Twitter Marketing - A Comprehensive Guide

Twitter Marketing - A Comprehensive Guide

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

From local and global news and pop culture to work and brands, Twitter has everything you want to know about. It has, over the years, grown from a place where people shared their thoughts to a robust social media network and marketing tool. Today, 77% of Americans who earn over $75,000 a year use the platform regularly.

With over 330 million average monthly active users, Twitter offers businesses and brands an excellent opportunity to build an online presence, engage the target audience and drive sales.

However, like any other social media channel, standing out from the crowd and getting noticed on Twitter to find marketing success requires strategic planning. In this guide, let us understand how marketers can use Twitter to expand brand reach, connect with audiences, boost conversions and grow business.

Why Use Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Twitter is, in many ways, an ideal marketing platform because it costs nothing to build a presence on the network, spread brand awareness, share content with your target audience and develop relationships with prospects and customers.

The best thing about this social media platform is that it allows you to market your business organically, expand your reach and spark conversations around your brand.

Such free exposure can be highly beneficial for making your digital marketing strategy effective. A Twitter marketing strategy is a well-designed plan that outlines how exactly you approach creating and distributing content personalized for your target audience to engage them on the platform and how you analyze and improve your efforts to achieve your marketing goals.

Twitter is a powerful platform for marketers to gain consumer insights, build brand awareness, boost conversions and increase sales. One of the primary benefits of marketing on Twitter is posting multiple times a day to entertain, educate and engage followers. Twitter can help brands build a consistent voice and personality with a robust posting schedule. Moreover, advertising on this platform is cost-effective and impactful.

An impressive feature of this network is the capability to make your post go viral. Brands can create relatable, fun, captivating tweets that go viral and quickly increase their exposure, traffic, and sales. Twitter is a unique marketing channel with excellent opportunities for brands looking for powerful ways to reach prospective customers.

How To Create An Effective Twitter Marketing Strategy

Digital media marketing requires a plan of action before getting started, and Twitter is no exception. Understanding what the platform offers and its purpose in your digital marketing strategy is key to success.

Let us discuss how you can get started with Twitter marketing to make the most out of the platform for your business.

Brand Your Twitter Profile

To create a strong Twitter marketing strategy, the first step is to perfect your profile. Whenever a user looks at the company profile, they should recognize you as a professional brand that appeals to them. So, consider customizing your Twitter profile with branded colors, brand logo, and other relevant details.

Choose your Twitter handle, profile picture, and header to represent your business in the best way on the platform. Add a bio, website URL, launch date, and location to help your audience know your brand on a personal level. Make sure you pay attention to recommended size for your visuals when customizing your profile.

Audit Your Accounts

If your company has one or more Twitter accounts, take time to document them all and review them thoroughly to find out which one has performed the best over time. Then, use Twitter analytics to collect important information about each account to guide you towards the next steps in the Twitter marketing strategy.

Audit the accounts for brand compliance by checking whether your Twitter handle aligns with other social media accounts. Also, see if your profile details and picture are on-brand. It is also a great time to update URLs, contact details, and other information for existing accounts.

Set Achievable Goals

The success of a social media marketing strategy starts with setting clear, measurable goals. Unfortunately, it isn't easy to understand how your strategy works for your business unless you know what you are trying to achieve.

Come up with specific, relevant, attainable, time-bound goals that align with your business objectives and can be broken down into measurable success points.

Analyze The Competition

While doing it great feels rewarding, you also want to rise above the competition on the platform. Consider reviewing the Twitter accounts of your competitors in the industry to see what they are doing to target and engage audiences.

Analyzing their efforts should help you refine your strategy by giving you an idea of gaps or weaknesses and suggesting ways to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Create A Content Calendar

Planning your content management strategy takes some time and effort but pays off later. A content calendar for social media helps align your posts on different channels and spot possible gaps you can work on.

Planning also enables you to seize opportunities for sharing interesting content on special occasions. The calendar will also help you assess your content to ensure you share a great mix of tweets for the best results.

