10 Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid and How to Fix Them

10 Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid and How to Fix Them

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

If you are a marketer who has been striving to make significant conversions but hasn’t been successful, this article could lend you tips on how to spot and avoid the common landing page mistakes. Although a digital marketing journey comprises a lot of trials, errors, experimenting, wouldn’t it be great if we learned about the common errors we have been making all this while?

This article talks about the 10 Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid along with the ways to fix them.

Landing Page Mistakes

10 Common Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

You have a great landing page that has generated a sizeable number of leads. But there is something that bothers you: Negligible conversions. As your conversion has dropped, so has your ROI. The only thing that has increased is the bounce rate.

So, how do you deal with this? Are you making some of the common and biggest mistakes in your digital marketing voyage?

Let’s take a tour of the 10 biggest landing page mistakes digital marketers make, along with the fixing techniques.

Long Loading Times

A slow-loading page is rightfully the topper of the list. It leads to annoyance and frustration, but it also gives away an awful impression of the brand. According to surveys, marketers tend to lose approximately 50% of their visitors owing to this reason. On average, a first-time visitor may only give the page 3 seconds to load, after which he may snap away.

Apart from making you struggle with your customers, a slow-loading page is to blame for your lowered or negative ranking on Google. This makes matters worse, as a low Google ranking will take you farther away from the prospects; as it will be difficult for them to find and land on your page.

This is also called slow page response, which is responsible for an elevated number of page abandonment.

How to Fix Long Loading or Slow Loading Page

How to Fix Long Loading or Slow Loading Page
When trying to fix this issue, you could look for the potential problems and factors that give rise to it, such as:

Images: Check for the optimum size. If your images are too large or too small, fix them. Upscale images, resize them or look for compression as an alternative. Images that fit well on the layout of your landing page can be advantageous in more ways than one.

Images with high resolution can look impressive, but if they slow down your landing page’s loading, optimizing them would be a wise decision to make.

Large Media Files: These are other sets of culprits that result in sluggish loading. If you have incorporated audio and video files on your landing pages, these could largely hamper the user experience especially on mobile devices. You can fix this issue by correcting their formats before uploading. Also, optimize the page based on the device the user would be using.

In simple words, you could upload multiple versions on the cloud and deploy the one appropriate for the device used.

Intriguing or Unclear Call-to-Action

A visitor has landed on your page and is probably convinced with your offers and products. However, he is unable to find the next step in the course. Reason: Unclear CTA.

Your CTAs should be clear and very visible to the visitor. He is looking to be guided into taking the next step now, and if he cannot, you shall lose this customer.

Here is a set of issues you could fix with regard to this:

  • Too many CTAs
  • Unclear Font
  • Merging color of CTA with the background color of the landing page
  • Complicated Text

Unclear CTAs are just one of the problems with this. There are landing pages where the marketer has introduced too many CTAs. Having more than one clear CTA will only confuse the user and will ultimately lead him to leave your page.

How to Fix Unclear CTAs

For fixing unclear CTAs, you could perform quick experiments. You can ask an individual who is yet unfamiliar with your page and let them take over from there. 

  • Can they find the purpose of the page?

  • Are they able to understand what products is the page talking about and what are you offering?

  • Do they know what to do next?

  • Do they know where to click to proceed?

If the individual is able to quickly grasp the mentioned tasks, then you know your CTA is well placed and will work well with a new visitor.

Cluttered Layout

Too much text, too many images, lots of boxes, a scattered layout is not what you want your page to look like. No wonder, a visitor lands, and leaves just as quickly.

When the visitor is on your page, you don’t want them to feel lost in the ocean of information that your landing page showcases. It has a poor visual appeal and gives enough reasons for the user to drift away.

How to Fix Cluttered Layout

To make your page look attractive and clammer-free, the following techniques can be adopted:

  • Using clear visuals: Visuals serve an important purpose in driving the point home but avoid overusing them.

  • Lesser the text, the better: Use engaging content to attract visitors but use it strategically to express more in fewer words.

  • Avoid too many links: Too many links may confuse the user as to where exactly they should click. Limit the number and make it clutter-free.

Complicated or Lengthy Fill-in Forms

No user wants to be bombarded with forms that need them to fill in a lot of details. Asking them about Name, E-mail, Phone number, Address, Job Status, Company Name, Comments, and other information may be too much to handle for a new visitor.

How to Fix Complicated or Lengthy Fill-in Forms?

Try to stick to collecting just the basic information that the landing page is made for.

Information such as Name, Email ID, Phone number should suffice in the beginning. You may add a couple of more fields based on the requirement of your business. Limiting the fields would encourage the customer to move ahead smoothly in the process.

Lack of Trust (No Social Proof)

This pertains to various aspects and elements that are a part of your landing page. Outdated image formats, or unclear images, too flashy visuals, uneven layout, old-fashioned color schemes, musty feel all contribute to the larger problem: Lack of Trust.

When a visitor is on your landing page for the first time, they are unfamiliar with you or your business. However, they came looking for solutions or some products they anticipated on your page. Imagine them encountering the mentioned scenario of uneven format on the landing page; they are not going to find it trustworthy and may move on for a better offer.

How to Fix Lack of Trust

Add Social Proof. This is the finest way to deal with this issue. When you add testimonials of your previous customers and clients, you let the new ones know that they are at a safe place and will receive what they came there for.

Your ideas, products, and services can be well highlighted through these testimonials and other means of social proof.

This is possibly the most lethal weapon that kills conversions. Your visitor is ecstatic to land on your page only to find that the link is broken. The back button is the only option they are left with, and you lost a potential customer there.

Chances are they may never turn up again as they had had a bad experience. They are probably going to remember that, even the next time they come across your page.

