What is B2C Marketing?

What is B2C Marketing?

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

In the entrepreneurial world, just like B2B marketing is one of the most used acronyms, similar is the case of b2c marketing.

Unlike B2B marketing serves businesses with their products and services like SaaS, software tools, and operational services,

B2C marketing serves the customers and addresses their concerns within various products and services.

One thing to note here is that customers look out for goods and services to meet their needs. With the help of b2c purchases, users typically complete their purchase within a few hours or days after knowing about the brand offerings.

To complete the sales process quickly, the businesses give a lot of time to research and understand the customers' buying habits, market trends, and strategies and methods to implement for closure.

This article will cover a solid understanding of b2c marketing, the working procedure, and strategies that can help the business gain market share and create campaigns to trigger the right reactions from customers.

This is all you need to know to get started on your b2c marketing strategy:

• What is B2C Marketing?

• Why is B2C Marketing important?

• How does B2C Marketing work?

• B2C Marketing Vs. B2B Marketing

• What are the top channels used in B2C Marketing?

• What are the best B2C Marketing strategies?

• What are the best B2C Marketing tips for success?

• Popular Examples of B2C Marketing to get inspired

What is B2C Marketing?

Business to Customer Marketing (B2C) marketing is a form of marketing that helps businesses communicate effectively and persuasively with customers. In simple words, b2c marketing is a set of strategies and tactics that a company uses to push its products and services.

The main focus of b2c marketing is not just providing benefits of a product but also invoking an emotional response to the customer.

As b2c marketing mainly focuses on customer acquisition, it also focuses on customer retention.

For example, if you are selling an online course, you need customers for your current batch but also need customers for the future who will be interested in taking your course.

Since your customer has a personal stake in the outcome of the product, your product must be knowledge-based and have the ability to resolve pain points.

Your product can also be related to learning a new skill or satisfying other needs or desires.

This is why b2c marketing is an intensely personal process where the goal of the business lies in creating relations with prospective customers.

Why is B2C Marketing important?

B2c marketing is vital for selling its consumer-based products or services to the right customer, irrespective of the niche. From restaurant owners to software companies and brands to companies, the b2c marketing channel is the first choice preferred to conduct market research and promote goods and services.

B2c marketing becomes vital for overall business growth due to higher ROI.

Following are the points that will take you along towards highlighting the importance of b2c marketing:

  1. Increases Brand awareness
  2. Boost websites visit
  3. Results on search engine
  4. Refined interactions with customers
  5. Increase in the brand subscription
B2C Marketing

1. Increases Brand awareness

B2c marketing strategies enable businesses to reach and connect with a larger audience and target an audience specific to the niche. By conducting social media outreach, bulk emailing, and promoting on different channels; the brand can increase its conversion rates resulting in brand popularity and awareness.

2. Boost websites visit

With the help of b2c campaigns, the brands get the leverage to connect with prospective customers. As more and more people visit their website, they will be more likely to collaborate with you.

3. Results on search engine

One of the significant importance of b2c marketing is that the businesses can enhance their position in the search engine. The secret behind the results is targeted keywords that can increase the chance for users to find the company and boost their reach altogether.

4. Refined interactions with customers

With the help of b2c marketing, the brands can connect with their target audience in-depth and segment the approach based on strategic times.

For example, during the festive season, the companies can send specific messages related to discounts, coupon codes, or new launches to the customers to enhance their credibility in the long run.

5. Increase in the brand subscription

As the brand has evolved over a while, the chance of lead conversion is more likely. Since more and more people are looking forward to connecting with the business, new subscribers shoot up.

The explosion of digital platforms has made b2c marketing a prerequisite for the brands to engage with the consumers and navigate the touchpoints for each scenario.

Suppose our brand is looking forward to creating and maintaining a solid image on digital platforms. They need to adopt b2c marketing to connect with the customers and nurture brand loyalty.

All of these become important facets of b2c marketing, which helps raise brand awareness and reach prospective customers.

How does B2C Marketing work?

Before proceeding towards the working process of b2c marketing, the most crucial aspect for the brand is to understand the psychology behind the marketing principles and how those principles will influence the target market.

It is based on marketing materials that will appeal to the most likely to buy your product or service.

As far as b2c marketing working progress is concerned, it is supported by b2c marketing campaigns organized by brands to convince a customer to buy the product, followed by different variables before the final transaction occurs.

The brands should have the power to convince the customer through their USP and build a long-lasting relationship with the customer.