Top Twitter Marketing Tips that Work

While it helps to stay prepared with a content plan and marketing goals, businesses use some powerful tips and strategies to stand out on Twitter and leverage its strength to their advantage.

Let us look at some Twitter marketing tips brands can benefit from when using the platform for their business.

Develop Your Brand Voice

Twitter is one of the best places to find your target audience but requires discovering the right brand tone and voice. This is because audiences on the platform are particularly interested in brands that stay authentic to their voice, even when presenting the content.

Identify whether you want to establish yourself as fun-loving and casual or professional on the network; you might want to settle on an engaging and informative voice. Whatever tone you choose, see that it represents your brand perfectly.

Use Twitter Lists For Curated Feed

Lists are a great way to zero in on the most relevant conversations for your business. These are groups of accounts you have selected and put together in categories. For example, when you open a Twitter list, you see tweets from only those accounts in the list.

You can segment your feeds into groups like target audience, competitors, thought leaders, and more. It may take some time to create lists, but they ultimately help you use the platform strategically, giving you an easy way to review the content, interactions, and posts from people you are interested in.

Statistic suggests that tweets containing hashtags get almost double the engagement compared to those that don’t use.

Hashtags are a great way to bring your brand in front of new users who might be interested in what you have to offer. First, however, it is crucial to understand where and how to use them to make your content more impactful and reach target audiences.

Find the best hashtags relevant to your industry and niche by checking out popular among your competitors. You can also create hashtags unique to your brand to promote specific campaigns.

Visit the explore page that shows all the currently trending topics and hashtags. This is a great place to find hashtags, trends, and issues for those times when you don’t know what to post.

One of the best ways to reach out to your target audience is advertising through Twitter. Advertising on this platform adds to the discoverability of your tweets, helping you expand your following and reach. This can be done in two ways:

Promoted Tweets – Through this method, your tweets appear in streams or search results on the platform.

This is an excellent option for anybody interested in getting more traffic to a webpage. Twitter puts promoted tweets in daily campaigns targeting the right groups of people you want to reach.

Twitter Ads – This type of advertising is ideal if you use different kinds of tweets to meet a specific objective. It is also great for those who want to grow their follower base on the platform and boost brand awareness.

The platform lets you choose between objectives for Twitter Ads from website conversions, video views, app installs, among others. You can also specify the audience targeting for the campaign.

Host Twitter Chat

When using social media strategies to attract more followers, it is necessary to focus on quality rather than quantity.

One of the best ways to do this is Twitter Chats. This feature offers you a powerful way to engage followers by creating a community around topics that matter the most to you and the audiences.

You can host or schedule a Twitter Chat with a topic and hashtags and share the details at multiple places to attract maximum people.

Participants in the chat can view responses, comments, and questions and share their thoughts, opinions, and queries by adding hashtags to their tweets. Twitter Chats effectively promote engagement with your account and start conversations around your brand.

Run Twitter Poll

While Twitter doesn’t offer many creative options for engagement like Facebook and Instagram, it is highly focused on conversations – mentions, replies, and threads. One exception to this format is Twitter polls, where you can ask a question and offer four options to select.

Polls are fun and straightforward, so they are an excellent way to engage the audience. In addition, they are effective because users like to express opinions on small things on Twitter.

Polls help you collect opinions and feedback on product ideas and learn about buyer preferences. Though they can’t replace in-depth research techniques, they provide quick and meaningful insights.

Schedule Your Tweets In Advance

Tweets that happen at the right time and place can go viral and generate colossal engagement. This is why scheduling your posts for Twitter ahead of time is better than posting them manually.

Planning a posting schedule not only helps you stay on top of your content calendar but also saves time. You never miss sharing a critical tweet on time.

Scheduling your tweets helps you stay consistent with your content marketing and establishes your brand as professional and authoritative.

When you automate tweets, you can also benefit from the optimal posting times for engagement. Analytics should help you find the best times for your audience on the platform and adjust the posting schedule accordingly.

Find Out The Best Posting Times

To ensure that your tweets get optimum exposure, it is crucial to identify the best time to post content, depending on your business and industry.

