Getting Started with Deskera CRM

Getting Started with Deskera CRM

Nidhi Mahana
Nidhi Mahana
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Welcome & thank you for signing up for Deskera CRM.

Deskera CRM can help you manage your sales and support from a single system. It has powerful features such as contact, deal management, sales pipelines, email campaigns,  support/ticketing, and more which helps you to manage sales, marketing and support from a single platform.

In this guide, we have compiled resources and steps to get your Deskera CRM account up and running quickly.

Read on to learn about:

  • Signing up for Deskera CRM
  • Inviting your sales team members to join Deskera CRM
  • Creating teams
  • Adding your contacts
  • Managing contacts and deals records visibility
  • Setting up your pipeline
  • Creating deals
  • Creating activities
  • Connecting your email
  • Creating custom fields
  • Creating and publishing an email campaign
    Creating segments
    Creating email templates
    Connecting your email to send the campaign via your email address
    Creating and publishing campaigns
    Tracking campaign statistics
  • Creating forms
  • Setting up your helpcenter/knowledge base
    Custom domain setup for your helpcenter/knowledge base
    Creating sections
    Creating articles
  • Setting up your support/ticketing
    Creating a ticket
    Creating ticket views

Signing up for Deskera CRM

You must have signed up for Deskera CRM either by signing up for All-in-one plan or only sign up for Deskera CRM. If you have signed up for the All-in-one plan, we recommend completing the Deskera Books set up first and then starting with Deskera CRM setup. If you have only signed up for Deskera CRM, you can access your CRM account with the account details added during the signup process.

Inviting your sales team members to join Deskera CRM

Once you have signed up for Deskera CRM, you can invite your team members. To invite your other team members, you can click on "User Settings" in Deskera CRM settings. Once you have clicked on user settings, you will be redirected to the Deskera Cloud to add your team members by specifying their name and email address.

Once the user accepts the email invite, they will be able to log in and view/access Deskera CRM based on the assigned role and permissions.

Deskera CRM has paid users and guest users. Paid users are power users, and specific features are only available to them. Guest users are free users won't be charged for, but have certain restrictions on what they can do.

The main difference between the 'admin' role and 'user' role is that the admin can view all the data and perform all the operations in the application. Users can only view data created by them and shared with them. Users can perform only specific operations.

Adding users in Deskera Sales
Adding users in Deskera CRM

Please refer to this help article for adding users to your CRM account:

How do I add new users using Deskera CRM?
Adding users to the Deskera CRM system is very simple. If you have new employeesjoining the company, and you wish to give them access to your CRM system, youcan add them to the system. You will be an Admin by default if you are the first user of the system, andyour name will appear in the user …

Creating Teams

Deskera CRM allows you to organise users into teams. You can create teams based on demography, products, or managers for whom they are working. Once you have created a team, you can select 'Team' in the visibility field while creating contacts and deals in your CRM account. If you have chosen 'Team' visibility, these records can be viewed by all record creator's team members.

Creating a new team in Deskera Sales
Creating a new team in Deskera CRM

Here is a helpful article for creating teams in Deskera CRM:

How do I create a Team in Deskera CRM?
As your business grows and you’re hiring more employees, you will need tosegregate them into different teams to manage and track their performance moreefficiently. Add team in the systemAdd members to the teamYou can organize your users intodifferent groups to get a better insight into how well…

Adding your contacts

Contacts are your customers, prospects, or parties such as dealers, distributors, agents you deal with to run your business. These could be organizations or individuals, depending on the nature of your business.

Create contact
Create contact

To create new contacts, we have a helpful article right here:

How do I create a Contact in Deskera CRM?
The functionality of the contacts on Deskera CRM system is almost similar to thephone directory. It’s a record of information about your prospects, deals,customers, and also vendor. You can add your customers, vendors, or even prospects using Deskera CRM systemto oversee them at one glance. R…

You can also import all your contacts via an excel sheet by the following article:

How do I bulk import Contacts in Deskera Sales?
Follow the steps stated below to import contacts in bulk: 1. Go to the Contacts tab at the sidebar and then click on the Import Contacts. 2. Next, select either Person or Organization accordingly and then click on the Next button. 3. Download the sample import file and fill in the details.…

Managing contacts and deals records visibility

Managing records visibility is setting up which users can see which records in the system. You can manage your contacts and deal records visibility while creating or editing them.

