15 Elevator Pitch Examples to Inspire Your Own [With Templates]

15 Elevator Pitch Examples to Inspire Your Own [With Templates]

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Have you ever been moved by a piece of art, such as a song, a picture, or a movie? Elevator pitch examples can achieve the same result by providing a source of inspiration for your own specific objectives. These examples, if nothing else, might serve as wonderful inspiration for getting started on your own unique pitch.

Making a successful elevator pitch may appear difficult, but it is possible. Analyzing good examples is one approach to learning how to write a solid pitch. This will put you on the right road to creating your own speech. While your elevator pitch should be tailored to your own achievements, ambitions, and talents, these examples might serve as a starting point for your own.

It's vital to remember that there are several kinds of elevator pitches, so focus on the ones that are most relevant to your objectives. Position, listener type, and desired impact should all be taken into account. Studying various elevator pitches might also assist in keeping your speech under the allotted time. Learn to trim out any irrelevant data and make your pitch concise and to the point.

Let’s get started with the main thing - What is an elevator pitch?

What’s an Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch also referred to as an elevator speech, is a brief introduction of yourself and your service offerings. A pitch, on the other hand, might be an opportunity to make a genuine connection that you can leverage later. Although there may not always be an immediate advantage, you should be ready for every situation in which you may be asked to give an elevator pitch.

In fact, whether they understand it or not, almost everyone has done an elevator pitch. That's because pitches come in all shapes and sizes, from interviews to new business prospects. As a result, prepping for your next pitch is a vital part of promoting yourself and your business.

When it comes to deciding someone to pitch, you should go for the ideal point of contact rather than the highest point of contact. You'll have a greater chance of generating a sale if you choose contacts who are linked to or interested in what you're selling.

Quick Tip:

An effective elevator pitch should not be less than or more than 20-30 seconds.

It should be engaging, powerful, and brief. And clarify what distinguishes you – or your business, product, or concept – from the competition.

When Should You Use an Elevator Pitch?

Some people believe that this kind of thing is just beneficial for salesmen pitching their goods and/or services. However, you may use an elevator pitch in a variety of settings.

But following is a list of situations where you can use an elevator pitch:

  • You may use to introduce your company to potential clients or consumers
  • You may use to propose a fresh concept to the CEO of your company
  • You may use it to inform people about the new process you are going to adapt
  • You may even use it to explain what you do for a livelihood

Things to Do/ Say During an Elevator Pitch

Keep it short and simple

  • Take only 30-60 seconds to speak
  • Mention who you are and what you do, briefly

Persuade others

  • Use compelling words
  • Pique the listener's interest in your concept, company, or background

Express your skills

  • Clearly state your skills and qualifications
  • Brag a little, but don’t sound arrogant
  • Be clear about your offerings to the prospective clients

Practice and practice

  • Practice to feel at ease while speaking
  • You can be accustomed to changing the discussion
  • With practice, you’ll be comfortable and confident

Stay positive and be flexible

  • Change according to the situation and position
  • Don’t start with the things you’d rather not do
  • Create a positive impact on the prospect, don’t waste it

State your objectives

  • Don’t be very precise, but mention what you are looking for

Know your audience, Speak in their language

  • Avoid using jargon, if it is not necessary
  • Speak relatable terms to pique the interest of the prospect
  • Keep it simple and straightforward

Keep a business card handy

  • To conclude the conversation, keep a business card ready as a way to continue the conversation
  • In case of no card, use smartphones for exchanging contact information
  • You can also share your resume copy to show your enthusiasm and readiness

Things Not to Say/ Do During an Elevator Pitch

Avoid talking too fast

  • Don’t rush due to the limited amount of time
  • The listener may lose the interest
  • Practice modulating your tone, voice, gestures, and expressions

Try to avoid rambling

  • Practicing your speech well will help you in avoiding rambling
  • To sound confident and prepared, you need to practice

Avoid frowning, or speaking in a monotonous way

  • Maintain a good level of energy, confidence, and enthusiasm
  • Don’t over-practice, it may lead you to focus on the exact words used in the pitch rather than how to carry yourself

Don’t limit yourself to a single elevator pitch

  • Personalize your elevator pitch according to the situation

A Step-by-Step Structure for Your Elevator Pitch

Use the following simple step-by-step template for your elevator pitch by adding some statistical facts and customized greetings, if needed.

  • Introduction: "Hello, my name is [name], and I work at [business name]." It's wonderful to finally meet you!"
  • Problems: “Since you work for [business name or industry], I believed you'd be interested in knowing that [challenge + intriguing statistic]”
  • Solution: "The fantastic thing about working at [your company's name] is that we've been able to solve exactly that problem by [solution]"
  • Value proposition: "In addition, we're the only firm that offers [value proposition]”
  • CTA: "I believe our approach may be really beneficial to you. Are you available this week to discuss this further?"

