipating your customer's needs, leaving no room for discrepancy.

Dedicated customer care software is frequently a superior option for enabling your team to provide exceptional customer service.

Shared inboxes, built-in help centres, stored replies, automated processes, duplicate reply protection, and customer relationship data are all characteristics of tools intended particularly for support staff.

With each client encounter, these features assist your staff in providing customized, quick, and professional service.

What is a Customer Service Example?

Before receiving consumer complaints, Adobe tweeted about an outage caused by an Amazon Web Services problem. As a distraction, the tweet included a video of a puppy stampede, which brightened the atmosphere. While some comments inquired as to when the programme will resume, most responses centred on the cute puppies.

It's sometimes preferable to address a problem before it occurs and inform your consumers that you're trying to resolve it. Many consumers understand that technology isn't perfect and appreciate it when you apologize for making a mistake. Making things humorous also helped in this situation.

Adobe's remarkable online customer support is an example of how accountability and anticipating your customer's needs beforehand can help you save embarrassing moments.

What Services can you do Online?

Keeping your customers happy these days is impossible without an online presence. Online customer support may range from interactive social media handles to having a detailed website.

Some services that businesses may include are listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Online customer support is inefficient if you do not have an FAQ section. Create multiple categories of questions and display related questions on individual pages to make the FAQ page easier to explore.

Try developing a lesson, a short video, or using graphics to clarify your responses to some of the questions. Include a search bar that anticipates your clients' inquiries as they type.

Social assistance

Social media is an essential element of robust online customer support. By being attentive and helpful, you demonstrate to your audience how dedicated you are to them. When customers search you on the internet, they will look at all of your brand's channels.

Customer support questions should be answered by your social media manager or community manager.

Online customer support through social media presence can be a great form of a commercial for the brand. A lot of customer testimonials usually come in through social media platforms.

Email support

Apart from social media, emails are the next important element of online customer support. It is a myth that online customer support through emails is impersonal.

Customers can be hopeful that they will receive an answer to their query via email, especially when confronted with closed live chats and phone lines outside of business hours.

This is why email is still the safest way to contact a customer support staff. The key to providing excellent customer service via email is to come across as a kind and caring company, regardless of the situation.

What are Good Skills for Customer Service?

When hiring a team for offline or online customer support, it is essential to nurture their skills from time to time. This way, customers can be kept happy as a qualified team of professional skillset, including communication skills, emotional intelligence, and other required intangible capabilities.

Following is a list of skills that are essential to have efficient online customer support.

  • Persuasive communication
  • Empathy
  • Calm and composed
  • Adaptability
  • Self-control

What are the 7 Qualities of Efficient Customer Service?

Whether you have an existing offline or online customer support, you likely forget to keep a check on the several qualities in your customer support team. Here's a list of them for you to use as a checklist :

  1. Customer support should involve people who love human interaction. It should not be a job for them. If it is, they will sound gloomy to your customers.
  2. They must know where to draw a line. That is, strike a balance between being friendly and professional when attending to customers.
  3. Communication skills cannot be compromised in any mode. Be it online customer support, in-person or telephonic assistance.
  4. Cultural obstacles like language barriers can hinder the smooth flow of communication between customers and the brand. If such a situation exists, the customer support representative must be a problem solver and overcome such issues.
  5. A thorough and detail-oriented representative is always an asset in online customer support.
  6. Patience is crucial when dealing with demanding customers, especially in online customer support.
  7. Empathize with your customer and maintain calm. Speaking from behind a screen gives people a sense of empowerment. Listen actively and respond appropriately, even if the situation is unreasonable.

What are the 4 tips for Making Your Customers Happy?

Happy customers are not the ones who chose you over your competitors once. Instead, the ones that choose you over and over again are happy with your service.

Happy customers help you bring more leads through word of mouth marketing. Referred customers have a 37% higher chance to convert.

Happy customers

Here's a list of tips to acquiring more happy customers:

  • Under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Make things crystal clear.
  • Respond to all customers feedback-negative or positive.
  • Set a target audience and analyze feedback coming from them.

How can Deskera CRM help with Managing Customers?

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a term that points at a company's customer development, retention, and acquisition strategies, tactics, and technologies.

To assist with customer management, you may look at products like Deskera CRM.

Deskera CRM is a simple, feature-rich platform that can help you manage contacts and deals, as well as sales pipelines and email marketing campaigns, to name a few things.

Deskera CRM

Create email campaigns to acquire leads for your company and preserve thorough records of their effectiveness. Also, design email campaigns to generate leads for your company and measure the outcomes with detailed open and click-through rates (CTR).

Deskera CRM is a user-friendly application that may assist you in managing contacts and deals, sales funnels, email marketing campaigns, customer support, and tickets.

Deskera CRM is your one-stop solution if you own a company that deals with marketing, sales, and billing. It is a competitive program that will improve efficiency, customer service, and workflow.

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Key Takeaways

Customer feedback is one of the simplest ways to collect business-specific data that allows you to validate your customers' feelings about the merchandise or service you deliver. Here's a summary of all the aspects from the article regarding customer support:

  • Providing excellent customer service entails going above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Online customer support is assistance provided by a business to resolves difficulties through the internet.
  • Best customer service demands customer contentment, effective listening and positive language.
  • Empathy, accountability, personalization is vital to nurture customer relations.
  • World-class service involves following up on feedback, anticipating customers needs beforehand and opting one on one approach.
  • Accessibility, the right tone, seeking feedback constitute qualities required for good customer support.
  • The golden rule of customer support is knowing that it is a continuous learning process.
  • Characteristics of quality customer support:
  • Vigilance
  • Good emotional intelligence
  • The optimistic tone of the conversation
  • Time management
  • Persuasiveness
  • If required, implement an effective customer support system, outsource customer support, or use tools like Deskera CRM.
  • A simple way to provide excellent customer support is by anticipating your customer's needs, leaving no room for discrepancy. Address a problem before it occurs and inform your consumers that you're trying to resolve it; this enhances customers trust in you.
  • .Online customer support may range from interactive social media handles to having a detailed website. FAQs, detailed videos, blogs can be a part of the online customer support system.
  • Happy customers result from detailed analysis of customer feedback, clear communication, empathy, and surpassing customers expectations.

In conclusion, your customers expect more than just a response from you. Happy customers are pretty satisfied customers; they keep together with your business. Listening to customer feedback shows you value their opinion, and you're taking the responsibility to resolve it.

If you have read until here, I am sure Deskera CRM's 15-day FREE trial will help you more than the article did. So, go ahead and try for yourself.

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