Managing contacts visibility
Managing contacts visibility

Deskera CRM has the following three options in the visibility field:

  1. Private: Only the creator of record and admin user can view and edit these contacts, deal information.
  2. Everyone: All users in the system will have access to view the contact information, but only owner, sub owner and admin users can edit the records.
  3. Team: All the record creator user's team members can view the contact information, but only owner, sub owner, and admin users can edit the records.

Please refer to the following article for managing visibility in Deskera CRM:

What are the different types of visibility in Deskera CRM?
If you’re the first to sign-in to the system, you’ll be the admin by default.Once you have signed in, the first thing you’ll need to do is to createcontacts. Click on the drop-down arrowChoose from the visibility options as shown While creating a contact, you’ll come across this term visibility…

Setting up your sales pipeline

A pipeline represents the different stages that a deal will go through before winning or losing. Pipeline stages represent the steps of your sales process. Most businesses create a different pipeline for different geographies or products.

You can either use the Deskera CRM default pipeline or create a new sales pipeline as per your sales process. You can also edit the pipelines when your sales process changes in the organisation.

Create a new pipeline in Deskera Sales
New pipeline creation in Deskera CRM

To create a pipeline, we have a helpful article right here:

How do I create a Pipeline in Deskera CRM?
Having covered what a Sales Pipeline is in the previous article, you can nowproceed to how to create a Pipeline using Deskera CRM system. Add pipeline 1. Click Deals on the sidebar menu. By default, you will view the Default Pipeline in the system. You can navigate between the different types…

Creating deals

Deal refers to an opportunity to sell your products and services. A deal has to go through the different stages in the sales pipeline before it is marked as closed won or closed lost.

Create deal
Create deal

Please refer to the following help article for creating deals in the Deskera CRM:

How do I create a Deal in Deskera CRM?
A deal can also be known as a leads or sales opportunity to sell your productsand services. You’ll need to assign your deals to the right pipelines you have created.Pipelines help you to track the progress for every prospect until they have beensuccessfully converted into customers. You can a…

Creating Activities

Activities are the tasks that you and your sales team perform, such as meetings, calls, sending follow-up emails, etc. You can create different types of activities in Deskera CRM, such as call, meeting, task, deadline, email, and lunch.

Add activity
Add activity

To create an activity, we have a helpful article right here:

How to create an activity in Deskera CRM?
As an employee of an organization, wouldn’t it be great to see your workcalendars, all filled up with activities before you start work? Log in to your CRM account to check the tasks you’re assigned to and startworking on the specific tasks given until it’s complete. Proper planning andsegregat…

Connecting your email

You can connect your email and communicate with your prospects and customers through your Deskera CRM account. This helps you to keep track of all the conversations in a single place.

All CRM users can connect their email address to communicate with their contacts via the deal or contact page. Users can only send emails from their own email accounts configured in their CRM account.

While connecting your email address, check your email domain service provider SMTP/IMAP details as these are specific to the email providers.

Connect email
Connect email

Please refer to the following article for connecting your email account:

How to connect email account using Deskera CRM?
With Email Sync in Deskera CRM, you can automatically capture your messages toand from your Contacts to your Account Activities. Once set up, any messages exchanged between your Deskera CRM Users, and Contactswill record to the account timeline. It means you have a full record of all yourcorre…

Creating custom fields

Custom fields help you to add additional information for your deals and contacts along with the standard set of fields provided by the system.