With the help of the sales pipeline, the brand will understand different stages of the consumer, right from becoming aware of the brand to the final buying of the product.

As a result of the marketing campaigns, the brands can build a sales funnel, and eventually, the leads become prospects, and prospects turn into customers.

All of this process highlights b2c marketing, which has the power to influence the target market for the benefit of the customer.

With b2c Marketing,

  • The brand can get introduced to the customer
  • Encourage them to interact with the brand and
  • Finally, lead the customer towards a purchase

This explains the three stages of the sales funnel and the aligned working process of b2c marketing associated with it.

B2C Marketing Vs. B2B Marketing

B2C marketing and B2B marketing differ in strategies, thinking, goals and objectives.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the differences to make a brand's marketing campaign more relevant and successful.

Let's look at the fundamental differences between B2C marketing and B2B marketing, considering points for each type.

Difference between B2C Marketing and B2B Marketing


B2C Marketing

B2B Marketing

1. Meaning

B2C marketing refers to the selling of products and services to individual customers intended for personal use

B2B marketing refers to the selling of products and services to other kinds of businesses

2. Primary focus

The primary focus of b2c marketing is a brand building and brand awareness

The primary focus of B2B marketing is a lead generation and Customer Management

3. Ultimate goal

The ultimate goal of b2c marketing is frequency compression, increased brand capital, higher redemption rates, and better loyalty programs

The ultimate goal of B2B marketing is to increase the volume of qualified prospects, higher quality leads, and a faster sales cycle.

4. Marketing approach

The marketing approach in the b2c marketing is product-driven, more towards the emotional side

The marketing approach in the B2B marketing is relationship-driven, more towards the rational side

5. Sales cycle

The sales cycle of b2c marketing is concise, involving nearly 1-2 decision-makers

The sales cycle of B2B marketing is long and involves at least 6 to 10 decision-makers

6. Focus features

The focus features under b2c marketing are email, social media marketing, customer loyalty, and reputation management.

The focus features under B2B marketing is towards CRM integration, email marketing, lead scoring, and grading

This table summarizes the differences between B2C and B2B marketing.

These marketing techniques are driven to generate revenues, but the approaches, marketing addresses, and buying personas are entirely different.

What are the top channels used in B2C Marketing?

B2c marketing covers extensive communication channels to reach out to the final customer. Just like other forms of marketing, b2c marketing covers several marketing channels that position the right content at the right stage of the customer journey.

Following are the six topmost marketing channels used by the b2c marketers in b2c marketing:

  1. Mobile marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Web push marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Paid search advertising
B2C Channels

1. Mobile marketing

Since half of the internet shoppers prefer mobile devices for their activities, the brands need to utilize mobile marketing and reach the users through interactive and mobile-optimized promotions.

With the help of mobile marketing, the brands can connect with the users through various mediums like websites, SMS, MMS, applications, and social media.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media is regarded as one of the most prominent mediums used for marketing purposes. By creating content on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, the brands can promote goods and services directly to the customers.

The brands also get the opportunity to market their content and reach the potential target customers, loyal clients, and larger group of audience.

Social media marketing is one of the most used tools under b2c marketing.

3. Web push marketing

In b2c marketing, the brands create push notifications to deliver sales, discounts and offers to the customers in real-time. This process is known as web push marketing.

Web push marketing aims to get an immediate response from the viewer as soon as the customer visits the website.

These push notifications will pop up on the user's computer screen and mobile phone and act as a call to action, especially instant responses.

4. Email marketing

Email marketing is yet another popular and effective channel under b2c marketing. The brand gets the opportunity to increase its sales by reaching the target audience by sending different kinds of emails like newsletters, recommendations, follow-ups, and campaign offers, based on the purpose.

The brands can also personalize the promotional emails to new leads and recognize special events of the loyal customers that can increase their conversion rate.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is an organic marketing process used to increase the visibility of the webpage on the search engine portal. In b2c marketing, the brand's leverage SEO byways to rank among the top search results.

With the help of good SEO practices like generating high-quality content, using a combination of primary and secondary keywords, linking backlinks with authenticated sources can help businesses drive more traffic to websites and consequently increase sales.

6. Paid search advertising

After considering SEO as a part of organic marketing, paid search advertising is a type of pay-per-click advertising where the brand pays for their digital advertisements to appear on the results page. A combination of paid and organic marketing works well with brands to get and maintain consistent results.

