Everything You Need to Know About Billboard Advertising

Everything You Need to Know About Billboard Advertising

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Let’s start with some facts - it is reported that you see around 1000 ads every day but only remember 7 of them. With the introduction of digital advertising, that initial number is likely to be greater these days. However, if you drive a car every day, you will see a lot of billboard commercials.

Billboard advertisements exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they may be found on both sides of the highway. You'll also find them in city centres, and, to be honest, everywhere a billboard maker can make money. Billboard advertisements have been a traditional form of advertising and promoting your brand.

What’s a Billboard, Anyway?

A billboard is a big outdoor advertising space meant to catch the attention of vehicles and pedestrians. Its name comes from the word "billing board." Billboards are designed to be simple, striking, and imaginative, and are typically located near heavy traffic areas (both vehicular and pedestrian traffic). In fact, any advertising agency's creative department still values billboard space as a wonderful chance to create revolutionary, impactful work.

What’s Billboard Advertising?

Billboard advertising comprises purchasing ad space on a billboard in order to promote your company, its goods & services, or a special campaign. These billboards are usually placed in high-traffic locations to draw the most attention from vehicles and passersby. Highways, railroads, and subways are examples of such places.

While many individuals believe billboards are completely ineffective in today's environment, this is far from the case. In fact, they have a 497% return on investment (ROI) and are predicted to increase at a pace of 10% yearly each year.

History of Billboard Advertising

The first documented billboard was found 3,000 years ago in Thebes, an ancient Egyptian city. With the introduction of lithography, a technique of printing that involves oil and water, in 1794, billboard advertising became popular. In 1931, the Wall Drug Company was the 1st to launch a countrywide billboard advertising campaign. When the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act of 1971 ordered tobacco businesses to stop promoting their products on television and radio, many of these corporations moved their advertising outside. Advertising cigarettes on billboards, on the other hand, became prohibited in 1987.

Pros & Cons of Billboard Advertising

Now that we have got a fair idea about what is billboard advertising, key factors that affect its cost, and tips to create an eye-catching billboard. It’s time to consider the effectiveness of this form of advertising for any organization.


  • A billboard ad, which is generally big and graphically focused, solves the challenge of attention captivity.
  • During times of traffic jams and repetitive halts, billboards installed on major roadways keep the audience engaged.
  • Billboard advertisements are more like tools for constantly blowing the senses with a powerful message. As a result, if and when this type of advertisement is erected on a very busy route, it is likely to make an impact on consumers' thinking.
  • Above all, when compared to other kinds of advertising, billboards have the capacity to reach a large audience.
  • Billboard adverts are excellent options for a marketing package for a company looking to improve regional targeting in marketing.
  • Billboards are inexpensive and capable of producing low-cost impressions since they target a large audience.
  • 3-D billboards may turn a static picture into a moving entity that can display different messages at different times.s. Depending on the marketing strategy, high-end billboards that aren't standard banners can also stream content.


  • Billboards aren't appropriate for a focused marketing strategy since they are seen by people with a variety of interests and needs. As a result, billboards are unable to trim targets according to personal preferences.
  • Most billboard spots come with a leasing agreement, and it can be tough for a startup to endure the expenditures for an extended length of time, especially if the business isn't profitable.
  • Billboards are more like bulletins that are fixed in stone for a specific amount of time. While advertising is meant to assault people's minds with company offers, they might get tedious after a day or two.
  • If billboards are placed in places where strong and regular weather strikes, they are vulnerable to destruction. They are the first to be harmed since they are installed on top of large structures.
  • The preceding argument illustrates that billboards should be viewed as seasonal marketing choices in specific areas, as their impact is severely hampered.

5 Tips to Create an Effective & Catchy Billboard Advertisement

If you are thinking to invest in billboard advertising where the billboard will be visible to millions of people, you need to work creatively on it to draw the maximum attention. Here are a few tips to create an effective and catchy billboard advertisement.

  • Make it Short and Simple

Long messages will bore drivers and pedestrians who only have a few seconds to look at your billboard. Get innovative with your message because a billboard should only have six words. Instead of a long sentence, choose something brief and creative that grabs their attention and stays with them. Additionally, make sure that your organization is prominently featured so that the audience may relate the ad to your brand. The writing should be in a large, strong font on a brightly coloured background.

  • Use Pictures

In billboard advertising, the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words" is particularly true. Illustrations grab the attention of vehicles and passengers right away and are much simpler to concentrate on. To convey information about your business, product, or service, use a combination of text and an engaging picture.

  • Make A Lasting Impression With Emotions

You must connect to your audience's emotions in order to make your advertisement unforgettable, whether via humour, melancholy, empathy, or rage. If your advertisement makes a person laugh, brings back a happy memory, or prompts any kind of emotional response, you've most certainly won a new customer.

  • Choose the Location Carefully

A perfectly-designed billboard reflects its surroundings. To assist make your brand more memorable to individuals who see it, use subtle elements, nicknames, or jokes relevant to your location. Make sure you keep your brand tone in mind when doing so.

  • Be Specific With The Tone

As billboards are generally located on highways, the tonality of the billboards is also vital to consider. Use something that isn't overly startling or distracting. Above all, businesses that live on the notion of branding and awareness are the prime choices for deploying billboards as a preferred type of advertising. Reflect your brand as precisely as possible.