Create custom fields
Create custom fields

To create a custom field, we have a helpful article right here:

How to Create a Custom Field in Deskera CRM?
Using Deskera CRM, users can create their own kind of custom fields in additionto the existing fields shown in the system. Once they have created the new custom fields, you can apply the new fields inthe Contacts, Deals, and Activities Modules. To create custom fields on Deskera CRM, follow the…

Once you have created the custom fields, you can refer to the following article to add data in custom fields:

How to Apply Custom Fields on the Modules using Deskera CRM?
After creating the Custom Fields Master, you may now apply the custom fields youhave assigned to specific Modules previously. Make sure that you have enabled the visibility of the fields created in theCustom Field Master to apply those fields in each Module stated here. Contact ModuleApply cu…

Create and publish an email campaign

You can generate more leads and also engage your existing customers with email campaign feature in Deskera CRM. Email campaign feature lets you send bulk emails to the selected segment.

Before publishing the campaign, you need to create a segment, email templates, and connect your email. You can do these steps in advance or while creating a campaign as per your convenience.

Creating segments

Segments consist of the list of recipients who you intend to send the emails. Segmentation helps you to deliver more relevant information to your subscribers based on their interests, geographic location, etc. You can create a segment by selecting your existing contacts in CRM.

Add segment

To create segments, here is a helpful article:

How can I Create Segments for the Contacts in Deskera CRM?
Segmentation is essential when you’re sending mass email marketing to yourcontacts. You can send different types of email templates to different contactsbased on your segmentation. You do not want to send similar email marketing to every contact because itsimply shows that you put zero effect to…

Creating email templates

With Deskera CRM, you can either create a email template from scratch or select and edit from any of the predesigned email templates. You can personalise the email template by adding existing contact data, such as the contact name, email etc.

Email templates
Email templates

Please refer to the following article to find out more about email templates:

How to create a new email template in Deskera CRM?
Crafting an email template can be fun. You can unleash your creativity andcreate a new design of email templates that suits every campaign launch in yourorganization. It’s advisable that you’ve prepared a pleasant-looking email template and craftrelevant and meaningful content for your contacts…

Connect your email to send the campaign via your email address

You can connect your business email address in Deskera CRM and send bulk emails via your business email address.

Please note that the number of emails those can be sent in a day varies from one email provider to the other. So please check with your email provider and plan the email campaign accordingly.

To connect your email, here is a helpful article:

How to connect email account using Deskera CRM?
With Email Sync in Deskera CRM, you can automatically capture your messages toand from your Contacts to your Account Activities. Once set up, any messages exchanged between your Deskera CRM Users, and Contactswill record to the account timeline. It means you have a full record of all yourcorre…

Creating and publishing campaigns

With Deskera CRM, you can create an email campaign in five easy steps. You can either publish the campaign immediately or schedule it for the future.

Create campaign
Add campaign

Here is a helpful article on how to create a email campaign:

How to create a new campaign in Deskera CRM?
According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a campaign can be defined as “a plannedseries of activities that are intended to achieve a particular aim.” Organizations and political bodies around the world organize campaigns now andthen. The objective of each campaign is definitely to win their followe…

Tracking Campaign Statistics

Once you have published your campaign, you can view campaign statistics to monitor the campaign performance.

Campaign Statistics
Campaign Statistics
How to view and track email campaigns in Deskera CRM?
Right after you have learned how to create a campaign on Deskera CRM, the nextthing you will need to view and track your campaigns. Campaign Launched LaterClick on the scheduled later campaign to preview itYou can view the campaignsthat you have scheduled for later timing and date under the sta…

Creating forms

Deskera CRM forms feature lets you convert your website visitors into contacts in your CRM. You can use the Deskera CRM form feature to capture leads directly from your website or any web page.

You can create a form and generate the embed code in your Deskera CRM account. You can embed this code on any of your existing sites. Once any visitor has submitted the form, it will directly create a new contact in your CRM account.

With this feature, you can save your sales team valuable time spent on manual data entry and capture leads directly from your website.

Create Form

Please refer to the following article for creating a form in Deskera CRM:

How to create a form using Deskera CRM?
Your landing page is the bridge between you and your potential customers. But the question is, how do you connect your lead to you using only the landingpage? One of the ways is by creating a form section at the end of the landing page.The form is the gateway that connects you to them. Your lea…

Setting up your help-center/knowledge-base

Deskera CRM Guide feature lets you create a helpcenter/knowledgebase for your customers. You can empower your customers to find the answers they need by creating a smart knowledge base. You can create and manage articles and sections according to your needs.