Hence, in b2c marketing, the sales executive, brands, business owners, and b2c marketers can benefit from the above marketing tools.

They can either choose one or take a combination of more than one tool, depending upon their target audience and purpose.

What are the best B2C Marketing strategies?

The b2c marketing strategies mainly cover the digital channels to reach the potential customers via web, social media, mobile, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

Undoubtedly, these b2c marketing strategies leave no stone unturned and offer endless opportunities for the brands to engage with the customers.

Let's take a look at six of the best b2c marketing strategies:

  1. Connect and personalize the customer experience
  2. Emphasize organic search
  3. Prioritizing social media marketing
  4. Use automation tools
  5. Prioritize SEO content
  6. Create exclusive membership programs
B2C Marketing Strategies

1. Connect and personalize the customer experience

Extending a personal connection with potential customers and embracing the connection helps in reaching and building engagement efforts.

It not only helps boost customer loyalty but also increases the customer retention rate, directly leading to sales conversion.

In b2c marketing, the marketers emphasize organic search by leveraging marketing strategies to boost the search queries originating in the particular area. With the help of optimizing your Google business profile, the brands have the opportunity to increase the chances of appearing in the search results and make it easier for the customer to locate you for the products and services demanded.

3. Prioritizing social media marketing

As already mentioned, social media marketing is one of the most used tools under b2c marketing. It is a home to create fantastic opportunities to interact with the customers, build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.

By utilizing the power of content, the brand can showcase and set the image in front of the audience and deliver the right message based on their purposes.

Customers can also take the best and want to interact with the brand by participating in campaigns, shows, and contests organized by the brand.

4. Use automation tools

In b2c marketing, the brands prefer using marketing automation tools that can help to deliver sales, promotions, and exclusive deals directly to the target audience. By streamlining the customer outreach process, the brands can automate the entire process with the help of emails and marketing tools.

In one way, they get a chance to score easy wins, and second, they can drive revenue directly from the email campaigns.

5. Prioritize SEO content

Search Engine Optimisation is essential for b2c marketing to prioritize the searcher intent to the customers. Customers usually look for the products and services extensively and compare viable options and prices before buying.

This is why brands need to emphasize embracing their SEO, such that it appears at the very first result, as soon as the customer searches for a particular keyword.

With the help of SEO, you can extend support to your customers by making them understand options and assisting them in making an educated decision.

6. Create exclusive membership programs

Many brands and companies go for membership programs to increase customer retention and reward their members through loyalties and increased membership levels to encourage the customers.

Big brands mostly use this strategy to strengthen customers' relationships with the business.

You might notice that every strategy coming under b2c marketing is specifically laid for different purposes. The working process and objective are entirely different, and it is crucial to adjust the need as per the audience.

If you choose social media, then the choice of social media is crucial, and if you decide on membership programs, deciding on the choice of levels is vital.

Whatever the case, targeting the right audience and making the right decision are essential for the success of b2c marketing.

What are the best B2C Marketing tips for success?

The strategies can be put into action only when a set of best tips align with the same.

Let's take a look at six of the best b2c marketing tips to get you started well:

  1. Create a subscription list of the recipients to avoid getting blocklisted whenever you send an email or push notification.
  2. Create personalized and engaging content to attract the customer experience.
  3. Always categorize your leads and prospects in a detailed manner. You should be ready with their detailed profiles to enhance the conversations.
  4. Continually optimize the marketing messages and web pages for both mobile and laptops.
  5. Create an attractive call to action and headlines to pull the potential buyer
  6. Make the best use of social media and email marketing to increase sales.

B2c marketing has opened doors for brands and companies to surface their fresh ideas and explore out-of-box creativity through marketing campaigns.

These popular brands are inspired by making the most of creating buzz-worthy consumer interaction.

Let's take a look at three of the popular brands and companies who have showcased their witty and imaginative campaigns setting a brand image in the customer's eyes.

  1. Starbucks and social media
  2. Spotify and emails
  3. Taco Bell and Brands Voice

1. Starbucks and social media

Starbucks is known for creating user-friendly experiences by leveraging social media. The coffee chain is known for its omnichannel approach to marketing and selling by organizing the particular contest, providing discount coupons and season greetings to attract the customer.

They've also streamlined the buying process by creating an application to simplify mobile payments and bypass the landlines.

The company has made it easier for users to interact smoothly and fulfill their needs.

