Guide To Quora Marketing

Guide To Quora Marketing

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Up until January 2020, Quora recorded around 200 million unique visitors per month and over 150 million active users. By the end of 2020, the number grew to 300 million, mainly as a result of the pandemic. There are over 190 million active users on Quora monthly. Over 300,000 topics are talked about on Quora.


Quora understands that there is a massive demand for content on the Internet. And that demand isn't likely to subside anytime soon. This post will look at how Quora is trying to meet that growing demand and how you can take advantage of them for your purposes.

If you like Quora, we think marketing on it could be incredible. It gives people legitimacy in sharing knowledge, and networking will help gain people for your brand. The trick would be finding a way to market on Quora without feeling pushy. If you do that and interact with people in a helpful, helpful manner, it could earn tons of fans.

Here is an overview of the points covered below:

  • How important is it to have a Quora account?
  • How does Quora differ from other social media platforms?
  • What is quora marketing?
  • How to get started with quora marketing?
  • Why would you want to go for Quora Marketing?
  • What are the different ways to promote on the Quora platform?
  • Benefits of Quora Marketing

How important is it to have a Quora account?

If you have a question about Quora, you must have an account there. This way, you will be able to answer your questions and so on. You will also be able to post answers to your questions and help many people who have questions on the same subject matter as yours.

Tons of people are on Quora. It is one of the top places to get relevant answers to your questions and spread awareness about your company/brand/product.

You can tell a lot about a person by acting on Quora. Their writing style, their ability to provide meaningful answers that don't just repeat the question, their understanding of the topic, etc.

So when a potential employer or investor looks at your profile, you want them to know that you're serious about being successful and reaching your goals (in this case: advancing my career). There are plenty of other ways to do that (like building your website), but having a solid presence on Quora is undoubtedly one way to do it.

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How does Quora differ from other social media platforms?

Quora is a different beast than your traditional social media sites. While Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest allow you to target people interested in your niche or industry, Quora is broader. You can't target the people you want to reach.

Quora gives you the ability to market to those interested in topics related to your niche. The key here is quality. Please don't post a link to your site and expect it to go viral because someone might click it. Not only will you see little or no results from this, but you might be risking your Quora account by posting low-quality content repeatedly.

The answer is to take advantage of Quora's massive data on each question and answer (QA). Quora allows you to see how many people have viewed each QA and voted for it as the "best answer." This gives you a real insight into the popularity of each QA so that you can focus on writing high-quality answers that will inspire users to vote for them as "best answer.

What is Quora Marketing?

Quora marketing is a process by which you can answer questions on and earn money by recommending products through affiliate links.

Using this strategy, some of the most popular blogs on the Internet have earned thousands of dollars in commissions each month without writing a single post.

To understand how to promote your company on Quora, you must first understand what Quora is. Quora is a question and answer site where anyone can ask or answer any question. This format by itself might not seem like much, but it taps into the human need for information.

You can start answering questions right away by typing in the box at the top of the page and selecting a topic area. From there, you can choose what type of answer you want to give using the dropdown menu next to the text box.

This allows you to target your answers based explicitly on what type of content will be most beneficial for that audience. You can also choose who can see your answer by changing the privacy settings and your profile picture and bio.

How to get started with quora marketing?

Quora is a great place for marketing for many of the same reasons. It is a great place to answer questions. The community is competent, often more so than the person asking.

This can be challenging for marketers who are sales-focused and want quick answers. But those who are patient and willing to ask questions to understand what their customers wish to will indeed find Quora a gold mine.

There is no specific way to market on Quora, but there are ways that work better than others. We've seen businesses grow a substantial amount of their traffic from Quora. The key is to write content that people want to read, find answers to their questions and engage with your content.

  • Tagging your post correctly is extremely important. I recommend tagging each post based on what the reader will be looking for. If you write about a specific product or service, tag it with that service/product name and any relevant terms like "reviews" or "questions"
  • Write content that people want to read. This is probably the most crucial tip in this whole article. You can't just write random stuff and expect people to come to you. Find out what they're asking and write things that provide real value in response to those questions
  • Engage with your content. Posting an answer isn't enough. You need to also participate in the community. This is one of the reasons why I love Quora so much: you can connect with others through engagement, and Quora's voting mechanism will make other people see your content more often if you do this regularly

Why would you want to go for Quora Marketing?

Quora is an excellent resource for marketers. It's like a limitless treasure trove of data and information that goes into the nitty-gritty of all things marketing. You can learn a lot from Quora, but it also serves as a great way to spread your message.

You can market on Quora in a few ways. If you're selling a product or service, you can use Quora to drive traffic to your site and convert those visits into sales.

If you're not selling anything but have something to promote (such as a blog), Quora can help you get more subscribers and readers for your articles. And if you want to build your brand, Quora is a great place to do that too.