Don't be scared to alter your pitch template to reflect your unique personality and professional experience. Below are some personalised 30-second elevator pitch examples to help you come up with personal information to use in your speech to make it more interesting.

15 Elevator Pitch Template to Inspire You

Template 1: The Short & Simple One

This is among the most typical instances you'll see. That doesn't mean it's the greatest, but it's a terrific example of a quick and simple pitch that can be used in practically every scenario. Keep this form of the elevator pitch as brief and to the point as possible when building it. Because the aim is to be quick and honest, try to keep to the 30 second or less guideline.


Work is hectic no matter what field you work in or how skilled you are at your job. A decent project management software, on the other hand, may aid with productivity and interaction. In years, I haven't failed to meet a deadline. If you'd like to know more about how it might benefit your organization, give me a call and I'll walk you through the figures.

Template 2: The Relatable One

A personal narrative that your audience can connect to is sometimes the finest method to capture their attention. While it's still vital to selling your solution, this strategy emphasizes building a human connection above making a quick sale.


It's wonderful to meet you at long last. How's business going for you? I heard you've been having communication problems. That was a problem for my team and me as well. We didn't see a significant increase in cooperation and general communication until we started using project management software. I hope you and your team discover a solution that works for you.

Template 3: The Statistics One

Start your pitch with a hook by mentioning an eye-catching statistic. It's critical to have concrete facts to back up your statistics before pitching to confirm their correctness. It's a smart idea to come full circle at the end of a statistics presentation and relate how your solution can help fix that statistic.


Did you know that, despite having more means to communicate remotely, professionals spend 60% of their time on work coordination, 26% on skilled workers, and 14% on strategy? It's no surprise that project management assistance is required. Implementing project management tools can help you save time on task collaboration while also increasing the quality of your job.

Template 4: The Questioning One

This example employs the use of questions to make your proposal more understandable. It also encourages the audience to participate in the conversation rather than simply listen to a speech. Start and conclude your pitch with a question that will keep the audience thinking about what you said long after you've left the room.


Do you ever have the feeling that you're wasting too much time thinking about work? I've spoken with a lot of others who have experienced similar issues. Every day, I used to work long hours simply to keep up. What's more, do you know what? I've been able to get so much more work done since we started utilizing project management software. Have you ever attempted anything similar before?

Template 5: The Humorous One

You may use humorous turns to attract the audience if your presentation isn't about a serious issue. When presenting a presentation, this is extremely beneficial. To lighten the atmosphere, use a GIF or a short amusing clip between slides. If you're going to use this example, make sure it's appropriate for the occasion and tone of your organization.


Did you know that the average person's attention span is only eight seconds long? That's not even long enough for me to place my morning coffee order. Perhaps this is why my barista is always incorrect. But honestly, I believe this is why so many businesses fail to meet deadlines.

Template 6: The Story-telling One

To construct a picture for the audience, use client testimonials or your personal narrative. This is especially useful if your topic is difficult to describe in less than 30 seconds. Adding a relevant twist to a narrative is a terrific method to do so.


This year, a customer switched to a totally remote workforce and need assistance in meeting deadlines. They were able to reclaim up to 10% of their day with our assistance, allowing them to focus on more vital tasks such as strategic planning.

Template 7: The Emotional One

While this form of pitch may be more challenging to develop, it has a greater chance of convincing your audience if it is emotionally inspired. It's also more probable that they'll be willing to tell others about their experience in the future. To keep the talk from becoming too gloomy, it's crucial to keep the emotions light. Here's a sample speech to get you started.


It may appear to be just another tool, but upon closer inspection, it is actually aiding team collaboration. Not only that, but it's also assisting in the development of teams that like collaborating on new initiatives. That's a difficult thing to come by, but it's something that everyone wants.

Template 8: The Write-it-all One

While most speeches begin with a rough plan, you have the option of penning the complete pitch from beginning to end. When you give your pitch, this tends to produce a thought-provoking and lyrical flow. Because you'll need to learn this pitch, practice is an important part of this method.


My name is Jenny, and I'd want to introduce myself. It's wonderful to finally meet you. Is it true that you work for ABC organization? I've heard nothing but a lot of positive things about them. I've heard you're searching for a candidate for a project manager. Any firm, whether sales or suppliers, requires assistance in organizing work and team communication, in my experience. Without it, work may be somewhat hectic, especially now. That's why we designed a software application that allows people and teams to keep track of their projects and conversations in one location. Have you considered utilizing something similar in the past?