Additionally, be sure to clearly show your brand and a CTA that promotes immediate action on every billboard.

Key Factors That Affect the Billboard Advertising Cost

There are 3 key factors that are responsible for determining the billboard advertising cost given below:

Geographical Location

When it comes to billboard pricing, location is the most important factor. This is because the location of your billboard affects the number of people that view it. Advertisers consider footfall, views, and audience demographics when determining the pricing of a place.

The quantity of pedestrian or motor traffic that passes by an advertising spot is referred to as footfall. Because heavy traffic implies more people will notice your ad, it is used as an indicator of how profitable an area could be. Footfall alone, however, is insufficient to assess the viability of a potential advertising spot. Marketers are interested in impressions, or the number of times a person is likely to see an advertisement.

An intersection with a lot of standstill vehicles gives a better image than a busy road with a lot of pedestrian activity. Finally, when selecting an advertising site, marketers consider the demographics of the target population. The cost of renting a billboard spot that attracts a high-income clientele is always higher.


The rule of thumb is that the larger the billboard, the more expensive it is. You’ll need to pay a higher amount for a 96-sheet billboard as compared to a 6-sheet billboard due to production and installation charges.

When it comes to digital billboards installation costs are modest because size isn't a huge concern. These billboards rotate advertisements from multiple companies, which implies that the rental fees are split among those companies.

Display Duration

Space for outdoor advertising is auctioned in two-week periods. Costs rise in direct proportion to the amount of time you hire, thus the larger the display duration, the more expensive it is. However, by extending the display duration, billboard advertising expenditures can be decreased. When you hire a billboard for a year, the weekly prices are much lower.

Types of Billboard Advertising

Billboards can come in various dimensions and forms. The following is a list of billboards that have been used since always:

Digital Billboards

A digital billboard is a billboard that uses computer equipment and a digital signage software to show a variety of pictures and text. It may be programmed to display running text or to alter based on the time of day. For specialised audiences, the ever-changing texts provide maximum impact and reach. For example, a restaurant may offer lunch deals all through the morning and early afternoon, as well as dinner specials starting at 3 p.m.

Mobile Billboards

A mobile billboard is one that is shown on buses, automobiles, and other moving vehicles. A mobile billboard has the benefit of being more likely to be observed by your target demographic. Because the car goes around the region you've designated as a significant place for advertising your business, this is the case.

Painted Billboards

The painted billboards aren't designed graphically. Rather, they are painted on-site or in studios before being put on-site. These billboards have already been replaced in recent years with graphically produced billboards. They are, nevertheless, still used in some areas where only one board is required.

Static Billboards

Static billboards are constructed of big printed vinyl that is stretched across the front of the billboard. In this case, a billboard part cannot be replaced in a matter of seconds or minutes; instead, it must be re-erected and fixed to the building.

3-D Billboards

The Three-dimensional billboards are contemporary billboards with three-dimensional striking images and pop-up book style graphics that catch the interest and curiosity of spectators. They can even turn a still picture into a moving object that displays different messages at different periods.

How to Use Billboard Advertising Correctly?

It wouldn't be incorrect to say that billboards are effective marketing tools when used effectively. However, by effective usage, we imply focusing on the precise region where service providers are in excess. The amount of traffic that passes by a billboard is an essential component in its efficacy.

Furthermore, unlike radio or television, billboards are quite inexpensive, and the best thing about this kind of advertising is that it is nearly inescapable. As a result, in order to get the most out of a billboard display, the company must evaluate a number of factors and give each one careful consideration. When compared to other kinds of advertising, billboards are inexpensive, and the results may be excellent if they are used with care and marketing acumen.

Is Billboard Advertising Relevant Today?

Over time, marketers have developed various advertising techniques. Even though television, radio, print, and internet advertising have all grown in popularity over the years, nothing has been able to replace local marketing. Billboards are still used for traditional ad placement by brands, and here are the reasons why.

  • Messages on billboards are seen by 71% of customers

Billboards may appear unimportant in a world when everybody is always on their smartphone, but they are not. Out-of-home advertising is still one of the most successful methods to get a customer to do anything. With 71% of customers admitting to glancing at billboard messaging and 68% admitting to making purchase decisions while driving, it's reasonable to assume that billboard advertising has an influence on consumers.

  • Advertising on billboards is 80% less expensive than advertising on television

Although television is one of the most efficient ways to enhance brand knowledge and exposure, it is also one of the most expensive. Many businesses can afford to promote their product on television, so they rely on billboards. A billboard is considered to be 80% less expensive than a television commercial.

  • After seeing an out-of-home (OOH) advertisement, 26% of customers visited a website

Before making a purchase, consumers connect with many marketing platforms. Billboards are excellent for capturing attention and consistently overwhelming your target audience; as a result, consumers who view the same billboard each day are more likely to respond to the call to action. According to studies, 26% of buyers have browsed a branded website as a result of seeing a billboard advertisement.

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Final Words

Billboards have always been the best and most picked form of advertising when it comes to out-of-home advertising for any brand. It has some terrific advantages, but there are some disadvantages that can not be overlooked at any cost. Before choosing this form of advertisement, you need to keep in mind certain factors like geographical location, size, display picture, choice of words, etc to attract a large number of viewers.

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