20 Phone Sales Tips from the Experts to Help You Make Better Sales Calls

20 Phone Sales Tips from the Experts to Help You Make Better Sales Calls

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Have you ever converted sales within a few minutes of conversations?

All of such conversations are carried through phones, primarily known as sales calls, which can help you drive sales and conversions.

A phone acts as a powerful tool when it comes to lining up and closing sales.

Therefore, sales call to act as an integral part of your success. If you know how to make the sales calls effectively, you can generate quality leads and spend comparatively less time pitching new prospects.

One of the significant advantages of telephone sales is that you can carry out the calls anywhere or anytime.

But to make the most of your cold calls and required follow-ups, you need to take care of tips and tricks that can improve your calling strategy.

In this article, we will talk about those effective sales tips and tricks from the experts that can help you make better sales calls. The article also includes:

• What are phone sales?

• What's the process of conducting sales calls?

• 20 Phone Sale Tips that help to grow your sales call

• Key Takeaways

What are phone sales?

Phone sales refer to conducting an attempt to sell a particular product or a service to the prospect in the initial conversation via telephones. The process is carried out by a salesperson who speaks with the potential clients over the phone, promotes the product or the service, and encourages them to buy it.

Usually, the sellers initiate these calls, but they can hire a salesperson to introduce them.

The salesperson is responsible for initiating new calls and conversations with existing customers to ask about their feedback and experiences and, later, invites them to make more purchases in the future.

What's the process of conducting sales calls?

Every action has its back process!

The salesperson undergoes and follows a process to conduct sales calls effectively.

By following the systematic process, the salesperson is at a significant advantage to increase customer satisfaction, ultimately enhancing sales.

Let's take a look at the 5-step process to conduct the sales call:

  1. Introducing the call
  2. Delivering the pitch
  3. Asking questions
  4. Managing objections
  5. Ending with a call to action

1. Introducing the call

This is the first step in conducting the sales. The primary focus of the introduction is to talk to the prospect and get them through with the conversation.

Do make sure to practice the name, surname, and designation of the prospect before pitching anything.

2. Delivering the pitch

Followed by the introduction, the next step is to share the pitch with the prospect stating the purpose of the call.

Don't try to sell in the very first conversation, but try to sell them the objective of the call.

You can prepare questions as well.

3. Asking questions

After you have delivered the pitch to the prospect and it seems that they are interested in the conversation, dig deeper and ask qualifying questions.

By asking questions, you can find out and understand the prospect's behavior.

4. Managing objections

A prospect may face objections, questions, and concerns. The salesperson should always anticipate those objections and manage to address them well.

It is recommended to be prepared in advance with the solutions such that it can help the salesperson.

Though, the salesperson should also be well equipped to manage the objections promptly.

5. Ending with a call to action

This is the last and final step of conducting the sales call. Call to action is a crucial part of a sales process and should be included in every sales call.

It can be as simple as booking an appointment or asking the time to connect over.

This will help the prospect to take action within the call.

This was the five-step procedure to start and end with the sales call.

You can modify the steps as per the situation and introspect the things to improve and expand.

20 Phone Sale Tips that help to grow your sales call

Selling through the phone is an art.

To get the most out of it, let's take a look at the twenty of the best phone sales tips and tricks to help you with effective sales calls.

  1. Prepare yourself in advance
  2. Practice on your tone
  3. Set goals in mind
  4. Stay confident and motivated
  5. Record yourself through voice audios
  6. Take frequent breaks in between
  7. Prepare the talking points well
  8. Keep the conversation two-sided
  9. Maintain a record of calls conducted
  10. Create a comfortable space to work
  11. Avoid Multitasking
  12. Showcase your past successes
  13. Don't force or push the prospect
  14. Keep the conversation quick and worthy
  15. Focus on building connections
  16. Be thorough about your product or service details
  17. Follow up with prospects and customers
  18. Conduct frequent calls
  19. Emphasize and focus on energy
  20. Don't get disheartened or Discouraged

1. Prepare yourself in advance

Before you get started with the call, you should prepare yourself well in advance. You need to be mentally prepared and be in the right state of mind to conduct the call.

You can make use of the scripts and talking points.

Try to make yourself comfortable and relaxed before the actual call.

2. Practice on your tone

While conducting the phone call, you should sound relaxed and calm, but also, you should make yourself sound professional on each call.