Template 9: The Use of One-Liner

Making a spectacular exit is difficult, but if you can pull it off, your audience will be blown away. Avoid overused one-liners and tailor your ending to your personality. The goal is to leave them with something to think about once the meeting is ended. Consider presenting a startling statistic or posing a question about their industry.


Each week, over a quarter (26%) of all targets are missed due to a lack of clarity. However, with the correct project management software, that number may be drastically reduced. So, can you afford not to utilize project management software in your company?

Template 10: The One with the Networking Event

The most typical scenario you'll encounter is during a networking event. Making genuine connections using video chat maybe even more difficult in the current virtual-first world. That's why, regardless of where you're pitching from, it's critical to have a convincing elevator pitch prepared. While most salesmen would pitch informally in this setting, you could get the chance to meet a high-ranking executive. In that situation, you'll want to have a flexible pitch template on hand.


It's wonderful to finally meet you. Helen from ABC organization here. We've helped teams all across the world enhance their productivity and cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want project management assistance. I believe we have the potential to have a significant influence on your firm. I'll make a note of your contact details as well.

Template 11: The One at the Job Interview

Are you looking for a new job or attending a career fair? Most interviews begin with the words "Tell me about yourself”. Job applicants can use industry buzzwords and important abilities to define themselves and their relevant expertise in a few sentences. If you prepare an elevator pitch ahead of time, you'll be ready when the moment arises.


I'm Tom, and I work for ABC company as a specialist. I selected project management as a profession because it was something I was passionate about, and today I can proudly claim that I've had the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in people's lives. That's why I'm searching for a job with a company that appreciates the same things I do. As I've demonstrated my accomplishments on a few critical initiatives, I'm confident that my unique abilities will have a significant influence on your organization.

Template 12: The One with the Formal Meeting

Congratulations on securing the meeting! It's now or never to craft a professional elevator presentation to pique their interest. A presentation may be a wonderful supplement to standard elevator speech examples when giving a professional pitch. Regardless of whether you produce a presentation or not, the goal of this meeting is to sell your product in the most professional manner possible. So get dressed up and remember your unique selling pitch.


I looked at your existing productivity stats and saw an area where you might improve. You might reclaim up to 10% more of your workday using our project management software. Not only would this result in more work being completed, but it would also benefit your company's overall performance. Not to mention the fact that our solution is the only one in the business with goal-setting features to keep teams on track.

Template 13: The One with the Sales Pitch

Traditional sales lingo is frequently used, but the true secret is to establish a personal connection while sprinkling in what you're offering. Instead of a traditional sales pitch, begin with a personal anecdote or a light-hearted introduction. You may also guarantee that your sales team is on the same page by generating sales team objective templates.


Transitioning to a remote workforce was extremely difficult for our team. People struggled to locate the necessary information to finish projects because communication was disorganized. But, happily, we were able to solve our situation. The use of project management software enhanced not only productivity but also general teamwork. Every organization has its own set of tools, but I can confidently state that our software was the most effective at connecting goals to the effort required to achieve them.

Template 14: The One with the Social Interaction

Professionals are meeting online more than ever before rather than face-to-face. Make your pitch unique and use clear images to assist sell your idea, whether you're conversing on LinkedIn or having a virtual meeting set up. A wonderful example of a social media pitch can be seen here.


Thank you for connecting with us! When it comes to year-over-year growth, I've seen that your competitors are surpassing you. I took the opportunity of doing a competitive analysis and found no anomalies. I'm wondering if it's because of a lack of production. How has it been adjusting to remote work? If you're interested, I can provide you with some productivity estimates if you add project management tools to your present procedures.

Template 15: The One with the Entrepreneurs & Company Owners

Pitching to a company owner differs significantly from pitching to a corporate executive. Because they are generally apprehensive about new investments, they might be difficult to market. When presenting an issue and its solution, the most crucial suggestion is to include examples that are relevant to the business.


At ABC organization, I adore your items. I wholeheartedly support your mission. Internally, I saw there could be some potential to increase productivity and collaboration. Have you given project management software a thought? I believe it has the potential to have a significant influence on corporate growth today and in the future.

Final Words

An elevator pitch is a short presentation that allows you to highlight your strengths and sell your solutions. While it may sound intimidating, following the 15 elevator pitch examples above can assist you in developing your unique strategy that incorporates personal anecdotes into your inventive ideas.

In the end, keep them in mind:

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Focus on the core information
  • Be positive and persuasive
  • Practice, all you can
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