Customer Relationship Management

Segment customers, Create deal pipelines, Track customer histories and interactions, analyze customer data to target sales, automate sales tasks to reduce time and effort, create landing pages to reach more customers.

Track accounts and contacts.

Segment customers for targeted marketing.

Manage sales pipelines.

Create landing pages for campaigns.

Create customized marketing forms.

Automate processes with rule-based protocols.

Create drip sequences for email campaigns.

Send targeted emails to customers.

Track user interactions with emails.

Monitor customer feedback.

Analyze customer behaviors.

Create custom dashboards.

Generate reports for better decision-making.

Provide role-based access to data.

Monitor customer service levels.

Deskera CRM for your business

Deskera ERP has powerful CRM features to help you manage your accounts, contacts, and segments. It helps you build relationships with your customers by providing sales pipeline management, landing pages, marketing forms, and rule-based automations. You can facilitate customer engagement and retention with drip sequences, email campaigns, and track customer data, segment customers, and create automated workflows to streamline and improve customer engagement. Deskera ERP can help you build strong customer relationships and drive sales with an all in one platform for sales and marketing automations.

Streamline Sales Process

Automate sales processes and drive efficiency.

Monitor Sales Performance

Monitor sales performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Generate Reports

Generate detailed sales reports for better visibility.

Run Your Business with Deskera

Deskera CRM