How to Fix Broken Links

You can use one of the many tools that help you battle broken links. These broken link checkers can help you find the dead links on your page within few moments. Here are some tools that you can use:

  • Brokenlinkcheck

  • Ahrefs

  • DeadLinkChecker

Not Tracking and Testing the Landing Page

Analytics and statistics are an integral part of your marketing campaign. Monitoring these analytics lets you know how your page is fairing in terms of rankings. Failing to track these is a landing page mistake that could prove fatal in the long run.

Tracking gives you an insight into the areas that need your attention as well as the ones that are doing well. Similarly, testing your landing page enables you to know if the page runs fine and appears the way it ought to.

How to Fix Tracking and Testing the Landing Page

To gauge the overall performance of your landing page, carry out regular tracking of the page. Take time out to review the traffic reports, monitor the user behavior on your page. Tools such as Google Analytics Even Tracking can offer you much-required information that is crucial to analyze the results of your landing pages.

Similarly, for testing the page, A/B Testing can help you arrive at the apt marketing decisions, apart from improving your pages.


Your USP lets your prospect know that they shall be receiving something unique that the other sellers or vendors may not offer. Your USP could help them take the final call and eventually, enhance your sales to a great extent.

When there is so much riding on the USP, overlooking this major aspect would be detrimental to the marketing campaign. You know you have something amazing and lucrative to offer, then why not highlight it on your landing page. Not doing so, is a potential landing page mistake.

How to Fix ‘No USP’ mistake

This is a mistake you can correct very easily. Mentioning your USP and highlighting it on your landing page can give a good glimpse of your offer and its exclusivity. Make it attractive and catchy to strengthen the engagement, leading your prospect to move toward the CTA.

Not Optimizing for Mobile Phones

With the recent data suggesting that a majority of people turn to the internet through their mobile devices, it becomes imperative to make your landing page optimized for mobile phones. If you haven’t optimized then it’s a landing page mistake that hampers the user experience; ultimately leading you to lose customers.

How to Fix Optimization for Mobile Phones

This problem is well tackled by creating mobile-friendly landing pages. You can conduct some quick tests to assess if your page appears comprehensive on the mobile phone. 

Let’s learn about the significant tricks that help you  design the page for a mobile phone:

  • Include your company logo.

  • Ensure the headline does not exceed 4-5 words.

  • Have a simplistic design.

  • Use whitespace efficiently in the design.

  • Incorporate a simple fill-in form.

  • Spotlight the CTA.

Not Optimizing for SEO

Optimizing the page for SEO simply means writing the content on the landing page to optimize it for the search engines. A good-looking page that has great images, visuals but lacks the right content may not click with the search engines. This will limit the visibility of your page and consequently, hampering your business.

How to Fix SEO Optimization 

Here is what you can do to combat this mistake:

  • Chalk out the keywords that best relate to your business.

  • Include words in your headlines and subheadings that describe your business well.

  • Also, ensure that the general text on your landing page is instrumental in helping the rankings of your page.

All these steps will resultantly ensure that you have an SEO-optimized page that ranks well with the search engines and boosts your sales and conversions.

How Can Deskera Assist You With Your Landing Pages?

Deskera CRM+ is a software that has a special section dedicated to landing pages. This section is designed such that it will help you throughout the process of designing, launching, tracking and optimizing your landing pages.

Deskera CRM+ comes with some pre-installed landing page templates that you can use or you can even choose to design your landing page from the start. Both of these options are supported in the Deskera CRM+’s landing page module. This will ensure that you can create beautiful and professional-looking landing pages that generate leads without the help of any designers or IT professionals.

Deskera CRM+ Landing Page Templates
Deskera CRM+ Landing Page Templates

With Deskera CRM, you can enhance your business productivity by facilitating the automation of your email marketing strategies.

It is the best platform that can help you with contact and deal administration, sales pipeline management, email marketing campaigns, to name a few. Not only this, but you can also generate leads for your business by creating email campaigns and view performance with detailed analytics on open rates and click-through rates (CTR).

Deskera CRM

Deskera CRM helps small businesses get more from each landing page you create. It lets you build and optimize landing pages that prompt you to improve conversions for your business and increase your sales and revenue. You can create good lead magnets to generate better responsive landing pages.

Deskera CRM+ provides you with the tools and template to build customized landing pages as per your business. It provides you the option to modify images, text, customer sign up form, embed custom html and let's you monitor your website visitors behaviour.

Having a focused sign-up landing page, your business will be able to increase it's customer database and will help you retarget your existing customers and also manage customer deals and sales funnel better. Managing your customers using a good CRM system, will save your business lot of time and money in the long run.

So, don’t wait anymore, get going with Deskera and ensure the success of your business!

Try Deskera CRM For Free Today
Build Amazing Landing Pages With Deskera CRM+

Key Takeaways

It’s wrap time and we hope to have presented the information comprehensively, to assist you in warding off all the landing page mistakes. Let’s recap the important points in this final section:

  • A slow-loading page is one of the top problems that hinder conversion. Large image and video files could be resized to tackle the mistake.
  • Unclear CTAs could be fixed with some quick experimentation that ensures that the visitor is correctly guided toward the next step.
  • A cluttered layout can be fixed with a keen eye for laying the fields in an appropriate order on your page. Clear visuals and lesser text can remove cluttering.
  • Avoid including lengthy and complicated forms on the landing page
  • Integrate social proof and testimonials from previous customers to ensure the new visitors of your credibility. This helps the new customers trust you.
  • Fix broken links, if any, on your page with the help of tools.
  • Keep a track of the analytics of your page and test your page for its performance.
  • Highlight your USP well on the page to introduce your new prospects to your world of offers and services.
  • Pay attention to the optimization of your page for mobile devices.
  • Optimize your page for SEO content to attain better rankings on search engines
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