Though your tweets remain on your account forever, a tweet has a life of 24 minutes, after which it can get invisible. This means you should post at the right time when your audiences are the most active on the platform.

There is no magic formula to find the optimal posting time for your content. The key is to experiment by scheduling posts at different times and measuring their performance.

Twitter Marketing Best Practices

When it comes to seeing success with Twitter marketing, the key is to utilize the best social media marketing practices. Here are a few lesser-known best practices that should give you a head start.

Test, Test, Test

You can learn so much from your Twitter marketing efforts to fine-tune your strategies. By analyzing your victories, failures, and everything in between, you give yourself the chance to improve efforts continuously over time.

Take time to test what messages are truly resonating with the needs of your audience and what content succeeds in drawing audiences readily. For example, see if some hashtags or images seem to drive more sales. These are some examples of things you can pay attention to and learn from right from the beginning of the process.

Keep An Eye For Opportunities To Connect

Stay on top of relevant conversations, hashtags, and content, and look out for mentions to open the door to opportunities to connect with more people on the platform and grow your following.

Prioritize interacting with your followers by responding to their tweets, asking questions, and encouraging them to share opinions.

Tune-In To Social Listening

Social listening has today become an essential practice for marketers across industries. It involves tapping into everything going on by keeping an eye on conversations around your brand or competition.

This will give you insights into your audiences and let you know what others are thinking about your brand and products. Social listening is effective at helping you refine your content, address pain points, and build trust and loyalty around the brand.

Get Visual

Visual content is exceptionally influential on social media networks and can help you communicate more with each post. Consider adding an infographic or chart with an informative tweet or complementing an inspirational message with a picture. Adding videos for campaigns or product launches helps capture and retain attention.

Getting creative with your tweets through videos and images is a great way to increase engagement on the platform. Tweets that contain pictures can engage users better than those without them. You can also add graphics to your tweets through the library Twitter offers. The best thing about visuals is that they don’t count towards your character limit on Twitter.

Ensure Proper Content Distribution

If you have a blog, sharing posts regularly on Twitter should be a part of your marketing strategy. However, don’t just share links to your blog posts; consider tailoring the copy for the Twitter audience.

Highlight a point or piece from your blog post to ensure the copy resonates with the audience and encourages them to visit the post.

Keep It Personalized

Like any other social media platform, Twitter users are more interested in personalized responses. They always like to be acknowledged and get satisfied to know that the business is listening.

A small sign from the company assures them that somebody is working on their issue. In addition, Twitter gives you a way to personalize responses and is generally a preferred communication channel for many brands.

Keep Track of Metrics

With all the effort you are putting into your Twitter marketing, you want to make sure the efforts help reach your goals to increase conversions, drive more traffic to the website, or boost brand awareness.

To measure the success of your marketing campaign across different areas, identify the metrics that matter the most to you and devise a way to track them.

While several tools come with analytics features built-in, Twitter Analytics is a powerful component specifically created for the platform.

It helps analyze the impact of your content on the audience and the effectiveness of your activity on the platform. This free tool includes followers, engagement rate, impressions, and other metrics.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is a potent marketing tool and social media network that any business can benefit from regardless of its size and industry. It can drive more traffic to your website, engage the target audience, spread brand awareness, boost conversions and increase sales.

These tips, strategies, and best practices should help you make the most out of Twitter marketing to strengthen your digital marketing strategy and achieve business goals.

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Key Takeaways

  • Twitter's massive user-base consisting of high-earning professionals makes it essential for any social media presence
  • An effective strategy to make the most of Twitter starts with branding and profile optimization to stand out from the crowd and build a strong image in the market
  • Start engaging with Twitter and reach out to your 'Target Audience' with the help of hashtags, trends, and lists to curate users and tweets
  • Explore Twitter advertising opportunities to drive targeted engagement and followers instead of the slow organic growth process
  • Identify the best times to post based on your geographic location and target audience. Then, use tools to schedule and retweet posts during this set schedule to improve your reach
  • Keep an eye out for opportunities to get your brand in front of large Twitter audiences, make sure to track metrics, and invest time and money to create visually appealing content
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