What is a Long Form Sales Landing Page - Definition & Examples

What is a Long Form Sales Landing Page - Definition & Examples

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

There is no doubt that the landing pages play a critical role in driving up sales and conversions. Presenting the data in a crisp format and letting the customers know about the product they intend to purchase is the primary function of landing pages.

However, have you come across those long pages that have all-inclusive information wrapped up on a single page? Well, we all have run across them at some point or the other. These pages with lengthy information pieces are called Long form Sales pages.

Long Form Sales Landing Page

This article aims to demonstrate instances where these are used. Let’s know what’s more on this page:

  • What is a Long Form Sales Page?
  • When to use them?
  • Structure of a long form sales page
  • Examples of the long form sales page

What is a Long Form Sales Page?

You create a website to be able to put across all the information regarding your product, brand, or service. On this website, you have various pages dedicated to the numerous products you intend to offer or sell.  

However, a single page would be enough if you are selling a single product or service. This way, you can dedicate this solo page to this particular product that you are selling. Moreover, why would you need multiple pages to showcase information regarding the only product for sale, after all?

This single page that consists of all the relevant information about your product is called the Long Form Sales Page.

This page will contain all that the customer may want to learn about your product. The targeted information assists the customers in deciding on making the purchase. Having multiple pages for one product will only lead the customer into clicking and navigating across the site and get frustrated.

Long form sales pages are also termed mini-websites or a one-pager owing to the fact that it consists of a single page. And if they are able to boost your sales, then that’s all that matters.

When to Use the Long Form Sales Page?

For sales pitches that are aggressive, long-form sales pages are used. It is a seller's market. People are eager to buy from these sales pages. Clicking the link was due to their desire to purchase something. To convert them, you need a long-form sales page as it offers a one-stop solution to their queries.

A long form sales copy might work exceptionally well for certain niches. The examples of a product or circumstance that a long-form sales page would be appropriate for are:

  • Online courses, PDFs, etc.
  • If you can position it as the solution to a specific problem faced by your target audience.
  • Products that are expensive.
  • Products at a reduced price or on sale for a short time.
  • The products are offered for a one-time purchase.

Structure of a Long Form Sales Page for Maximum Conversions

While creating this page, the basic structure remains the same. After all, it is a landing page but with certain peculiarities. So, here are the points to note when structuring your long form sales page.

Your material will take on a more converting form as you follow the structure. There's no one-size-fits-all blueprint for sales pages, but the following structural elements are useful to create a compelling argument:

Headline That Grabs Attention

You should find a headline that speaks directly to your visitors and captures their attention. Identifying your audience's biggest problem and appealing to their curiosity will help to make it engaging. Your first promise should emphasize what the customer will receive from purchasing your product.

Subheadings with explanations

Immediately after you have introduced the poignant portion in the headline, you need to add a more practical subheading that explains how you can make good on the promise you made in your main headline. Your subheading is meant to remind your audience that your headline is backed up with a real method.

Clear, concise paragraphs

Despite the fact that this will be a long-form sales page, you should never overwhelm them with excessive information. Write in short, concise, and easy-to-digest paragraphs.

An intriguing bullet point list

We all love list-making and bullet-pointing, don't we? The reason for this is the ease with which it can interpret information presented in this way. You should capture your audience's attention by presenting the compelling points and benefits in bullet form.

Authority proof

A person in a white coat who walks into your hospital room does not need to tell you her credentials. Your sales page should also display your authority. You need to tell them what makes you so special and sets you apart from your competitors. Let them know what makes you the best choice for them.

Social Proof

Your earlier testimonials will be useful here. Throughout your sales page, focus your attention on the buttons that lead to your purchasing page. Even though social proof may not be the primary reason individuals buy a product, it can act as an influential factor in the purchasing decision.

Call to Action

Possibly the most important thing on your page. People shouldn't have to guess what they have to do. Be sure to tell them. 'buy now’, 'enroll today', 'register now' are the commonly used CTAs.

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Apart from the main structure, Content and Design are other essential aspects. A quick look at the guidelines and the things to keep in mind before building a long form sales page:




Identify Audience Awareness

Headline That Grabs Attention

Impeccable Images

Include Features

Subheadings with explanations

Complementing Videos

Proof of Results

Clear, concise paragraphs

Negative Spaces

Offer Solutions to Problems

An intriguing bullet point list

Clickable Buttons

Authority proof

Social Proof

Call to Action

4 Long Form Examples to Learn from

While we understand all of this, it is also crucial to note that in the case of long form pages, there is no such thing as the ‘right length’. You must add all the relevant information and ensure that the visitor understands the product fundamentals well.

Based on these points, we have gathered 5 examples that have shown great results. Let us go through them in the upcoming sections.

