How to Build a Landing Page for Your Startup?

How to Build a Landing Page for Your Startup?

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Starting one’s own business is no mean feat and when you decide to start one of your own, you plan to have nothing but the best! Right from planning to products, marketing to sales, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

Speaking of marketing, an integral part of your business is a digital marketing and so are landing pages. You may be worried about the term and the other aspects that relate to it. This post is aimed at covering all the aspects of startup landing pages.

Landing Page

We shall cover the reasons you should create a landing page for your startup and some easy solutions to get it done.

We cover the following points in this post:

  • What is a Startup landing page?
  • What goals should your startup landing page accomplish?
  • Look at all the important elements of your startup page
  • We also learn about the steps to build the startup landing page.
  • Benefits of using a startup landing page.
  • Templates and other ways to create your page.

What Is A Startup Landing Page?

You have worked hard on your idea of the startup and are raring to go now. You have achieved the feat of attracting users through various techniques like targeted advertising and referral programs and so on. However, there is nowhere they can land or meet your business.

When you realize that you have earned a set of prospects that would be interested in your products, there are 2 options you can help them reach you. It is either a direct link to download the app or start by explaining to them the basics and the benefits through a landing page. Your startup landing page is where you communicate to your customers about your products, services and give them the CTAs to take further action.

When you opt to have a landing page at this stage, there are multiple advantages you could achieve.

  • Your landing page offers you the flexibility of creating multiple pages to target different customers, each with a custom message (based on their requirement).
  • Your landing page is what expedites and is instrumental to drive your conversions.

What Your Startup Landing Page Should Accomplish?

Even before you set yourself to design your first-ever landing page, it would be great to know what goals your startup landing page shall help you achieve.

It is important to know about this as it helps you design the page with the essential elements, which would in turn let the insights to your prospects.

Here are the points your page will cover:

  • The landing page lets your users know about your brand, your company, and all solutions you offer. This point assists them in understanding your business and also, that if they should proceed from here.
  • Your credibility and accountability are the other factors that you can acquaint your new prospects with. Since you are a new business, they may have inhibitions about trusting you. Your landing page can provide the much-required assurances to them.
  • Besides the credibility, you can also assure your visitors of the consistency and quality services (or products) they can anticipate from your company. Fundamentally, you provide answers to all consistent questions of your customers.

Must-have Elements of the Startup Landing Page

Every good landing page should follow best practices to make sure it brings in good conversions and acts as a lead magnet. The best chance for success of a startup landing page includes the following five elements:


Clearly Outlined Advantages


Splendid Visuals

Social Proof

Crystal-Clear CTAs

Advantages clearly outlined

The first thing your page should convey to the prospects is the number of benefits and solutions your brand offers. This point should give them a clear reason to opt for your service or product.

When we say benefits, we are not merely aiming to include the characteristics of your business, but an exclusive edge that your business can offer to them. In other words, you give them a concrete reason to do business with you.

Curate and Customize

Tailoring the benefits could be an elaborate process requiring you to customize it to suit the needs of the prospects. This gives them an elevated reason to buy your product. So, personalizing is the key here.

Read the customer’s thoughts and create an outline of the different needs with which the prospects may approach your page. When you place your product in the market, you almost have a clear idea of what kind of customers are going to come looking for it. So, you should curate a list of features and design your landing page with that in mind.

Splendid Visuals

Your prospects have landed on your page and now the onus is on the page to take things forward. Make it appealing with the help of outstanding visuals, imagery, and videos if you require them.

Adding high-quality images with good resolutions will provide an excellent experience to your users apart from giving out an impeccable impression about your way of marketing. You can utilize one of the best tools to match the image quality you aspire to have.

Social Proof

The new customers or the prospects will always want to refer to the feedback of the people who came before them. The reviews and testimonials of the previous customers give them a gist of what they could expect if and when they go ahead with the deal.

So, adding positive reviews on your landing page is a must-have feature that will not only boost engagement but will also help conversions.

Crystal-clear CTAs

Now that you have added all the elements that could nudge and persuade your clients, all you need to do is add the final element that informs them of their next step.

A clear Call-to-Action enhances your chances of conversion and seals the deal effectively. Something that reads, ‘Get Started Now’, ‘Grab the Deal Here’, or ‘Get your Free Trial’ are examples of good CTAs.

Steps To Build Your Startup Landing Page

There are two ways in which you could build your startup landing page:

  1. From scratch using web technologies
  2. Using templates

From Scratch Using Web Technologies

If you choose to build your landing page from scratch, you could use web technologies such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. You will need some prior knowledge about using these tools. A piece of basic knowledge about these tools combined with some self-help libraries could pave the way forward for you. They are not that difficult to incorporate.

Web Technologies for Building Landing Page

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

  • CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets)

  • JavaScript

Let’s briefly look at each of them.


The HyperText Markup Language is not a programming language but is the language the web communicates in. It is a markup language that defines the framework or the outline of the web pages.

Here’s a simple example with the Output:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Page Title</title>



<h1>This is My Startup Landing Page</h1>

<p>This is the Product.</p>




This is My Startup Landing Page

This is the Product.

There are multiple other fields that can be defined to get a detailed structure. It enables you to define as many fields as you deem required.


When you want to define the look of your web page, you turn to CSS or the Cascading Style Sheets. They govern how your page will look. The cascading effect of style sheets occurs when changes to one style sheet are implemented in other style sheets throughout the site. By modifying the code of a single style sheet, you can change the appearance of your entire website.

There was a time when CSS code was inserted directly into HTML files, but that is not recommended. Defining CSS and HTML separately is important.

Using CSS code as an example:

<<!DOCTYPE html>




body {

  background-color: lightblue;


h1 {

  color: white;

  text-align: center;


p {

  font-family: verdana;

  font-size: 20px;





<h1>My First CSS Example</h1>

<p>This is a paragraph.</p>




My First CSS Example

This is a paragraph.