Quora has a lot of traffic, but limiting your marketing to just Quora will never get you the results you want. You need to find a way to reach the people who visit your website from Quora and not just those on Quora.

Let's start with why you would want to market on Quora in the first place:

Quora gets massive traffic. Bigger than Reddit, bigger than Medium and almost as big as the Huffington Post (according to SimilarWeb). And it's not just me saying this, either. Business Insider published an article about how big Quora is and how much traffic it does get.

Quora has lots of users. These aren't fake accounts, either; these are real people, and they're coming to Quora quite regularly. Decide for yourself how many active users there are by looking at Google Trends for the term "Quora."

So let's say that you've decided that you do want to market on Quora. How do you get started? Well, there are a few ways!

What are the different ways to promote on the Quora platform?

Quora does offer ways for you to promote your expertise to a broader audience. One way to do that is by sharing your expertise with other platforms like Medium to reach a much larger audience than just on Quora. In addition, you can use the Answers feature on LinkedIn to share your expertise with an even wider audience.

You can also use the Quora platform to promote yourself by mentioning your website or blog in your profile or adding links to relevant content that you've created elsewhere.

By actively sharing your knowledge by creating content on Quora (and other sites), you'll attract more followers interested in what you have to say. As more people follow you, they'll be exposed to your expertise and, hopefully, become interested in learning more from you.

Marketing on Quora is different from other social networks and marketing platforms. Since Quora users are looking for answers to their problems, your answers should be helpful, detailed, and authentic to get the audience's attention. There are many ways to market on Quora, but I'll focus on the two most effective methods:

  • Paid marketing

Quora provides Promoted Answers featured at the top of all search results pages. If you want to run a promoted answer campaign, you have to pay for it. The cost is determined by the number of views, clicks, and impressions. You can also buy traffic using an ad network like Adwords or Facebook Ads.

  • Partnering with influential people

You can choose an influencer who has a lot of followers and get them to promote your content for you. There are several ways to do this:

- Directly contact influencers, i.e., send them a message and ask them to talk about your product/service/cause on Quora

- Find popular answers by an influencer and comment on them, asking the author to promote your content too

Benefits of Quora Marketing

Quora is a Q&A platform where people ask questions, and the rest of the community answers them. It has attracted a large user base, which is why it's one of the best places for you to go if you want to promote your business or content.

You may be surprised to know that many companies use Quora as their primary content marketing tool because it's compelling.

  • Quora is an active community that gives you a chance to connect with highly targeted leads
  • You can get traffic from Quora by becoming a contributor
  • You can get more traffic from Quora and convert your visitors into customers with the right strategy
  • It helps you build authority in your niche
  • Quora has a considerable user base, and you can get high-quality targeted traffic

It is straightforward to set up an account on Quora and start posting answers to other people's questions. You need an email address, and you are good to go.

A great benefit to Quora marketing is that it can target specific audiences based on their interests, expertise, location, and demographics. This makes it a great way to connect with new followers interested in your product or service.

Quora marketing can also help improve your SEO for specific keywords if you choose targeted, informational answers instead of promotional ones. Quorans tend to interact more with highly targeted articles, with value-added insights.

How Can Deskera Help You with Marketing?

Deskera CRM is a software equipped with features that will be able to assist you with  marketing. In fact, with Deskera CRM, you will be able to automate several of your tasks related to e-mail marketing.

Deskera CRM
Deskera CRM

You can have a quick walk-through of how Deskera CRM works below:

By having full visibility in your sales pipeline, along with the real-time updated status of each deal, you would be able to use this information further to target those potential customers with emails accordingly, hence even closing deals faster.

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Wrapping Up

There's no magic formula for success on Quora. There's not even a known way to get followers or questions answered. But there are some things that you can do to optimize your marketing endeavors better—and we've listed our best advice above.

Key Takeaways

  • To market your product or service on Quora, you have to be there in the first place. This means that you need to sign up for an account and start answering questions, providing information, and generally engaging the community. If you're already on Quora, you know how much traffic one answer can generate and how viral your answers can become once some more prominent influencers pick them up
  • Quora is an excellent place for SEO because of its authoritative answers
  • When you share content on this platform, you'll be able to reach large communities of users who will comment and upvote your content
  • It's also easy to measure the effectiveness of Quora marketing by tracking the number of comments, upvotes, and backlinks you have received from posting your content on this platform.

So, how do you go about Quora marketing? Here are some tips:

  1. Plan ahead and research topics that will help drive traffic to your sit
  2. Create an account. You can't effectively market on Quora unless you have an account there
  3. Join relevant groups and answer questions frequently as possible
  4. Share unique content that aligns with what you're sharing in the group discussions you take part in

At Deskera, we believe in identifying your goals and charting out a plan in line with your objectives to get the most out of Quora Marketing for the growth of your business.

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