  1. The Renegade Diet
  2. Genesis
  3. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  4. Basecamp Fitness
  5. Salesforce

The Renegade Diet

Long Form Sales Landing Page Example

Why does this work?

  • The headline is catchy and stands out from the rest of the text.
  • The bullet points in the body of the page make for a convenient read.
  • The bottom of the page lists the media coverage it has received; this adds to the authority and builds trust among the new customers.
  • CTA is a differently colored button that immediately tells the visitor what to do next if they are convinced with the idea.


Long Form Sales Landing Page Example

Why does this work?

  • The name of the product as the headline not only is catchy but is quick to let the visitor know that they are on the right page.
  • The subhead, ‘An SUV with the soul..’ is descriptive of the car in question.
  • The text is crisp and elegant along with a comprehensive explanation of the car.
  • The price of the car is underlined and is, therefore, easily detectable and readable.
  • CTAs are well placed and clear to guide the customer towards the next action.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Long Form Sales Landing Page Example

Why does this work?

  • Headline talks directly to the customer and informs them that they can receive valuable advice in their inbox.
  • Subhead complements the headline and reiterates the claim made in the headline.
  • Numbers and figures grab attention.
  • CTA in blue lets the people start their next action.

Basecamp Fitness

Long Form Sales Landing Page Example
Long Form Sales Landing Page Example

Why does this work?

  • The page uses powerful photos to describe how the brand can help the customers to keep in great physical form.
  • The various exercises captured in the images give a glimpse of the indoors and the facilities offered at the facility.
  • Form at the side of the page gathers information about the customers and allows them to try a free class. A free service offered tends to be lucrative and helps conversion.

How Can Deskera Assist You With Your Landing Pages?

Using Deskera, you can manage and design landing pages through your CRM software. Deskera CRM+ can lead the way here.

With an exclusive section for landing pages, Deskera CRM+ is a software that competently assists you with managing your landing pages. The purpose of this section is to provide assistance throughout the entire process of designing, launching, tracking, and optimizing a landing page.

Deskera CRM+
Control Your Landing Pages with Expertise

Deskera CRM+ comes with some pre-installed landing page templates that you can use or you can even choose to design your landing page from the start. Both of these options are supported in the Deskera CRM+’s landing page module. This will ensure that you can create beautiful and professional-looking landing pages that generate leads without the help of any designers or IT professionals. You can create good lead magnets to generate better responsive landing pages.

Deskera CRM+ Landing Page Templates

With Deskera CRM, you can enhance your business productivity by facilitating the automation of your email marketing strategies. Deskera is based on a cloud system model that can help to fulfill all your business needs. Be it data integration, or real-time analytics, Deskera can help you in every aspect.

Deskera CRM is the best platform that can help you with contact and deal administration, sales pipeline management, email marketing campaigns, to name a few. Not only this, but you can also generate leads for your business by creating email campaigns and view performance with detailed analytics on open rates and click-through rates (CTR).

Deskera CRM

Deskera is a cloud-based technology. It automates corporate processes and thus makes them easier to manage. It cuts down on administrative time while simultaneously enhancing productivity.

Deskera CRM+  provides you with the tools and templates to build customized landing pages as per your business. It provides you the option to modify images, text, customer sign-up form, embeds custom, HTML, and lets you monitor your website visitors’ behavior. Using the website and landing page analytics, you can understand your customer's psychology and improve your sales.

Having a focused sign-up landing page, your business will be able to increase its customer database and will help you retarget your existing customers and also manage customer deals and sales funnel better. Managing your customers using a good CRM system, will save your business a lot of time and money in the long run.

So, don’t wait anymore, get going with Deskera and ensure the success of your business!

Deskera CRM+ is designed so that, in addition to creating and tracking your landing pages, you can edit and delete any of their elements. During the publishing process, you will have the option of giving your landing page a name of your choice and adding a domain name of your choice.

To ensure smooth functionality across a variety of devices, Deskera CRM+ also enables users to design landing pages for diverse formats (web, tablet, or mobile).

Landing pages created with Deskera CRM+ are a breeze since you can upload forms (designed by you), images, videos, or whatever offers you wish. Moreover, creating a funnel is now easy through the funnel module of Deskera CRM+.

Key Takeaways

Before we wind up, let’s grab a quick view of the following points:

  • The single page that consists of all the relevant information about your product is called the Long Form Sales Page.
  • A long form sales copy might work exceptionally well for certain niches such as Online courses, expensive products, products that are offered for a one-time purchase.
  • Content, Structure, and Design are the three major elements for building a long form sales page.
  • The headline should speak directly to your visitors and capture their attention.
  • Your subheading is meant to remind your audience that your headline is backed up with a real method.
  • Write in short, concise, and easy-to-digest paragraphs.
  • The sales page should convey the authority.
  • It is crucial to note that in the case of long form pages, there is no such thing as the ‘right length’.
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