Like HTML, there are various ways and multiple elements that could be used such as properties, declarations, and selectors; but shall not include those here.

For in-depth topic research, you may use some of the top-notch resources which are free and offer interactive coding exercises.


So, moving ahead with the third option in the line of web technologies is JavaScript. It is a programming language that enables your customers to carry out interaction. This is to say that incorporating JavaScript will enable them to download or make a request or carry out a particular action. It is JavaScript that helps accomplish calls to action.

JavaScript codes provide the required functionality to your page by creating pop-ups, animating navigational elements, and so on.

Here’s a snippet of the code:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<h2>My First JavaScript</h2>

<button type="button"

onclick="document.getElementById('demo').innerHTML = Date()">

Click me to display Date and Time.</button>

<p id="demo"></p>




My First JavaScript

Click me to display Date and Time.

Once you click the tab, you get the following result:

My First JavaScript

Click me to display Date and Time.

Sun Aug 15 2021 11:39:14 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

So, we have seen how JavaScript can add a lot of life to your web page. However, all these techniques need skills. If you wish to avoid all the coding and programming, you can use one of the brilliant templates that are available. We shall learn about those in the next section.

The Template Way

It may be a preconceived notion that using a template is an easy way out. However, to generate a landing page that helps conversions, you require a considerable amount of hard work here as well.

After you have shortlisted a template that you feel will look the best, you need to do the design. This is incomplete without focussing on the fine details of each aspect such as Headlines, Images, CTAs, and so on.


Here are some templates you could use:

Whether you use the templates or design the page from scratch, there are things you shall need to be mindful of, in both circumstances.

Headline: Nail the Headline with a catchy text.

Images: Select images that are just right. Introduce the human factor which is important to make a connection with the customers.

Chalk out CTA:  Make the CTAs specific, simple, and effective. Customers need not hover around the page to know what to do next. A clear CTA guides them with their next step.

Design your Layout: When you select the template, ensure that it goes well with your idea of introducing your products. Pay attention to the fine details of the layout. Avoid cluttering or adding too many images, boxes, text, or video files.

Most importantly, ensure that your layout is mobile-friendly. Make your page responsive to mobile devices.

Connecting the Landing Page: Set URL, add tracking tools and marketing tools.

Preview and Publish: Finally, before you publish, check the copy. Check if you have fulfilled all criteria with respect to the content being SEO-friendly. Check if your forms are in place and look good. Ensure all links are clickable and work well.

Traffic Tactics: Adopt various high-yielding tactics such as PPC, Social Ads, Email Marketing to gain a foothold in the market faster.

Test, Track, and Optimize: Eventually, A/B testing can let you know if your landing page is optimally functional. Tracking the various analytics will help you know the areas which need improvement and the ones that are doing fine.

Once you know the improvement areas, work on optimizing them and make the required modifications. A consistent upgrade and enhancement increase the chances of conversions.

Benefits of Using a Landing Page for Your Startup

We have seen the number of efforts that go into bringing together a startup landing page. You may wonder if it is all worth attempting. The landing page can provide you with numerous benefits as we see in this section.


Validates the Viability of the Venture

Gather emails and information 

Broadens the possibilities for marketing

A/B Testing

Facilitates Customization 

Facilitates real-time modifications

Validates the Viability of the Venture

When you advertise your landing page and invest in the marketing procedures, you get to know if your project is gathering attention. When the users come across your page and stay on it for a while pondering, you know that they could be prospects who are interested in your offer. Moreover, if they fill-up the form and provide the contact details, they are certainly looking forward to obtaining solutions from you.

Therefore, a landing page is instrumental in letting you know if your idea shall work before you invest big money in it.

Gather emails and information

After you have validated your ideas, the landing page now helps you gather information about the clients. This will help you create your client base and continue with your marketing efforts. Through email communication, you can keep the customers engrossed and engaged with your brand, along with updating them with the latest developments at your end.

Broadens the possibilities for marketing

A landing page offers you the flexibility of implementing diverse sorts of visuals ad text formats. This lends a better picture of your brand and helps communicate better with the customers. You can even optimize your content and include better keywords which would ultimately help you rank better in the search engines. To sum up, the landing page offers you an expanded horizon for your marketing activities, be it SEO, PPC, or remarketing.

A/B Testing

When you are uncertain about the reception you shall receive, then A/B testing can assist with gauging the analytics. We consider this as a benefit as in the app store, there is no functionality of the product versions. However, with landing pages, you can easily carry out the A/B testing and access the most useful insights and other information.

Facilitates Customization

You can customize your startup landing page to suit the specific audience you are targeting. You are aware that there could be people approaching your landing page with various requirements. Presenting them with the same landing page may not be a good idea. So, you can have multiple landing pages designed and presented to different customers who require different solutions.

Facilitates real-time modifications

Landing pages offer you another benefit of updating your customers and making the relevant modifications that would be visible in real-time. This way, you could have all your latest offers and updates posted to your new customers who may be interested in knowing the most recent happenings in your company.

Key Takeaways

With an intention to help you in your journey to creating your first startup landing page, we hope to have presented the information you needed.

Let’s recall all the events discussed in the post:

  • The startup landing page is where you communicate to your customers about your products, services and give them the CTAs to take further action.
  • Clearly outlined advantages, customization, CTAs, stunning visuals, and social proof are the most important elements of your landing page.
  • You can build your startup landing page by using the web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Alternatively, you could use a template to accomplish the task.
  • A Landing page offers you the advantages of carrying out A/B testing, broadening your marketing abilities, facilitating real-time modifications, and gathering information for creating a customer base, to name a few.
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