2. Spotify and emails

Spotify has mastered personalization by leveraging the users' music interest, highlighting their best moments with the brand via email marketing.

Along with that, Spotify also curates Discover weekly, which is a customized playlist filled with the songs of an individual user that has not been covered yet.

This is how the brand has garnered customers' eyeballs by expanding its email personalization and adding a human touch to its marketing campaigns.

3. Taco Bell and Brands Voice

Taco Bell leverages illustrations to enhance the brand personality and add a human touch. When it comes to b2c marketing, it isn't easy to imagine a humor element. But Taco Bell's Twitter account has a robust collection of hand-drawn doodles and goofy gifts that attracts the young audience.

Not only that, but it also enhances the audience to execute their humor and share with them.

One of the biggest lessons of their brand is consistency in providing a mix of witty, sarcastic, and empowering content.

By referring to the above examples, it is clear that brands can expand their scope of creating and experimenting with b2c marketing campaigns in promoting their products and services.

After all, you can be the next brand down the line…


To sum up, B2c marketing starts and connects with people on a human level. Though the primary purpose lies in increasing sales and conversion, humanizing the efforts can help you connect with the right target audience who will choose your products over the competitors.

After all, the primary working process of b2c marketing is to direct and help customers satisfy their needs and encourage them to spread the word about the brand, backed by trust and credibility.

How Deskera Can Assist You?

Whether you are a sales manager or running your own business, there are tons of duties and responsibilities that you have to fulfill. Using the Deskera CRM system, you can manage your contacts, leads and sales deals. You can use the CRM system to manage all customer data and manage your leads, sales negotiations and deals.

Deskera Sales

Doing so will help you to save the time taken in transferring customer data between the different systems. Having a good CRM system will help you manage your financial and sales reports and be prepared to kick-off your meetings.

Deskera can also assist you with real-time updates about your business like cash flow status, customer satisfaction, inventory management, sales, purchases, purchase orders, customer tickets, customer satisfaction, managing leads, revenues, profit, and loss statements, and balance sheets.

Moreover, it would also help in integrating sales methodology across different platforms onto one system so that you have a consolidated list for email campaigns, leads management, and sales pipeline to mention a few.

It will also help you to sync between your orders, payments, taxes, refunds, product variants, sending out invoices and reminders, facilitating invoice management, and even undertaking follow-ups and advertisement campaigns.

Such a consolidated platform will help you to improve your sales through building effective sales compensation plans and also facilitate faster and well-informed decision-making. It will help you in strengthening your opportunities and being braced for the threats.

Deskera books and Deskera CRM will also be able to ensure the highest customer satisfaction and thereby an increase in net revenues and net profits.

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Key Takeaways

This detailed guide focused on the critical aspects of b2c marketing and its operations, followed by the strategies and marketing campaigns.

Suppose a brand understands the nuances of consumer focus marketing. In that case, it will help them to keep the customers coming back, driving conversion and increasing the revenue for the years to come.

Let's take a look at the key takeaways of the article:

  • B2c marketing is a form of marketing that helps businesses communicate effectively and persuasively with customers
  • The main focus of b2c marketing is to provide the product's benefits and invoke an emotional response to the customer
  • B2c marketing is considered necessary for the overall business growth for five primary reasons
  • These include increased brand awareness, website boost, results on the search engine, customer interactions, and an increase in brand subscriptions
  • The working process of b2c marketing is supported by the b2c marketing campaigns organized by brands to convince a customer to buy the product
  • With the help of the sales pipeline, the brand can understand the different stages of the consumer journey aligned with their campaigns
  • The differences between b2c and B2B marketing are based on strategies, goals, purpose, objectives, and thinking
  • The topmost marketing channels used by the b2c marketers are mobile marketing, social media marketing, web push marketing, email marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and paid search advertising
  • The b2c marketing strategies mainly cover the digital channels to reach potential customers
  • The six major of the best b2c marketing strategies include personalizing connect with the customer, emphasizing organic research, social media marketing, automation tools, SEO content, and creating exclusive membership programs
  • There are many best b2c marketing tips to get the brand started
  • These tips include creating a subscription list, optimizing marketing messages, creating a call to action, and making the best use of social media marketing
  • Some popular brands and companies have surfaced fresh ideas and explored out-of-the-box creativity in their B2C marketing campaigns
  • Examples of Starbucks, Spotify, and Taco Bell showcase their uniqueness through promoting their products and services
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