You are not talking to your friend or relative but reaching out to someone for your product or service.

So blend yourself as well as your voice through practice.

Pay specific attention to the responsive tone and note areas where you notice the need for improvement.

3. Set goals in mind

The purpose of the phone call is conversion. The salesperson should also set a specific goal in mind and work according to it.

The goals can differ from person to person and situation to situation.

For example, the goal can be either selling the product, letting the customers know about the newly launched product, or even gathering information from the new prospects.

So keep your goals set and then carry out the conversation

4. Stay confident and motivated

Staying confident and motivated is crucial for sales calls. You need to keep improving and building your confidence through regular practice and taking a lot of call sessions.

With practice comes the confidence and the motivation to prepare yourself well.

You can prepare yourself for any outcome and respond effectively.

5. Record yourself through voice audios

For better clarity of your voice tone, try to record yourself with the help of an audio recorder.

You can listen as many times as you want. It will help you to understand your pain points and pave the way towards improvement for the future.

After all, self-introspection is the best introspection.

6. Take frequent breaks in between

The salesperson needs to take frequent breaks throughout the day. Too many calls can be overwhelming and may cause fatigue or strain among them.

So that's why it is recommended to take breaks throughout the day. It will help you to rejuvenate and keep your energy high.

You can also fix a proper schedule of breaks and plan out accordingly.

7. Prepare the talking points well

A salesperson should always organize and plan with the thoughts and ideas for the call. You can prepare your talking points in advance or prepare a script and use it as a reference.

This can help you discuss everything in detail and might act as a solid contributor in converting the sale.

8. Keep the conversation two-sided

While conducting the phone call, you should not be the only one talking in the conversation. If you are the only one talking to the prospect, they might feel that you are reading the script and not engaging with them.

So it's better to initiate questions, respond to queries, and lead them back with your points.

This will keep the conversation two-sided and engaging.

9. Maintain a record of calls conducted

The salesperson must keep track of the information they gather through calls. By keeping the record of the sales, you can note

the details like,

• How many customers purchased during the call, or

• What was the demographics

• The responses you got through calls and much more.

You can use this information while conducting your next call by taking the information as a reference.

10. Create a comfortable space to work

Phone calls should be conducted in a comfortable space where the salespersons feel energized and ready to run calls. It might be a co-working space area or a separate cabin.

The workspace should be comfortable with adjusting chairs, a decluttered work desk, personal belongings, or food items for small meals. Finally, the best business phone systems are indispensable for the smooth conduct of the process.

11. Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is valuable in different sales jobs, but while conducting phone sales, your focus should only be on one task, I.e., carrying out the conversation.

You might feel that you can do all the work simultaneously, but the prospect deserves your full attention.

So always ensure that you stick to one task, discuss the topics with the prospect, and you never know, it can give you the sale.

Otherwise, it may turn out differently.

12. Showcase your past successes

Every prospect needs to know about the usability of a product or a service. Here, you can showcase your past results by highlighting the different situations and how your solutions satisfied them in the past. This can build confidence in the prospects, and they might end up converting.

13. Don't force or push the prospect

Forcing or pushing the prospect in the conversation can lead to terrible results. The salesperson should not be in a pushy tone.

If they do so, it can turn off the clients from converting and ruin any future chance to contact or do business with them.

So always make sure to create a good image in front of the prospect.

14. Keep the conversation quick and worthy

Keeping the sales calls quick and to the point generates the attention span of the prospect. Otherwise, too much length or long conversations can disinterest and bore the prospect. As a result, they might not entertain you and end up cutting the call.

If the prospect is not ready to converse, ask them about a suitable time to call; otherwise, move on to the next if it doesn't work out.

15. Focus on building connections

Though, the primary purpose of conducting the phone call is conversion. But during the process, do try to build connections with the prospects by making them comfortable and establishing a friendly atmosphere.

They should also feel that the conversation is genuine.

This will help you build rapport with the prospects, and you might get a chance to do business with them.

16. Be thorough about your product or service details

As a salesperson, you need to know the product and the services you are likely to pitch to prospects. A prospect might be interested in purchasing something if they feel that they have information about the product.

So the salesperson needs to know the roots of the product or service.

If in case the prospect has questions, the salesperson should be ready with the solutions and offerings.