Please refer to the following article for setting up your help center/knowledge base:

Set-up your Help Center in Deskera CRM
Businesses that have sign-up for Deskera Sales account and access to the Guidefeature available in our CRM software. So, what is a Guide feature? The Guide feature in Deskera CRM is a Help Center that includes: * Support Articles * Publishing self-service content For example, the marketing t…

Custom Domain Setup for your help center/knowledgebase

While setting up your help center, you can either use the Deskera default domain or map your custom domain (e.g. in Deskera Cloud. Here are the steps to map your custom domain:

  1. Click on "Manage Account" by clicking on your profile icon in Deskera CRM.
  2. You will be redirected to Deskera Cloud company settings page in a new tab.
  3. Add your custom domain and click on save.
Manage Account
Manage Account
Custom domain setup for helpcenter
Custom domain setup for helpcenter

Creating sections

Sections help you to create a collection of similar articles. You can create sections and add all the related articles.

Add section
Add section

To create sections, we have a helpful article right here:

Create, Edit and Delete a Section in Deskera CRM Guide
The section is the collections of the related articles grouped under the sameumbrella. Why do you need to create sections? Creating different sections enables the end-users to sort their articles basedon a different category. This enables the end-users to manage, track, andoversee the articles…

Creating articles

You can create help articles so that your customers can find all the answers by themselves. You can arrange articles in different sections.

Add article
Add article

Please refer to the following article for creating articles in Deskera CRM:

Create, Edit and Delete Articles in Deskera CRM Guide
Once you have created the sections in your Guide, you can park your supportarticles in the sections available. In this article, we will guide you on how to create, edit, and delete yourarticles. How to create a guide article?Stated below are the steps that you can follow to create an article i…

Setting up your support/ticketing

You can connect your support email with the helpdesk feature to receive and respond to customer issues and queries from your CRM account. Whenever any customer sends an email to the support email address, it will automatically create a new ticket in your CRM account.

Deskera Ticketing
Deskera Ticketing

Once a ticket has been created, your support staff can categorise, prioritise, and assign tickets. You can track, reply and solve tickets to update your customers in real-time.

Support Ticket
Support Ticket

Please refer to the following article to connect your email for automated ticket creation:

How to connect an email under Deskera Ticket system using Deskera CRM?
IntroductionYou likely need the help of desk ticketing system that helps you manage,organize and execute on customer support tickets if you provide with customersupport. The most common challenge faced by customer support teams is an inability torespond to support cases promptly, which has a d…

Creating a ticket

Once you have connected your support email address, you can either create a ticket from your CRM account, or any emails sent by your customers will automatically create a ticket in your CRM account.

Create ticket
Create ticket

Please refer to the following article for creating a ticket in the system:

How to Create a Ticket in Deskera CRM?
Running a business isn’t always a smooth sailing process. At times, you receivedcompliments from your happy customers praising your products and services. Andsome other time, your inbox is flooded with emails full of complaints, andfeedback, from your customers, venting out their anger and frust…

Creating Ticket Views

You can create custom ticket views to categorise and prioritise customer tickets and ultimately provide a better customer experience to your customers.

Add ticket views
Add ticket views

To create a ticket view, we have a helpful article right here:

How to Edit the Ticket View on Deskera CRM?
The administrators on Deskera CRM can always modify and customize the ticketview based on their preferences. To modify the ticket view on Deskera CRM, follow the steps guided below: 1. Go to Settings. 2. Click on Ticket >> Select Ticket Views tab. 3. The list of ticket views will be shown in t…

Key takeaways

If you follow the above steps, you would have:

  • Invited your team members to join Deskera CRM
  • Created teams
  • Created deals, contacts, activities
  • Connected your emails to communicate with your contacts
  • Set up your helpcenter/knowledgebase
  • Created forms
  • Created and published campaigns
  • Set up your support ticketing

Your Deskera CRM account is ready now, and you know how to do all the basic operations. Subscribe to the blog to get more information, tricks/tips from the Deskera team coming your way in the future.

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