17. Follow up with prospects and customers

Follow-up is the following significant function performed by the salesperson. As you focus on building new customers, it is also vital for the salesperson to follow up with prospects interested in the product or service or the existing customers. They have already purchased the product or service.

Following up makes the customers feel valued. It not only enhances the customer's experience but accelerates the overall purchasing experience offered by you.

18. Conduct frequent calls

Phone sales cannot be converted at one time. It is a matter of effort and dedication that a salesperson goes through, which results in that conversion.

The salesperson should focus on conducting as many calls as possible.

With every new call, the salesperson will get to know about their capabilities and pain points. He can improve himself in every call and might get a new perception or method to make calls.

It might give them a bigger chance to make more sales too.

19. Emphasize and focus on energy

A strong, bold, and energetic voice engages the conversation, and on the other hand, a low, tired and disinterested voice pushes off the conversation.

It is crucial to build the energy and momentum to prepare yourself when conducting phone calls.

Eat healthy snacks, drink water, or exercise beforehand.

It will help you to regain and rejuvenate.

20. Don't get disheartened or Discouraged

When conducting phone sales, you might face rejection once, twice, or as many times. Maybe you will convert your client after completing ten calls or maybe fifty calls.

But what you need to keep in mind is not to get disheartened by the rejection.

Every rejection has a lesson inside it.

So, whenever you face rejections,

Let it go!

Think over areas that need improvement, and then move forward on to the next call.

That was it!

These are the proven and actionable phone sale tips to make you better with the sales calls.

So next time, when you are ready to conduct your phone call, keep these tips in mind and prepare yourself for the action.

"It's not just about the call,

It's all about how you handle the call."

Key Takeaways

It is well evident that possessing appropriate phone skills holds much value while conducting conversations.

Sticking through the tips and tricks can help you position yourself, track your progress, and further improvements to be a better salesperson.

It not only helps you convert sales calls but also helps you follow up, generate success rates, and accelerate yourself as a better communicator.

Whether you are selling or educating the prospect, the ability to handle yourself confidently over the phone will give you the push, and this is what will put you above the rest.

Let's take a look at the key pointers of the article:

  • Phone sales refer to conducting an attempt to sell a particular product or service to the prospect in the initial conversation through telephones.
  • These calls are initiated by the sellers or by the salesperson.
  • There is a systematic 5 step process to conduct the sales call effectively.
  • The step includes

Step 1: Introduction of the call

Step 2: Delivering the sales pitch

Step 3: Asking questions

Step 4: Managing objections, and Step 5: Final call to action

  • Prepare yourself in advance
  • Practice on your tone
  • Set goals in mind
  • Stay confident and motivated.
  • Record yourself through voice audios
  • Take frequent breaks in between
  • Prepare the talking points well
  • Keep the conversation two-sided
  • Maintain a record of calls conducted
  • Create a comfortable space to work
  • Avoid Multitasking
  • Showcase your past successes
  • Don't force or push the prospect
  • Keep the conversation quick and worthy
  • Focus on building connections
  • Be through about your product or service details
  • Follow up with prospects and customers
  • Conduct frequent calls
  • Emphasize and focus on energy
  • Don't get disheartened or Discouraged

How Deskera Can Assist You?

When you are running your own business, there are tons of duties and responsibilities that you have to fulfill. Using the Deskera CRM system, you can manage your contacts, leads and sales calls. You can use the CRM system to manage all customer data and calls data.

Doing so will help you to save the time taken in transferring customer data between the different systems. It will also assist you with real-time updates about your business like cash flow status, customer satisfaction, inventory management, sales, purchases, purchase orders, customer tickets, customer satisfaction, managing leads, revenues, profit, and loss statements, and balance sheets.

Moreover, it would also help in integrating sales methodology across different platforms onto one system so that you have a consolidated list for email campaigns, leads management, and sales pipeline to mention a few.

It will also help you to sync between your orders, payments, taxes, refunds, product variants, sending out invoices and reminders, facilitating invoice management, and even undertaking follow-ups and advertisement campaigns.

Such a consolidated platform will help you to improve your sales through building effective sales compensation plans and also facilitate faster and well-informed decision-making. It will help you in strengthening your opportunities and being braced for the threats.

Deskera books and Deskera CRM will also be able to ensure the highest customer satisfaction and thereby an increase in net revenues and net profits.

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